November 17th, 2010

Helena Seger: Cover Girl

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s other half graces the cover of the December issue of Swedish Elle. Inside the glossy pages, Helena waxes poetic on her relationship with Zlatan as well as her independence. Employing the age-old “I’m not a WAG” argument, she makes it clear that she was successful in the realty business well before she met the man with the golden thighs. She also tells us that she loves being a mother, but has no desire to get married so as not to lose her independence.

Bonus: this is how she and Zlatan met: he double-parked his Ferrari to her Mercedes convertible. Obviously.

Helena accompanied her man to the Swedish Football Awards this week, where he picked up his fifth Swedish player of the year award in six years. Congrats, Zlats! Helena wore a stunning Dolce & Gabbana dress to the awards. We like. You like?

Tell us this: How many of you will be double-parking next to any automobile that even remotely looks like it could belong to a ‘baller now? Show of hands.

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22 Responses to “Helena Seger: Cover Girl”

  1. Gizelle says:

    Im sure helena is very smart and the reason why she stuck to zlatan ibrahimovic was because he had money and could compete with her in the material side of the relationship. Do you honestly think she would of stayed with a Rosengard boy who doesnt have money the answer is NO. And she was known in Malmo as being a gold digger going out with rich men. Good luck to her if zlatan andher will break up , I hope she's still working!!
    But i enjoy her tough independant side :-)

  2. Ann says:

    love this cover :) she looks good :) )

  3. Marika says:

    Damn, she`s got one HOT man in her life and in her bed. Way to go girl!

    About Helena, I think her taste for clothing is sometimes quite odd. But she is an independent woman…
    I think also that her boobs are not " very good job",

  4. Bee says:

    I like her. She is her own person and who says you can't still be who you are and have fun doing it while you're the girlfriend of a footballer. Credits to her. The dress is not doing it for me. Looks like something Helena Bonham Carter would wear and that scares me. At least they share the same first name. :/

  5. Rachel says:

    I think she is great! So cool that she is an independant (wag)woman! I like her more than Silvie van der Vaart, which Zlatan dated during his Ajax time.

  6. @Dodah4 says:

    The dress typical D&G. Like. The face, horrific!

  7. captaine anja says:

    hey wow, helena looks really cute on the cover. first picture of her I like. and I also like the fact that she wants to stay independent. cool girl! oh, why are the WAGs of my favorite ballers always so adorable??? (ana vidic I'm looking in your direction) makes it hard to have filthy dreams about them… :D

  8. xbabyshakesx says:

    i think she look sooo better on the cover than in the dress
    much more relaxed as well.

    and super adorable how they met! ahaha lucky girl!

  9. Pame says:

    How do you snag a HOTT, young, rich footballer 11 yrs younger than you? How do you snatch a crib?

  10. aps says:

    I love the dress but not the pattern and I hate the hair. She looks good on the cover though

  11. jamtart heart says:

    She looks great on that cover!

  12. Monie says:

    Zlatan could have gotten something much better than Helena.
    She had this breast augmentation done wrong! She is all bad. Seriously. Zlatan could get something much better.
    BTW, the dress is horrible. Should've gotten a Marchesa or something. This dress looks just like the old couch my gradmother had in the house.

  13. Merv says:

    The magazine cover is a very good picture of Helena. I imagine Zlatan liked the idea that she snapped at him and didn't fawn all over him just because of his celebrity. Those two seem to just fit somehow.

  14. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    I haven't read this interview yet, but I have read about the two of them over the years. I'm quite impressed by her. She really seems to be a success at everything she does. Her name, Seger, is the swedish word for Victory. So there you go.

    Zlatan said in an interview yeeaars ago, that he had seen Helen around in Malmö, and found her interesting (!). So my theory is that he was stalking her all over town and when he got the opportunity, he took it. How romantic!

  15. Missy Manchester says:

    Ladies…before you all start double-parking your Land Rovers next to Lamborghinis…I must alert you that there's an easier, less expensive way to "net" a footballer.

    Melissa Castagnoli met Mario Balotelli on FaceBook…who then…apparently …digitally dumped her–by text msg.

    That's right. Mario is available…and probably prowling your Facebook page right now! (With Balotelli on the loose, you may want to ensure your privacy settings are in order.)

  16. Alessandra says:

    wow, almost didn't recognize her on the cover; she looks good!

    lol at how they met.:P

    • Raiola says:

      You do realize Helena looks different on the cover because Elle airbrushes its covers to holy hell right? Like every other fashion/lifestyle magazine. Nobody looks like reality in these magazine.

  17. blitzenTO says:

    I think my best friend's mom used to have a sofa upholstered in that pattern!