May 25th, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo: Armani Upgrade?

What do Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk have in common, aside from their lucrative Armani contracts? They’ve (most likely) seen the inner workings of each others’ said designer delicates.

Word is traveling fast that Ronaldo has “dumped” Kim Kardashian’s derriere and was seen cavorting around Corsica with a Russian model last weekend. Airquotes are necessary since we do not sincerely believe Kim K. and C-ron were ever doing anything more than a horizontal shimmy. Plus, she slyly admitted last week that Ronaldo’s “a good guy” and “a good friend”.  To us, this is a stretch of her imagination.

So, what’s there to know about this hook-up? For starters, Irina tweeted about a trip to Italy on the 17th of May, which has given the ever-reliable Spanish press enough hearsay to claim Shayk’s identity with grainy picture certainty. Adding more fuel to the fire, three days later Ronaldo took a private helicopter from an undisclosed locale to join up with his national teammates in Portugal. Even Sherlock wouldn’t know what to make of this.

But who cares. True or false, no one can doubt the sizzle factor of this alleged pairing.  About Irina? For starters, she boasts a legit-model resume, including a trio of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition appearances and previous Guess Jeans print campaigns. Her current employer is the same as Ronaldo’s. She was formerly married to Linkin Park band member, Rob Bourdon.

Too bad this recent fun in the sun couldn’t help Ronaldo or his national team in their poor friendly performance yesterday.

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34 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo: Armani Upgrade?”

  1. ehsaneh says:

    i love u

  2. nisa says:

    wow never thought Linkin Park and Ronaldo could be put into one sentence! i give it 4

  3. sana says:

    I have diffrent feelings first of all i dident expect this

    I was really confuse about the kim kardashian and paris hilton rumor.

    But am glad it is over. She is way better than this two bitches, but i think it is not going to last for long.She looks nice but you never can know.Now i know why he played so bad on Monday.

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  5. lorena_chanel says:

    well she looks like a normal,down_to_earth girl,and for CR standards this is serious! I mean she was on matches,now vacation… He is using a little bit of free time to spend with her. If this was just one of his…let's call them ladies-he would't get permission to be late 2,3 days on Portugal NT trainings… But no matter how "normal" she looks ( and we all now how desperate CR needs a girl like this) I AM JEALOUS!!!

  6. Rosey says:

    Just got these photos emailed to me. I say fling. Just like those 2 Italian girls or that one from way back in Miami. He was seen out on vacation with them too and nothing came of it. You all honestly think CR is going to wait for a month or more to be with her while he is busy with the WC? Come on now. She is pretty and doesn't look like a tranny like the majority of them. That is a bonus. Time will tell if it is Irina or if she will use this and blab like the majority or actually be a decent human being.

    • laz says:

      there was also those two girls on a boat and a girl in ibiza a few years back who were also short term things but the only other girl he had been photographed holidaying alone with (no family and friends) was merche over 4 yrs back, whom was obviously someone he cared much for. In the unlikely case this is a publicity stunt the photo's suggest it's serious and there is more likely to be photo's of her holidaying with him and his mum and family than partying & making out with random women in la again later in the summer. I'd imagine someone from his or her party may also comfirm this before the beginning of next season just to stop the probable constant phonecalls and interview questions from the media asking 'are you dating each other?, etc…

  7. NinyaC says:

    She looks pretty!

  8. rubyqueen says:

    she is incredibly beautiful and she isnt a skank like ronnie's had in the past.!!!so it's already looking good..but will it last.??i don't know.??we'll see.xx

  9. missbubbles says:

    for a start, she doesnt have fake boobs and actually looks natural….so upgrade for me….but i dont think she will last long…another “one/two week stand”….

  10. LaGrace says:

    I wonder what Sergio Ramos and Guti will say to that. They must feel being cheated on :( No shower fun anymore Cron?

  11. Inés says:

    I don't believe anything! >.<

  12. D0li says:

    How long do you think this will last? She is very attractive –CR's type– and doesn't seem to interested in his game. I would hate it if she was using this as an publicity stunt, you know like whatsherface ?

    • laz says:

      apparently some people have twitted her to ask if it was her in cuore photo's and she said no you are mistaken (however she did also apparently ask to see the photo and another fan supposedly twitted to her that she looked good in the photo and she said thanks – info from my cr fan roommate looking at some online pages)

      either that is not irina in the photo and different girl is in that photo or she fibbed to the fan who twitted the question by saying no then slipped up when thanking the complement.

      either way if that is (very likely) her in the photo then she's obviously trying to keep it quiet (not trying to publicize it) – if that isn't her and she doesn't like attention (or even if it is and doesn't like the media knocking on her door every minute) then it may be best if she came clean in the long run and got it over and done in the long run as this story will be in every gossip mag in the world within the next 48 – 72 hrs and the press will be her shadow and contacting her & her reps 24/7 until they get verbal (and probably more visual) evidence that she is or is not dating him. The poor girl has to kiss any sort of quiet private life goodbye now because of cr massive media profile (the spanish media have been on ikers and sara's tail since their relationship was confirmed – it will be 100x worse for ronaldo and any of his girlfriends, present or future). got to say even though she is used to being in the public eye and being linked to cr is good publicity i still feel sorry for her on the likely expected aftermath of the media finding out about this!

      • D0li says:

        OMG your right! WEll I'm not living in Spain so I have no idea what the media is like over there but if she's not like the skank Kim she won't want press from this relationship, and even Cristiano would want his privacy because he's trying "to clean up his image".

        This is the first time I am ever noticing her, dont' know her name but I guess she's a nice person (?)

        do you think this is an upgrade/downgrade from Kim? Now that he has found himself someone else, Kim is filling all US tabloids that she might be getting back together with Reggie Bush, which is completely annoying!

        • laz says:

          well once all the world gossip media have seen/published this story that privacy theory will go out of the window (we've seen how intense it's been it the past 2 years for him and any girl photographed next to him that isn't a family member whether the girl likes being in the media or not (the majority do)) It appears that both wanted to keep this on the Q T as long as possible before the probable chaos with the media and respective fans began.

          I've got a feeling that madrid really wanted him to clear up his image perhaps more than he did so that he could sell his image/they could sell their product to more people and receive a greater product. Surely if ronaldo's main aim of this was to be seen with a higher caliber of girl to help clean up his 'playboy' image after links over the last 12 months (the italian who tried selling her virginity, the girl paid to sleep with him & kiss and kiss, and kim & paris (nough said) – where even if not true link ups it's still not ideal press for his image) than wouldn't he want to be photographed with a higher standard of girl as soon as possible to put an end to the undesirable rumors – no one would know if he's cleaned up his image so to speak if he hadn't been photographed with this model would they.(even though there has been rumors of this since march, she has only been photographed in his vip box once, at the beginning of may and in the middle of april she said she was single ( so if it is her in the photo this could be very new and perhaps ronaldo engineered to quicker reveal of his gf before the wc to get rid of the paris/kim story before they could possibly do damage to the pnt wc cup bid (especially if either came to the wc to feed/milk on the rumors) – i don't think this is a publicity stunt from ronaldo's/rm party but there are benefits for them to reveal photo's of this nature to kill the other rumors once and for all on a public image point of view)

          apart from perhaps ms lohen or ms price i don't think that ronaldo's choice in lady's would be able to get much worse – either better or more of the same. The only thing is that yes she is keeping mum now but would she still do so once this relationship becomes public and she don't has to hid who she's dating (remember his ex nereida didn't blab to the media until the relationship ended and yes there was that webcam incident and showing private photos but irina messages her fans on twitter and posts photos which is kind of similar) Irina is an upper class of (underwear) model but precident shows that that doesn't neccessary mean that she is automatically a decent person (for example kate moss and naomi campbell – big supermodels but have done some questionable things in the past) – the jury is still out but it is looking hopeful

  13. LMAO says:

    Ronaldo has girlfriends? I just there were chicks he regularly f*cks and one night stands?? Learn something new everyday……

  14. laz says:

    Irina was spotted sitting with ronaldo's cousin and agents wife in his private box against osasuma at the beginning of the month ( and there were rumors back in march in spanish media that photo's of the 2 had been taken (though they were never shown). Considering that cuora have provided photographic evidence, i'm guessing that they meet via their armani contacts between december and march and they've been an item for the last 2-5 months. Though reading her twitter, she lives 9-10hrs away in nyc and travels for work all the time and ronaldo's travels around a lot to – long distance can work but unless she moves nearer to him within the next 9 of so months this will be a difficult relationship for both to maintain tbh. Still wondering how he managed to make such a big jump in upgrade on his usual choices!

  15. J. says:

    There are pics of Irina in El Bernabéu watching one of his games with his family/friends. This seems more serious than his usual flings.

  16. Anya says:

    That girl is super skinny…didn't he say something about fat girls? That he likes because they…you know?

  17. Ella says:

    ok, i'm never happy for Cron to be with anyone other than me. ;) however, if he's going to be with a real, beautiful model i could live with it. he's the hottest baller, he needs the hottest g/f. no trashy reality stars, no trashy club skanks!

  18. MrsYoann says:

    Rob Bourdon?!! say whaatt? .. i am too outdated!

    • MrsYoann says:

      wasnt he dating Vanessa Evigan?!

    • Ginger says:

      Ok people, this chick was NEVER married to Rob Bourdon. Whoever said that needs to be given a history lesson.. Rob has never been married. a REAL Linkin Park fan would know that.

  19. C16 says:

    I'm sorry but all my attention went to the bottom left corner saying "Iker and Sara build a house in his town"… O.o lol

    • alice_complex says:

      Iker's building a house in his hometown. Everyone's guess is that he went there to check how's it going and Sara went with him… but that doesn't mean they're moving in together or they're even planning to. It can be the media guessing, who knows?

  20. Bria says:

    i'll believe the kim k story when i see hard facts cuz i can't keep up with cristiano's multiple relationships any more……if i took a shot of vodka every time he is linked to a girl i'll be dead from alcohol posioning already…..just look for a pretty young thing, marry her, and start making babies already!!!!

  21. aurrie says:

    actually she wasnt married to the linkin park…she only dated him …she was married to an arabian model named Talil

  22. shay says:

    I wish he would jus find the required trophy wife with expensive purses and red soled shoes and just settle down already! We need some baby Ronnys in the world already!

    • shay says:

      I just looked up some pics of the guy from Linkin Park and she is getting a big upgrade too!