June 18th, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo: Change Room Table Totty

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re time-rushed, you’ll be looking to skip to about 1.40 of the video, which is billed as a view at the Portugal NT pre-game prep, but it’s actually just Cristiano-cam. As it should be, really.

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52 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo: Change Room Table Totty”

  1. boyka says:

    Hell no!!! he is not the only one who has the best body in the whole world..

  2. Moni says:

    Hahaha The Sounded Like Red Indians When They Said Portugal All At Once xD

    I Hate Ronaldo :(

    Its Just Some Thing About His Attitude ! UGH !

  3. lpsc says:

    i love cristiano…i cant beleive hes not in any of your hottie lists kickett… but anyways hes SOOOOO PEERFECT…i love him!

  4. ag says:

    Ronaldo with a backpack… dunno why. there's something about it. :P

    • Adriana Valentino says:

      Yes! There is definitely something about the backpack. I love it when he wears a suit and a backpack… manly yet boyish LOL I’m starting to sound like Barb on Cougar Town.

  5. sana says:

    God what a perfect Body
    I love this man to death.
    I´m upset he can´t be mine.

  6. Kahlen says:

    I love Cristiano. Simply the best body in the whole world.

    Have you seen his videos on youtube? He was in Madrid showing around his house and pups, even his sister and nephew. It's in Portuguese though, but still amazing. He also visited children's hospitals. It was quite touching.

    • ag says:


      I agree. What a body. Will never get tired looking at it!

    • Anonymous to You says:

      There were translations in English and Spanish too…it's by some user with "bdark" in their username. What he says is also interesting and quite funny.

        • Kahlen says:

          Thank You soooo much!!! You rock ;)

          • Y says:

            you’re welcome. He was so cute with his nephew, no??

            • Kahlen says:

              Yes. He is gonna be one great daddy one day. Might I add, that woman would be very lucky because he isn't only a fantastic player, he is a wonderful person. I love that he is so family oriented. Awww I love him sooo much.

              Did you notice when he was talking about his female friends that he said he was seeing someone, which confirms he is dating Irina Shayk. But hey, at least she is much better than his old gfs.

              • Y says:

                Yes I did hear that, but he also said he has time to settle down. So I don't think fangirls should panic, lol.

                • Kahlen says:

                  lol it’s fine with me if he’s taken, as long as she isn’t some slore and is actually a good match for him. Besides, we can still fantasize about him anyway.

              • Ella says:

                I caught that he mentioned ‘seeing someone’ too. I’m just choosing to ignore it. LOL! He does seem like such a lovely person, I really don’t get how people constantly gripe about his attitude. Maybe on the pitch…but all guys have to act tough and super confident on the pitch, he’s certainly not the only one. He’s just more talented than 99.9% of the others! :)

                • Y says:

                  agreed. Most of the people who criticise him haven't spent 5 mins getting to know him off the pitch. Obviously none of know him personally, but people choose to ignore the good things he does, for charities, how he is with his family, etc. They have a fixed image of him being 'arrogant' and refuse to change their opinions.

                • Kahlen says:

                  I agree. It is so ridiculous how so many people say mean and harsh things about him. They don’t know him. I mean we don’t either, but he just seems like such a great person. For the others, they are just jealous because he is so talented and is with the exception of Becks, the most famous footballer in the world. He has achieved so many great things. I just love him. I mean if you just watch the videos, he is so down to earth and he loves children. He’s amazing.

                  • dee says:

                    gosh, i couldn't be agree more with you girls :) i've always wanted to say this too

                    • Kahlen says:

                      lol I’m glad. It’s so true. Every time I watch a video of him, I see some rude comments. I just don’t read them anymore. I wish we all get to meet him someday. That would be unbelievable. I really wanna go to Madrid and watch him play along with all of Los Blancos. I wonder if they’re going to the States again like they did last year for pre-season games. I wish :)

                    • dee says:

                      i know right, they’re just jealous with him nothing more~ yes me too, i wish i live in madrid hahaha it would be nice to watch him in bernabeu
                      and those vids on the links are awesome, i never knew he could be that nice, i guess that’s just another side of him that not many people know :)

                  • Y says:

                    @ Kahlen I heard Real Madrid's new coach has cancelled their trip to Ireland and replaced it with Los Angeles…so you might be in luck, lol

        • mila_casillas says:

          Thank you! I have been waiting for a translation forever!

  7. rubyqueen says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmm very hot and natural.:) i kinda noticed that he can't sit still too.but i like it.;) and damn you bitch.!!don't you dare joke about marriege with gorgeous ronnie.:,,(

  8. Jennifer says:

    we've all seen cristiano's official facebook and the personal videos he has on it right? :)

  9. MissEstonia says:

    Hahahah I love how he cut the physio’s hair! ADHD much?

  10. Ella says:

    I really really really LOVE this man! I cannot get enough of him.

    Kickette, if you are trying to make it up to me for excluding him from the Hot HOF and FF lists, it’s almost working. On the other hand, you’re totally my enabler. My obsession with him just keeps growing and you’re partially responsible. For that, I thank you. :)

    • Adriana Valentino says:

      I agree Ella, not including him on the HOT H.O.F and FF lists is a travesty.

      Here's hoping NIKE do a follow up behind-the-scenes ad… this time taking the camera into the post-match showers lol.

  11. Kel says:

    He seems like such an obnoxious child sometimes. Like he can’t sit still and he’s always messing about. I’m not sure if I like that or not.

  12. lorena_chanel says:


    p.s. SERBIA WON 2DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. J. says:

    Lots of inside pics/videos of Cristiano and the NT here, Kickette ; http://www.facebook.com/nikefootballportugal” rel=”nofollow”>)http://www.facebook.com/nikefootballportugal Enjoy!

  14. julia says:

    he's just soooo lovely really! and what a body….just omg.

  15. Adriana Valentino says:

    I have an illness. C.R.O.T.T.P.O.L (Cristiano Ronaldo Obsession To The Point Of Lunacy). Does anyone know if there is a cure out there? I need help lol.

    p.s – Is the hottest piece of meditarranean man meat on the planet still going out with Irina? Has she turned up at the World Cup?

    If anyone can let me know I would greatly appreciate it so that I can either continue with plans to top myself if he is, or resume planning our wedding if he's back on the market.

    p.p.s – Loving the new Armani ad of my future hubby as my screensaver!

    • Ella says:

      I can't help you with a cure for your illness b/c I suffer from the same thing. But I'm not sure I want to be cured! LOL!

      • Adriana Valentino says:

        A fellow sufferer! I totally hear you gf, Let's hope they never find a cure and he never stops taking his shirt off. Life would lose all meaning. Long live the obsession!!!

    • Y says:

      She's not at the world cup…as far as I know, but her bff tweeted support for her 'brother in law' just before Portugal's game (Ivory coast). She was also in Lisbon during Portugal's friendly with Cameroon (I think), they were seen leaving dinner. Looks like they're still together, Sorry to disappoint you, lol.

      • Adriana Valentino says:

        'Brother-in-Law'?!!! You're killing me Y, lol, but thanks for the info x

        Note-to-self: Must put wedding plans on hold.

        I can't believe the BFF's tweet – have they learned nothing from Whatserface about heavy-handed marriage hints. Irina better hope she doesn't get a text like Nereida following the internet chat-room debacle from Cristiano. And by Cristiano, I mean Dolores.

        • Ella says:

          Yeah, the Bro-in-law comment seems a bit premature, no? I mean, I'm sure she was "kidding" but it doesn't seem like Cris would find it that funny. I certainly don't, ha!

          • Adriana Valentino says:

            I don’t think he’ll be amused. It was a “sense of humour” like that which got Nereida dumped, so here’s hoping… ;-) LOL

    • mila_casillas says:

      We need to start a support group for this. I too am suffering from CROTTPOL.

      • Adriana Valentino says:

        You're right Milla_casillas. CROTTPOL Anonymous LOL. We should all look out for each other on future Cristiano posts.

        • Ella says:

          Definitely! And hopefully there will be MANY more Cris posts this week. Hint, hint Kickette! :)

      • dee says:

        apparently i’m suffering from this illness as well, one new patient is coming :D

  16. Gaby says:

    Thank god for nike!!!