May 18th, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo: His Ferrari Is Finer Than Messi’s Porsche

Something he also forgot about: his Ferrari car crash of ’09.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the hot piece of walking mahogany from Portugal, isn’t shy when it comes to bragging about himself. Remember last year, when he advised that the reason everyone hates him is that he’s too goddamn rich and handsome for his own good?

This week he was at it again, claiming he was “tired” of being compared to Messi, right before comparing himself to Messi. He thought we’d be distracted by the re-introduction of shiny things not to notice. Nice try, Crispy.

As he explained to CNN World Sport (via ESPN):

“Sometimes it makes me tired … for him too because they compare us together all the time.”

“You cannot compare a Ferrari with a Porsche because it’s a different engine. You cannot compare them.”

Whatever your opinion is about the various ownership benefits of either car, we do take some responsibility for this whole vehicular analogy thing.

Still, we’re praying this doesn’t catch on anytime soon. We seriously don’t have time to learn about cars so we can actually refute these claims.

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90 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo: His Ferrari Is Finer Than Messi’s Porsche”

  1. k22milan says:

    C.Ronaldo and Messi. Both legends of our time.
    I can't believe I'll get to tell my kids that I grew up in the time of these guys.

  2. Sarah says:

    Did anyone notice in his interview he's not wearing pants — you can DEFINITELY see some leg. I'm praying he's in his boxers, but it's probably shorts. Still, quite the fashion combo with the button down.

  3. JenC says:

    LOL at Kickette’s description: A Hot piece of walking Mahogany…XD

    Hmm I’m not a fan of C-Ron or Messi, but I just wanna say that Cristiano has matured A LOT lately. I kinda like him now. I don’t think people have to compare them..they are great players with different individual skills.

  4. Noni says:

    Messi is the best player in the world, he doesnt need to say it, because everyone already know that and hes proving it every week. Ronaldo is one of the best player that we have but defently not the best. And I love the fact how humble Messi is, you would never hear that statment from his mouth

  5. xoWinnie says:

    I'm just gonna address this in one comment instead of replying to everything that was said, I think this is funny, and so did he obviously! it's Ronaldo! he wouldn't be the player he is if he looked down upon himself in regards to Messi. His confidence (or arrogance, if you wish to address it as that), is what keeps him in competition with Messi in the first place. if he just rolled over and accepted what the "world of football pundits" has been telling him for the past few years, he wouldn't even be competition if he accepted himself as an inferior player. I'm sure Messi thinks he's better than Ronaldo as well, it's just not in his character to go around saying it. i personally think Cristiano's public persona has cost him a lot as far as these awards go (Ballon D'Or and all that), he is quite polarizing and vain, and I see how that could be a bother to some people. that along with severe Messi fandom (just like the past few years of severe Barca fandom that could be most easily observed by listening to commentators of Barcelona games, especially against Madrid). if someone tries to tell me there wasn't any bias there…yeah…just don't. so in that respect, i don't even take those awards seriously anymore to be quite honest. i have contented myself with the fact that Cristiano will most likely always get the short end of the stick, considering his skills rest on "party tricks" and not real talent and all *shrugs*

  6. [...] hates him is that he’s too goddamn rich and handsome for his own good? This [...]… – Soccer/football gossip, hot players, WAGs that love them » La Liga « Chelsea win Champions [...]

  7. sassychicks14 says:

    go Cristiano!! Team Cristiano here :D

  8. Kristina says:

    I wrote my first comments on this post when I came home after a night out with friends, and I wrote some this morning. I thought I'd just sum up my disparate impressions and thought on the matter.

    1. It's obvious that Kickette tread on some toes here. And that this site is predominately visited by RM supporters judging by the uproar this has created.

    2. I don't think Cris is more arrogant or Messi more humble than most. I think it's more of a media fantasy. When you look at them from the outside it is easy to get that idea, but it isn't necessarily the truth.

    3. Sometimes arrogance is seen as something positive, as an expression of honesty. Like "at least he says it straight and doesn't hide it". Then you are talking about Cris. Sometimes however, arrogance is nasty and hateful and not honest at all. Then you are talking about Xavi. Cris= beautifully arrogant, Xavi=disgustingly arrogant. Doble standards? You bet.

    4. People starts to compare from early childhood. It's a way to understand the world outside of you. It's human nature. But you have to always keep in mind your own bias.

    5. I still haven't decided what team to cheer for tonight. Hoping for a good game, thats all.

    There is a lot more but, I better not say more for the time being.

    • rubii says:

      its not about RM supportes are visting more and stuff
      its about who is talking sense and who is not .

      • Kristina says:

        Aaaand what is common sense to you is a product of your bias. Since there are a lot of RM supporters here they tend to have an influence over what is common sense or not. It's ok with me, I'm at my best in opposition. As long as we are respectful I don't mind the banter.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Until there is a topic that's written about pep for example in here being addressed in this way, I am pretty sure you will see cules as well objecting XD. I already said in other comments it is nt just kickette, it is everywhere explain why it was a rage or disappointment between madridistas and cris fans over this interview .
      No, about the arrogance, well that point apply on Mourinho as well how hs statements is being addressed and how xavi is fr example being dealt with cubes.

      It all depends on what side you are supporting kristina :)

      • Sarah, Madrid says:


      • Kristina says:

        Exactly! Mou= beautiful, honest arrogance. Xavi (again)= disgusting arrogance. Double standards? Yep! The difference is that even RM fans refer to Mou as arrogant. But, the honest kind. I, on the other hand, has never considered Xavi arrogant, I have never interpreted his comments in that way. I have also seen lots of games where the losing part has played better football, IMO. So I see no arrogance in that kind of reasoning. It's about what kind of football you prefer.

        To me there is no such division in good and bad arrogance. There is just arrogance.

        And again Sarah, the media wants this to be. As I said I don't think Ronaldo is especially arrogant. He's a pretty harmless guy who likes what he sees in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with that. He's getting tired of the comparisons and so are Messi. And me. If I'd had my pick of RM players to trash, I'd take Pepe or Di Maria or Ramos or Marcelo. Not Cris.

        • Kristina says:

          Oh and I forgot Sarah, why would they write a piece like this about Pep? I don't think he would give them a reason in the first place. And he doesn't get that easily provoked. He's one of those stone cold foxes :) .

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          I don't know if he is or not, I yet to meet him personally until now! but am speaking about this interview how he was misquoted all over the media, how fans get angry about the media not cristano :)
          No, well yes because you are fan of barcelona, you don't see something as " football justice" ' football died ". " cesc is suffering "..etc alot of his comments he said during his career come as arrogant xavi is one of footballers that meme and jokes are built around his comments, like Jose who some fans don't think he is doesn't mean he isn't/
          as I said, all depends on what team you root for

        • xoWinnie says:

          but…what has Ramos done lately? :(

  9. Mariëlla says:

    You know that he said this a really long time ago right?

  10. Mihai says:

    I just don't get why comments from Messi/ Barca fans in this site seem to be getting more 'thumbs down'…seriously, everyone has a right to his/ her opinion…they're both great, just chill people!

  11. black widow says:

    i get that he was joking. :)

    thing is … he isn't wrong. he and messi are a breed apart from their football brethren. if the other players are the cream of the crop, the two of them are the creme de la creme. it's not bragging, it's just fact — the numbers and stats speak for themselves. so how is acknowledging it arrogant in any way? i'd rather have him address it directly than try and pass it off as false modesty. they both are the best and he was acknowledging that. it's honesty, not arrogance.

    • David says:

      He doesn’t need to say it, he, we, you, they , she , them , it KNOWS THAT MESSI IS WAY BETTER, not only because of the facts or because he is already been compared to the greatest of all times, simply because you enjoy watching MESSI because he made the sport popular, you can’t argu about it. Every single one of you knows. You argu because you want to, he doesn’t admit it because he doesn’t want to. That’s it. Platini wasn’t better than Maradona and Di estefano wasn’t better than Pele. It obious.

  12. Agnes Wonka says:

    I think CR comparison is good, because Ferrari and Porshe have different engines but both are great sports cars!

  13. Kristina says:

    Of course his answers (and Messi's) is taken out of context. Of course he must be tired of this question. Of course they get compared to one another all the time, that's part of the dramaturgy. It must be harder on Cris though, since Messi is generally seen as the slightly better of the two. Cristiano is so unbelievably good and yet it's Messi that is always referred to as "the best footballer I have ever played against" (Lamps and Drogba for example), or even as the best of all times. To always get that must be tough.

    You (Cristiano) score 46 (!) goals, he (Messi) scores 50. To me, Messi is the better of them. No doubts about that whatsoever. But I think Cristiano is a fantastic football player, and I'm not bothered at all about his person.

    • xoWinnie says:

      please don't drag goals into this. where was all the praise for Ronaldo last year when he won the Pichichi? oh right, there was none because it didn't matter seeing as how Messi won the league, right? in fact, i even recall some Cules (not you) saying that Ronaldo only won because his teammates kept feeding him the ball as a consolation prize for not winning the league. same could be said for Messi this season, or am i wrong?

      • Kristina says:

        It was just an example of how Cristiano not ever getting a break. I don't care about goals. I was thinking about how Messi's record (72 goals) was almost as big news as RM winning the league IN THE MEDIA. I'm not valueing that. I'ts just that it seems to be Cristianos destiny that no matter how great he is, that little Argentinian bugger steals the lime light. I don't know how to be more clear about this: I don't have anything against Cristiano. He seems to be a good guy, compared to many others, and he is a great footballer. He deserves the recognition he gets. That I prefer Messi football wise is not the point here. And you're right the same thing can be said about Messi.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          That's what wrong with football nowadays, for example cristano scores a penalty, here is another penalty fr cristano all he does score penalties, then comes messi he scores a penalty a golazo.
          How is that messi breaking a record which I get was standing fr while now is as important as real Madrid winning league with breaking all of Barcelona best team ever record? Or juv winning the league without lost.
          Cristano broke a record last season too that standing since I was born, it was addressed in meaningless sense.
          That's why pundits football analysts are so annoying you can't listen to them anymore, you can't buy into what they say!

          • Kristina says:

            From my standpoint Messi is the greatest ever, and he, too, deserves every recognition he gets. BUT I can definitely acknowledge how hard it must be sometimes, and how unfair it must be sometimes, to be Cristiano Ronaldo. I think those "I'm rich, handsome and great at football" quotes comes from him recognising that fact. So he jokes about it to keep from getting bitter. Obviously I'm only speculating, but I kind of get the feeling that that's what he's doing. I hope it works for him. And that he will continue the way he's been doing. But not scoring on Barca, of course ;) .

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              I don't feel for Cristano he knows some people think he s the best, as I said it is media how annoying they are in everything!
              I don't think anyone should feel bad for cristano, he is rich, one of the greatest in history of biggest club in the worl real Madrid, girls are crazy about him and plays for one of the best clubs surrounded by the best, nothing to feel about him.
              As I said, not everyone thinks messi is the best, Like real Madrid don't good football, like Jose is the only sore loser in football, it is just something media like to say because what people like they hear

          • jules says:

            I find that a lot of them put messi in this pedestal of holiness because ohh he had it so tough being a short kid and becoming this wonderful footballer… And ohhh he's so humble and this and that, while painting a picture of ronaldo as this selfish asshole who hates kids and is a self-centered narcissist.

            • xoWinnie says:

              i know Messi had problems with illness and poverty, but Cristiano's childhood wasn't a walk in the park either. he came from poverty, familial problems with his father's alcoholism, problems in school with academics and bullying…he has overcome a lot to get to where he is and deserves his success. people just hate him because he's flashy, sexy, rich, and most of all, talented and makes no apologies for it!

    • k22milan says:

      I completely understand what you're saying. And agree for the most part.

  14. Gladys says:

    I'm not necessarily jumping on you, Kickette (of course you wanted to tempt us to the site…as if I needed a reason). But let this be a lesson to all of us who constantly take the comments of our rival team's players/managers out of context. These guys get asked the same questions over and over again in hopes of catching them saying something that can be misconstrued as remotely derogatory. Even though I'm a member of Team Messi, I can't blame Cris for getting tired of this question. How annoying. And it's very easy for the press to isolate answers and make them sound negative, like the person just chose to comment about this off the top of his head. Keep this in mind whenever you choose to label a player from another team as arrogant or hateful (you're unlikely getting the whole picture).

    • Gladys says:

      P.S. In contrast to this, I really enjoyed Didier and Lamps interviewing each other for this very reason. OK, so maybe neither is destined for a Pulitzer in terms of on-camera vibrancy, but I loved hearing their answers. And the back and forth was nice.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Well said!
      It is nt only kickette, it is every newspaper I read regarding this interview, it is CNN fault because the title is deceiving, but if people out there care enough about what cristano get to say, this whole issue won't happen. no does really as I already said it is a certain image that media likes to portray, people likes to believe, it is the good vs evil dilemma!
      I can't believe how much this interview is being talked about for wrong reasons because if people took time to read or watch, they will notice how smart cristano speaks, how lovely this interview was and respectful of his rivalry.

  15. tashy says:

    Da media always wants 2 make cris into this bad guy nd messi into a victim. honestly I think crispy is a betta playa 4 me but messi’s a really sweet guy nd it makes it rally hard 2 diss him but honestly ppl need 2 stop comparing these 2, they r 2 totally different playas they shuld stop tryin 2 create a feud between them

  16. rubii says:

    you have to see the video
    he obviously was joking :)

  17. dayday says:

    i dont know whats the fight for
    but i miss that pic with the red shorts on hahahahah ! awww <3

  18. HiL says:

    I agree with the some of the things said here, i mean – Cristiano has a past of pretty bad interviews… but i think the media sometimes tends to over-interpret things he say…. he's not always the bad guy

    • gigi says:

      I think people forget sometimes how young these guys are, especially when they're first thrust into the spotlight and handed wads and wads of cash. Youth and excess are not excuses for bad behavior, but together, they are a reason to expect a level of jackassery. Unfortunately, the way things work these days, no one ever forgets the stupid things famous people say or do when they're young and immature… it's all caught on tape to be replayed to death on youtube.

      Cris has grown up a lot since he came to Real Madrid and I think it shows in his game and also in his recent interviews. I just wish people would realize this and not automatically pigeon-hole him as the arrogant kid he was years ago.

  19. vegan_mila says:

    Sigh. Of course Kickette would create drama where there is none. His intention with the Ferrari and Porche was the whole apples and oranges context. And I'll just leave the rest of the interview here for those who'll be too lazy to click the link:

    "Sometimes it makes me tired … for him too because they compare us together all the time,'' he told CNN World Sport. "You cannot compare a Ferrari with a Porsche because it's a different engine. You cannot compare them.

    "He does the best things for Barcelona, I do the best things for Madrid, so the number [of goals] … everyone says it's incredible for him and for me because we beat our own records, so it's amazing.

    "I think we push each other sometimes in the competition [La Liga], this is why the competition is so high. This is why Madrid and Barcelona are the best teams in the world because everyone pushes each other.''

    • Soz – never our intention to stir the pot around here or amongst our loyal readers. Believe us. In fact, we rarely choose to weigh in on stories such as this in an effort to remain as unbiased, fair and balanced in our coverage. We'll continue to check back on this story's comments throughout the day and will certainly be more mindful in the future.

      • Thea says:

        It's cool – the debate is healthy!

        • vegan_mila says:

          But there is no debate. Some prefer Messi, others prefer Cristiano. Some love Messi for his humility, others love Cristiano for his devil-may-care attitude. Some love Messi's team mentality, others love Cristiano's ability to achieve so much individually. No statistics, nothing anyone says ever changes people's inherent values.

          Not to mention as a Madridista I am more inclined to prefer Cristiano no matter how many trophies/awards Messi wins. ;P

      • Kristina says:

        No worries Kickette! What you wrote in this post is no worse than what is written elsewhere. I guess both Crissy and Leo knows that it's tough to be on top. We shouldn't be so melodramatic in here.

      • Cray says:

        Wrong, Kickette. You DO try to stir the pot, especially when it comes to Ronaldo. I accept your apology but at the same time I know you won't try to be more mindful in the future.

    • Abigael says:

      I knew he was going to get misquoted, the title alone of the post on CNN was out to cause drama. He chuckled after saying he was better, which meant that obviously he was joking.

      And I agree completely with the comment ^

      This is tiring.

    • k22milan says:

      Exactly. I think that's exactly what Cris meant by his comments. Not meaning any harm or foul.

    • Belen says:

      You conveniently left out the part where he clearly said he thought he was better than Messi. So maybe not so guilty of stirring the pot? ;)

  20. rubii says:

    ok so ronaldo may not be that good with words..but words dont matter,actions do
    and as far as i know, both player has done donations and its a good thing :)

    ronaldo has been a better side that season though,im not saying messi wasnt good,but ronaldo was better

    messi has 3 times ballon d`or . he was good through years nobody can deny.

  21. Sarah, Madrid says:

    jajajaja @ this topic!! Everyone seems to forget the part where he praised Messi, barcelona! yes, he has a point, he has every right to be tired of this comparsion! no it doesn't mean he doesn't think he is better or there is people out there who thinks he is because everyone agrees that Messi is, this comparsion will be over by now.
    The title is silly Kickette, is just your one of these many media out there who just love to sell the arrogant image of Cristano! " His Ferrari Is Finer Than Messi’s Petite Porsche " and the picture attached to the article, yeah how would you know he didn't mean he is the Porsche!

    • Thea says:

      It could well be a case of 'lost in translation' the media tends to rely on google translate and this are often a little too literally! Tongue in cheek is a phrase that comes to mind!!!!

      • hbandshbreak says:

        Lost in translation? The interview was in English. The video is linked above. I knew this interview would cause all sort of nonsense. Even if he says something complimentary about Messi, it gets taken out of context. CNN chose to use a headline that would court controversy and Kickette perpetuated it. Obviously, you ladies were doing it with a sense of fun and not out of any malice, but I don't know, I'm sick to death of the comparisons and the ridiculous fighting that goes on in comment sections all around the world. It's boring territorial pissing. I'd be happy to be done with it. I just wish everyone could accept that they are both brilliant players and we're privileged to live in a time when we can watch them in action. The competition spurs them on and *we're* the winners. Now pass mama her cocktail, all this arguing is giving her a headache. ;-)

    • rubii says:

      you are so right about the drawing images thing.
      i cant believe the way they hate that guy.

      • Absolutely no hate here. We love C-ron and his padlocked vault of tanning oil and hair gel. We're just being frivolous and silly but now understand, based on reading through this threat, how that didn't come across in the original post. Our apologies.

  22. Thea says:

    The point is that Messi is the best player in the world – FACT- at this point in time. Not saying Ronaldo may not surpass in the future – but we live in the here and now and Messi is number one! But with his status he has remained modest and grounded and there is very little evidence of him courting publicity. Ronaldo is a different character – and it's his right to say whatever he wants – just as it's ours to respond to it as we want.


    • sarah says:

      messi is the best player in the world is ur opinion.. lots of different people have another says.
      we cant judge wether a person is modest or not by looking at their lifes viewed by media!
      its all what im saying, we dont know wether ronaldo or messi is a good person inside.
      and i wouldnt be sad if messi is a good person inside.. i would respect him.

      PS. im not saying ur speech is was the link u posted ;)

      • Thea says:

        Thanks for clariying……………..the link was simply Messi's response to endless comparisons he gets. It obviously grates on both!

      • Kristina says:

        Yes, in Thea's opinion. And it is also the opinion of the vast majority of the ones that get to vote for the Balon d'or winner. That is coaches, captains and various other football experts. I believe in expertise. And I can only be happy that the expertise agrees with me. But hey, even if they didn't agree with me, Messi would still be my favorite player. But then I would have to accept that I wouldn't have the support of the experts, and that it would only be a matter of personal taste.

        And before you start trashing me, read my other comments. I don't mind Cris. And I don't believe what the media wants him to look like. Ok?

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      NEVER A FACT why? because a fact is fish live in water, it is not a fact when people don't agree on that! if everyone agree that Messi is then yes it is called a fact.
      There is a media outthere who tried to give a certain image of Cris and some of Messi! it is silly!

      • Thea says:

        So the ballon'dor is not really worth having then – okay glad you cleared that one up!. Will sleep so much better tonight knowing that just because Ronaldo does not hold it at the moment – it is therefore not relevent in the world of football. ;0)

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Never Ballon d'or is a popularity contest! Proof 2010 ballon d'or.

          Football is opinions, all about opinions , am pretty the "expert" on the panel doesn't represent the whole world who watch football, saying it is a fact about who is team the best or. Players is wrong because it is merely opinions. A fact is team a winning a UCL! That's it!

          Entertainment industry is based on tastes, opinions, so saying someone s best is just opinions and tastes

          • Thea says:

            Agreed – but the panel is made up knowledable individuals, not people in the stands hero worshipping their teams stars! It more objective than that!!!

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              Not all the panel, it is made of the coaches and capitans of all of the national teams in FIFA, in countries that is really not expert of the game, goes with the trend which is Messi.
              this is my opinon, not regarding Cris or Messi, but about ballon d'or after 2010 lost it's creditability, which for me doesn't reflect on the season that these players had or is having, or even in 2010 people would argue in 2006 Ronaldinho had a better season than Canavaro, or in 2002 where henry claimed to be better than zizou, or in 2000 when owen won it ahead of Raul..the list goes on!
              I don't based my opinion or say it is face on this award

              • Kristina says:

                Oh,but Sarah please! If Ronaldo won it you would be very glad. What countries is not really experts of the game? It's the biggest sport in the world. The WHOLE world. Plus he gets the votes even from the countries that I presume you think know more about the sport as well.

                If the Balon d'or is a popularity contest then we should all accept that people just prefer the way Messi plays. EXPERTS prefer the way Messi plays. And why shouldn't they? I remember reading a column where the author wrote that when Messi got the ball and dribbled his way towards goal, it wasn't cheering that was heard from the stands. It was laughter. People laugh because they can't even believe what they see. Because he makes people happy. And no one can say he isn't effective as well. 50 goals. More than anyone has scored.

                IMO, there is no competition. As Pellegrino said: Messi should have all the trophies.

                • Sarah, Madrid says:

                  I already expplained what I meant by popularity contest, no it doesn't mean ythey enjoy it means it is a trend that people like, I explained why I don't consider the ballon d'or is fact of the best because it is based on people opinions my capitan or coach doesn't repersent what people think, so no FACT, is the titanic the best movie ever or Avatar etc! .
                  I personally think these 2 players are nothing like each other to be compared on the first place,

                  • Kristina says:

                    But Sarah, OF COURSE it's based on peoples opinions. I agree with you, don't you see that? How can it not be? What should those objective factors be for an individual player? The number of goals? Winning the UCL? It's a team that win the UCL, not a person.

                    It is opinions, but it is the opinion of those who knows the game best in the world, even if you are trying to discredit some of them.

                    I think the award should go to someone that gives something extra to the sport. Like Zizou in his days, Ronaldinho in his, and now Messi.

                    And I agree that is is wrong to compare the two, but I have surrendered to the fact that it's part of the human mindset to compare. Children as young as 1,5 years uses comparisons as a way of understanding the world, so yeah, I think it's inevitable that we do.

                    • Sarah, Madrid says:

                      The 2010 year is the one that make me chose to say so! That's it!
                      My whole point of argument is " it is not a fact who is the best based on their people opinions some are professional and some arent "
                      For example if cristano wins ballon d'or next season, you would think it is a fact he s the best on the world for Barcelona fans for example, I am surely they won't.
                      All I am saying for this establishment x player is the best, not nesscary something that the whole perfessional in the world of football agree on or football fans too because if so player y won't get votes at all to be in second place.
                      I just hate when somebody say " messi is the best, it is a fact".

                • Sarah, Madrid says:

                  Anyway lol you are who is totally missing the point here It is his opinion, as other says they perfer Cristano over Messi because of other characteristic, I personally said before Messi doesn't exict me anymore I get bored of his dribbling, he has vision, but I saw this vision in other players playing right now as well, I think he is a great player best now? if people out there think that I respect it, BUT people out there think Cris is a great player and best as well hint the competition is still on ;) .
                  You think people doesn't go all bowing and laughing when they see Cristano scoring a goal like rocket no exictment in all.
                  If it is up to me, I give Iniesta all awards and give me Zizo over cristano and messi now, get him back from retirment.

          • vegan_mila says:

            I think YOU have flawless opinions, bb. <3

  23. mrs benzema says:

    Kickette nd every1 else stop hatin on ronaldo yes I knw his not da most modest person in da world but 4 m personally his way betta than messi mi opinion ppl nd da reason his full of himself is becoz his great wen ur great u hav 2know it nd least his not a flippin racist lyk messi who calls black ppl “negros” I’m a black person nd that’s seriously not cool ppl will always say messi betta coz his humble but da thing I luv bout c ron is that wat u see is wat u get wid him he is who he is nd he doesn’t give a f bout any1 thinks bout him nd apparently messi is a christian which I kinda don’t believe coz da bible clearly states if u gonna do charity do it 4 god nd 2 show wat an amazing person u r nd not 4 da wow messi’s such amazing humble dude plz his jst as full of himself as ronaldo expect he does it in a slay way that’s all I’m sayin

  24. sarah says:

    yes he is goddamn rich and handsome , problem ?

  25. sarah says:

    oh for god sake
    people dont even give a chance for that boy!thats why he is too *arrogant* for them.
    i actually like his personality..its better than talking shit in hiddin places .. he just is just talking what he actually feels!

  26. Nati says:

    Yes you can. Porsches are for cocks.

  27. Fernanda says:

    In my opinion, the only reason he's tired of being compared to Messi is because he never comes out as number one from that comparison. He's a great player but modesty goes a very long way.

    • Thea says:

      Well said! Also as Messi posted on his Facebook page…

    • cupcakes says:

      But why is "modesty" always seen as such an important quality in a sportsman, when the purpose of sport is to entertain? Think of great sportspeople like Michael Schumacher, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Maradona & Cristiano, even Jose Mourinho. They know they're good, and aren't afraid to say it out loud and having that kind of "love to hate them" personality makes them far more compelling to watch IMHO.

      I will always love Crispy over Messi, simply because he's so beautifully arrogant, preening & punchable!

      • Fernanda says:

        I guess it's just a matter of preference really. I love sports but can't stand arrogant athletes. I just don't think there's a need to state you're the best. I think what you do on the pitch or court should speak for itself. Like I said though, it's a matter of preference. To each their own ;)

      • Kristina says:

        Messi is not so modest on the pitch, mind you. And that's where it matters. Plus he is so goddam entertaining ON THE PITCH. Where it matters. And why is it entertaining to be arrogant? If it is then we Cules should be revered around the world for being the most entertaining supporters. Since we are considered to be so arrogant. Xavi is often being called arrogant. Is he also "beautifully" arrogant? Or do you have double standards? No? Than I guess you will have to agree that Xavi also is beautifully arrogant. And entertaining.

        But when push comes to shove we are talking about football. And Messi is simply the best.

        • tashy says:

          I’m a madridista 4 lyf nd I truly nd honestly believe ronaldo is 4rom another planet that’s how amazing he is 4 m, amazing freekicks, amazing headers, his jst perfection I’ve neva watched ronaldo score nd not be blown away,now messi scores pretty average goals u see them all da tym, 1 thing I will give messi is he scores lyk nobody’s business his good at breaking records nd yes u r right his not modest on da pitch both of them r not modest on da pitch but wat matters is that they entertain us nd they r both amazing soccerplaya but neither of them is betta than pele his is truly da greatest footballer of all tym

        • xoWinnie says:

          personally, MY problem with Xavi is that he has to put others down. Cristiano was JOKING, and he is quite humble actually when it comes to his comment concerning teams and players that are significantly less accomplished and competitive than himself and Madrid. because there is no need for him to state the obvious. his "arrogant" comments come from him referring to himself. Xavi on the other hand must always make the comparison and point out the flaws of the other team. "oh they parked the bus" "they didn't play "real football" "Arsenal are not competitive, Cesc deserves to play at a real club" etc…like really Xavi…you just HAD to go there? that's not even arrogance, that's just RUDE. also, let's not forget how keen he was on Ronaldo before he went to Madrid, always showering him with praise and saying they could use a player like him at Barca. but as soon as the ink on Cristiano's contract dried, they "didn't need him" because "Messi is the best in the world" and they didn't need "flashy pretty boy players" like Ronaldo at Barcelona. LOLLLL, at what point do you just shut up?

          and please don't use the "well Mourinho…" argument on me because i really do not condone 95% of the things that man says anyway lol

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      He may not be the most modest person in the world, but at least he shows himself in a real way, he does not fake modesty, like many other celebrities do.

      • Kristina says:

        Oh no! Not that old argument again! It's not ok to behave badly just as long as you are open with it. It's still bad, no matter how you look at it. For the record, I don't think Cris is especially arrogant, I think media makes him so. I'm just against the argument that you just used.

        I think it's a sign of weakness to be an arrogant prick. It means that you react to every shitty impulse you get. It is to take the easy way out. It's much harder to behave.

        • Agnes Wonka says:

          I'm sorry to disagree, but I prefer truth to hypocresy, no matter which horrible thing we can talk about.
          Lying and hypocrecy is what awful politicians do to make people believe they're doing good things, when it is actually not like that.

          People should be shown with all its defects, and then you can choose if you like it or not.

          I don't think Cris is arrogant either, btw.

          • Kristina says:

            There is just one thing though: not saying arrogant things does NOT automatically mean that you think them, and hides them from the world to appear better than you are. It can mean that you are not even thinking them. Hypothetically.

            Plus, behaving, in all it's contexts, is actually how people holds societies together. I wanna punch a woman at work so badly (cause she's lazy and blames everybody else) but I don't.

            • fabes says:

              I'll tell you what… For me, I don't mind arrogance on anyone as long as they can back it for who i am, its quite the opposite. My preference of ronaldo is purely based on the fact that ronaldo is the most complete striker/forward in the world

  28. rafaela says:

    Why never found him hot? He is just a normal guy!! There are so many guys that they are so much hotter that him!! I think that we need more yoann here!!!