October 4th, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo & Irina Shayk: When Bad Fashion Happens To Rich People

Ronaldo league scoring record awards La Liga

Oh Cristiano, how we had faith in you, hon. Perhaps in hindsight, it was all about intoxication wishful thinking.

Spotted moving his metallic feet and poorly-tailored jeans down the Marca red carpet last night, CR (plus his manager) was on hand to accept the Pichichi award for being La Liga’s highest scorer last season. He rode solo to the ceremony since his girlfriend, Irina, was busying wedding dress shopping in New York City yesterday afternoon.

For her best friend, sillies, not herself!

Ronaldo and Shayk showed their support for one another in spirit as they co-coordinated their his & hers Gucci belts. How quaint.

In our experience, the only way both halves of one couple can look this gaudy is with a helluva lotta money and style advice from Mama Dolores. Please explain if you’ve had different firsthand accounts, Kickettes.

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43 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo & Irina Shayk: When Bad Fashion Happens To Rich People”

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  3. GlamGooner says:

    CR7 looks a 'lil 90's popstar no? I think Irina looks cool tho…

  4. simi says:

    he looks great only the jeans were cut a bit to high

  5. Dee says:

    I think they both look super tacky sometimes! Irina is my age (25) but she looks like she's 30. It's from all the tanning. There are these rare pics of her from when she was 17 and her skin is naturally pale, and her hair was reddish-brown. So obviously she works hard to keep her "exotic" image. Cris is the same way – looks older than he is and puts alot of effort into maintaining his looks.

    I guess there are some people who are a fan of this couple and think they are perfect…but I look at them, then look at Kaka and Carol, and Kaka and Carol are my kind of couple! Natural, pure, young-looking, simple and gorgeous :)

  6. Marina_Isabella says:

    what the hell is she wearing?

  7. zookeeper says:

    I think CR need to stop using his money to buy cars, or vacation in the tropics he rather use his money to buy some CLUE!!!!!

  8. Susana says:

    What is his obsession with trainers? He has to have the worst shoes in the world!
    And the so-called model/stick figure…Looks like an unkempt streetwalker as usual.

  9. Alice says:

    I think the perfect solution would be for Cristiano to stop wearing clothes altogether :) Maybe just walk around in a pair of Armani briefs…

  10. Mony says:

    He has so much money can he not hire a stylist since him dressing himself is just not working out.

  11. Agnes Wonka says:

    He looks good imo, but Irina looks too Lady Gaga-ish!

  12. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    I think I dont have to say it again…. but maybe I do!

    The tittle says it all (again) this is the Balotelli and Rafaela sequence.

    -Although style is something you create or you relate to-, sometimes you have to admitt to yourself that everything you wear doesnt always look good, no matter who you are!

    • DebS says:

      I agree. I personally have no right to judge anyone. Kickette would have a field day with my attire…all the time. :p

  13. rachael says:

    I’ll never in a million years get over the Dolores picture each time I see it ! How could she ever have thought that was a good look?

  14. ZLI says:

    When was the last time you actually wrote something good about them? Never maybe? Btw, Cris award was at lunch time, not at night.

  15. Mariëlla says:

    Crissie has looked worse to be honest…
    and for Irina she always looks the same to me and it doesn't get any better.
    Mama dolores needs a sos call for style advise… I wouldn't mind giving.. (A)

  16. Kristina says:

    He looks somewhat Jerseyshore-ish, as many has pointed out before me, so those clothes are only logical. He's got bad taste, that's all. Too bad, he's got real potential but I really don't think he is attractive. With or without clothes, actually. Those oily, tanned, muscles just don't do it for me. I know I'm gonna be thumbed-down, but understand that I respect Crissy for his amazing football skills and because his actually taking responsibility for his kid. But he doesn't rock my boat at all.

    And Irina…I have no words.

    • Mrs. Q.Borri says:

      Totally with you! 100% he doesnt rock my boat at all! But he is a great football player after all!!!

    • Cescy says:

      I agree. He's a fantastic player and really entertains me in interviews but he reminds me of Pauly D.

  17. Lily says:

    Not to rain on everyone's parade here but I think they look great.

    Probably not something the average person would wear but Irina's outfit is funky.

    This is their style, we may not agree with it but everyones 'Good' style sense might not be good to someone else?

    Don't hate my comment just saying how I think :)

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Yeah, but he kind stole The Ramos Gold here, it honestly look like something he borrowed from The Ramos :p,
      I still don't think Cris dress very good neither do irina, I rarely see good outfit of her or at least of what photographed of her. However, I don't mind it, it is Cris, I am used it:p + I don't think it is only cris. most footballers have bad fashion taste or "werid" fashion sense unless we are talking alonso and Pirata :) .

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      don't pay attention if they hate your comment!
      this site is full of Irina haters (not to say they're jealous of her)

  18. Kal says:

    He's lucky he's so good looking because the clothing is really an afterthought. I don't really pay attention to what he wears. As for her, you'd think someone on her team would help her dress better. She's a "model" for god's sakes. How does she expect to get a job looking like that in clothes. Oh right she models underwear which explains the slutty shirt.

  19. IrishBlue says:

    That pic makes my eyes hurt :(

  20. Fiona says:

    This is just so wrong, from head to toe. Starting with the over-gelled hair to the bling bling shoes. And I can't even mention the jacket because I just want to forget it exists.
    Unfortunately, money can't buy taste.

  21. EspePique says:

    Doesn't this happen a little too often ?

  22. footballandme says:

    Irina obviously brought the camel all the way to the premiere with her if the Daily Mail pictures are anything to go by…

  23. RubyDubbin says:

    Without CRon, Irina would be just another "glamour model". She's as much a supermodel as Alex Gerrard is a journalist.

  24. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I think it is about time we give up on Cristano dressing good, I perfer him without it anyway. I regret opening Irina picture to be honest…But they are meant to be together! awwww, same hideous fashion sense! Perfect couple.

    • justme says:

      lol i seriously regret more for still opening mama dolores' pic even after seeing this two..yeah,they're compatible..

    • bri_saldana says:

      lol…I'm with you! I prefer him with out it too; I think that a refined Cris is a sure sign that we are in an alternate universe.

  25. Gabs says:

    This time you actually scared me kickette, I actually thought CR was gonna marry her!!!!

  26. Miss XOXO says:

    Money cant buy a style…That's it.

  27. Tina says:

    I'm sorry, but bad fashion happens to them (almost) all the time!