July 3rd, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr: Nearly Ready For His Run-Out – UPDATED

UPDATE: More adorable holiday photos of CR SR and CR JR that’s making the butterflies in our tummies do flips.

Not sure if anyone has been keeping track of the movements of little CR JR, but he’s quite the globe trotter. Earlier this week he was running errands with Grandma Dolores in Lisbon, and now he’s busy being toted around St Tropez while on holiday with his extended family.

A note to C-Ron’s son: Kudos on the cuteness, kiddo, you clearly have that down pat. But on the reals, now that you’ve got two years of life under your mini Gucci belt, it’ll be maybe four or five more months before the family will expect you to put those little bones that haven’t fully fused yet to work on the pitch. Better start warming up.

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54 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo Jr: Nearly Ready For His Run-Out – UPDATED”

  1. S.P.D says:

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  2. Chris jude says:

    Wow ! So finally I saw the pics of Cristiano Jr. and the pic definitely deserves to be applauded. I have been following your posts off late and like the exclusive and rare pics that you post here. Awaiting new updates.check here

  3. Carla says:

    I think his mom is Brazilian…..

  4. Agnes Wonka says:

    I love to see Irina holding CR Jr. she looks sweet. Her orange bikini is very cool too xD
    This post can't be better :) ))

  5. DebS says:

    How adorable is that little guy?! Kickettes, I'd have to imagine that he's already started kicking the ball around a bit. He'll see daddy doing it and want to imitate him, as most little kids do. ;)

    Irina and CR7 seem to be happy together. From what I've read, he seems to be pretty smitten with her. Best of luck to them.

  6. SillyGoat says:

    I love Irina. I'm surprised that Crissy Junior seems to be half-Black considering all those "sources" who confirmed it was a blond haired English waitress. He's a cutie. He looks nothing like his Papa though.

    • SillyGoat says:

      Sorry for duplicate posting girls! I don't know what's going on. I can't figure out how to delete this one…

  7. SillyGoat says:

    I love Irina. I'm surprised that Crissy Junior seems to be half-Black considering all those "sources" who confirmed it was a blond haired English waitress. He's a cutie. He looks nothing like his Papa though.

    Did anyone notice Irina's new ankle tattoo of a rosary? I think she's trying to prove her worthiness to Mama Ronaldo (Aveiro). Might be a better move to learn Portuguese…

    • DebS says:

      CR7 has African ancestors. It's not uncommon for people of mixed races to have different skin tones even in the same immediate family. So the mother very well could be white and Jr. still have dark skin. Also, their skin tone can change as they get older. { Personal experience ;) }

    • Abby says:

      I thought it had been confirmed that the mother was black? I mean, last time I saw, there was a whole like, new special confirming that the child must be half black lol. Even though CR has African in his family, considering this child's complexion, it's pretty obvious that the child is not white. Two white people don't make a black child…at least, not to my knowledge. I'm sure CR is proud that CR jr won't have to worry about tanning though, so it's all good!

      • SillyGoat says:

        You forgot that 3d movies can make white couples have a black baby : http://imgur.com/31XKl

        I'm glad CR won't have to oil up Junior for a nice bronze glow. I could use some of that since I turn into a lobster in the sun.

  8. Sarah 7 says:

    What a lovely/hotty family :)

    That kid is so cute, I wanna bee his babysitter………….. YEAH THAT WOULD BE SO COOL ;O

  9. Leya_S says:

    No lie, almost forgot CR7 had a kid. But OMG the pics of them together are so adorable. I like seeing Cristiano being so dedicated to his bubba!

  10. someone who likes films and books says:

    I guess there's something wrong with me because in my eyes the kid looks like Kaka….. what the??!!!!

  11. christy says:

    OMG these pictures are really cute <3 Ok he must be a really good dadyyyy awwwwwww *___*

  12. Clau says:

    Stupendi! Tutti e due! Che amori che sono! Jr diventerà bello come il papà anche se è già bellissimo!! <3 Quanto vorrei che venissero qui in Italia… <3

    • Lovy Birdy says:

      Ciao Clau!!
      C'è un cinguettio (reale non metaforico) veramente assordante qua dentro del cuore! And nothing else… Meraviglioso! :p

  13. Kristina says:

    Another thing about the kid, he's pretty tall for a two year-old, isn't he? Just an observation since I'm pretty used to having kids in that age around me (nephews). Maybe the momma was of the long-legged kind ;) ?

    • Lovy Birdy says:

      Not necessarily, my mom is 161-159 but my dad is huge and muscular kinda like Cris and my baby brother is tall like my dad and not shorter like my mom. But glamazon or not, she most certainly was an eye-catcher ;)

      • Kristina says:

        And it could be we are short in my family. For Swedish people, that is. :)

  14. Kristina says:

    Cute kid! Kickette, couldn't you find some other excuse to publish half naked pics of Mario Gomez? Since he doesn't have kids, I mean? That man is perfection.

  15. mini says:

    they speak in spanish to eachother, I’ve seen spanish interviews with her and before her career really took off she lived in spain which is where they met.

  16. Meee says:

    That kid is a looker.

  17. sarah says:

    Awww Cris JR will definitely be handsome when he grows up. Just look at this little cutie! What an amazing fam!

  18. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Too many babies in 3 days, I LOVE IT!

  19. tala says:

    i just feel that cristiano isnt happy,and thats make me sad :(

  20. OhDear says:

    Wow, CR Jr.'s growing up so fast! So cute.

  21. Carlito says:

    Wow the kid looks just like him mom! And his dad looks more and more like Ricky Martin!

  22. sarah says:


    some pics with ronaldo and his son.
    soooooooooooo cute

  23. Cella.xx says:

    The kid is sooo cute he is gonna be just like his dad…well irina looks good too but all I can see is little CR Junior!!

  24. sarah says:

    there are few pics where Ronaldo holds his son. soooooo adorable <3

    i think he is holding him only few times,to get him out of attention,but thats *happily for us,sadly for him* is not working.

    • Katie says:

      I wonder if the media were able to get more pictures with them they would be after him less…if that makes sense. I feel like some celebrities try so hard to not be pictured with their kids/new gf/bf and that backfires because it makes the paps try so much harder to get the pictures. It not fair but the way it goes.

  25. mezz98 says:

    I think they make a cute family. That kid is ridiculously adorable!

  26. mezz98 says:

    He’s adorable! What a cute family they make!

  27. Rubii says:

    junioooor is so cute !
    Ronaldo is so hot!!!
    irina is getting better by time.

    i think they are some lovely family.

  28. miss tweezy says:

    He is so adorable actually the most adorable babba I have seen(him nd leo torres kid is starting 2 look lyk nando). Ronaldo’s baby mama has gotta be gorgeous I mean look at that boy his defiantly gonna be a heartbreaker in my sick little mind I invision him nd ane alonso together girl’s gorgeous nd um y is she blonde both xabi nd nagore brunette.
    Irina is so beautiful nd I love how she’s all playful with c-ron.
    It sucks that all these players r all in their 20s most of these players would probably get arrested 4 datin me but than again nothing is illegal in europe(jst kidding)

  29. SillyGoat says:

    I really like Irina, but I’m very confused how they have a long-term relationship considering how weak Cristiano’s English is. Apparently, they only speak English together since he doesn’t speak Russian and she doesn’t speak Portuguese. I’ve seen him in interviews and he can barely string a sentence together.

    Junior looks NOTHING like his father. I guess as he gets older, the rumors that the mum was a blonde haired English woman are put to rest. He is clearly half-black, so the mum must have been black. He’s a cutie.

    I wish I were on that yacht instead of working indoors. Ahhhh the lives of models and footballers.

  30. =) says:

    Why I feel that Cristiano is not like he used to be when he was with irina ! Remember he used to cuddle her & keep on kissing her more & irina wasn’t interested now it’s the opposite !!! Mate Cristiano got bored !! Anyway I like then together 2 beautiful people ;-)

  31. Carina says:

    I bet you they already have him practicing his soccer skills. Mine turns 2 in August and we are learning the difference between dribbling and kicking LoL can I also say that CR Jr. Is a huge 2 year old!!!

  32. kiki09 says:

    wow! This girl cannot win. Clearly from the pics everytime she’s showing some skin lil CR Jr isn’t even there.

  33. xoWinnie says:

    he's adorable! it's also super-cute how Ronaldo constantly dedicates his goals and celebrations to him *wipes eyes*

  34. Katta says:

    Junior is such a cutie and Cris and Irina still together make me really happy. I like them.

  35. Bree says:

    Irina wearing a thong bikini around kids and showing her bum-how classy.And her boobs look bigger than usual-a small boob job or a heavily padded bikini top?

    • candederli says:

      Lots of Europeans wear that style of bikini and no one really thinks twice about it. Standards of nudity differ. I don't think that a kid is going to be warped for life by seeing some arse cheek. There's nothing bad or dirty about it. While it may not be your cup of tea, no one there appears to have a problem with it. I could show you pix of Olalla Dominquez with Nando and the kids at the beach and she's wearing something that shows even more. Everyone on the beach around them is similarly attired. Different culture, different norms. Besides, I'm pretty darn sure that Grandma Dolores would have something to say about it if she thought something was inappropriate around her grandbaby! ;-) That woman is fierce.

      • Bree says:

        Obviously we have different opinions but hey it would be a boring world if everyone though the same.
        You can clearly see she is trying to somehow hide her bum with her bag in some pictures around kids so maybe Grandma Dolores had a few words with her ;-)

      • Sarah, Madrid says:


      • miss tweezy says:

        I read somewhere that nudity is a way of life in europe ,coz I’ve seen antonella(although she not european),olalla etc wearing those types of bikinis

    • Katie says:

      Did I miss the pictures where it's a thong? Because to me it looks like every other bikini that's out there. The same bikini that every woman wears to the beach or pool with their kids. Some people look for anything they can.