October 20th, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo: Sad But True

‘Yup, you have the prettiest face, the Armani contract and the gorgeous model girlfriend. But he’s still going to be earning more money than you.’ Jose Mourinho touches a nerve as news breaks of Wayne Rooney’s decision to leave Old Trafford. (Getty Images/Daylife)

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70 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo: Sad But True”

  1. Taskeen says:

    girl you are hilarious!!!
    i used to adore that dude but that faded, still think he's a hottie though but this song is just a killer! lol love it!

  2. Belleza de Andalucia says:

    he looks gorgeous..why do so many hate him? hes so adorable and lovable..personally i think the only reason he's the way he is ( all childish and stuff ) is because he was forced to grow up.. he moved away from his family and just 11..he was forced to mature at 11..washing his own clothes responsible for himself etc..so hes enjoying his childhood now cuz he never could!

  3. MrsFigo says:

    Rooney will be leaving United which is i suppose sad but we have lost better players (like Ronaldo to Real and that was when my CR love stopped lol) but we got over it. I just hope he leaves as soon as possible so we can get some much needed cash at Old Trafford. Hopefully we can buy someone like Suarez i hope :) i also read Jose would offer us £50 and Karim Benzema, we’ll happily take that. Rooney is awful this year anyways so on that i’d be happy to see him leave…. just don’t go blue Roo…………

  4. mcgee says:

    hahahaha thats great…..

  5. Emme says:

    Every time I read anything about how Rooney is going to go to RM, i try to take a deep breath & reason with myself. It's just too overwhelming to think of him going there. I just tell myself that I cannot see Wayne Rooney learning Spanish or eating paella. Colleen would not get nearly as much media attention as she does in England and I doubt she would like that. On a more serious note – as much as people say that Mourihno admires Rooney, i would highly doubt Jose would realistically request Florentino Perez to purchase a player that will command a huge sum, but is in poor form. I think Jose prefer to have a healthy squad and things are going pretty well for Real right now. They bought a lot of offensive players this season that Jose explicitly wanted and they still have Kaka who everyone seems to have forgotten about. And seriously, is Shelf Booty Higuain that terrible that Wayne Rooney would expect to just swoop in and take his spot? Seriously…… Jose finally has a good thing going at Real & he doesn't need Rooney's giant ego to come in and screw it up. He just totally disgusts me. I will seriously cry is he goes to RM. Sorry about the rant. :) This is emotional stuff

  6. @DebStimson says:

    agree with everything you said. When they do the replays, which you know they're going to do especially for Cris, 90% of the time there is clearly contact. In last nights game, there was one time he went down outside the 18 yd box where he actually tripped over his own feet.

    I feel that some of his antics are to try and convince the refs that he was actually fouled this time. You have to believe that there are times the refs don't give the foul just because Cris has been known to "go down to easily" (per the commentators).

    My biggest complaint is that when he does get fouled but doesn't get the call and isn't in a lot of pain, he needs to get up and get back in the play. Since Mourinho is so big on EVERYONE playing both offense and defense, I can't imagine that Cris doesn't hear it form Mourinho when he doesn't get right back up. Now obviously if he is hurt, whether or not the foul is called, that's a different story.

  7. @DebStimson says:

    No, I don't think Rooney is even in the same ball park as CR7. I mean seriously, look what CR7 brings to RM and look what Rooney's done for United this year. idk…I just can't see it.

  8. JVD says:

    My first post was eaten. :( But the gist of it was…

    This leaves me torn and in pieces.

    As a ManU fan, I say take him, pay us big and don't say we didn't warn you.

    As a fan of all the pretty at RM I say, egads and for shame that he could actually be on the same pitch with my Sergio. And Sergio is so nice you know he'll hug him. *gags*

    As a Barca fan, I say for the love of God someone take him before Pep gets it in his head to buy him (with money we don't really have)!

    Also, I read somewhere else that Llorente might join one of the big two. All I can say is, please let it be Barca. Llorente and Pique together all the time??? *faints*

    • goldengirlsk says:

      HAHA loved this, and agree with everything.

    • Dru says:

      TBH I don't see him fitting in anywhere in La Liga- I hope he isn't bought by Real (Barca, like you said, don't have the money and anyway they should save it for Cesc if they ever hope to get him back).
      I don't know what other Spanish club besides Real would have the money to buy him, but they've got a good team going now and shouldn't try to go back to having a team full of Galacticos. I mean, I loved Zidane but having a million star players together on one team doesn't always make for maximum cohesion.

  9. JV says:

    Stuff like this always leaves me torn. As a ManU fan, I say RM can have him if they are willing to give a huge fee. As a fan of all the pretty at RM, I say egads and for shame that Rooney could take the pitch with my Sergio (not to mention Crissy, Iker and Gonzo)!

    On the other hand, as a Barca fan I say RM or anyone else for that matter take him before Pep gets it in his head to over pay (with money we don’t have) for him.

    Also, rumblings have it that Llorente may join one of the big 2 at some point. If this is true I hope it’s Barca. Pique and Llorente together all the time??? *faints*

  10. Pique_Xavi says:

    Thumbs up, I don't like them either. I do have some respect for Mourinho though but whenever he decides to talk I have less and less.

  11. Zinny says:

    I like Cristiano; I think he’s absolutely gorgeous. And it is true that he’s always being scrutinized. He’s an excellent footballer player too. Buuuut he’s not better than Messi. Sorry.

  12. Bebo Ronaldo says:

    2 b honest I dnt hav a problem with him spending too much time in front of the mirror…call me weird but it makes me luv him evn more…it’s jus dat he’s got EVERYTHING:
    personality (in my opinion)
    …and I do not find this funny at all!!!

    • Lashes says:

      Not even half as funny as the first! This is just a funny face the other really shows everything bad about him NO ONE can pull that look off and believing that you can is the evidence off far up his own arse he is

      • CarmenFoxe says:

        If only he had the personality to go with those looks! How could you ever go out with someone who spends longer than you do in the bathroom?

  13. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    ronaldo looks liek hes takingg a shitt :P

  14. Lashes says:

    Don't know what Christiano makes but Rooney wanted £ 200.000 a week but currently i don't know..
    Just read that Chelsea and other clubs would be interested if he is to be sold, and he might be sold for as "little" £5 million..

  15. Georgina Sanders says:

    I don't care about Ronaldo. And my dislike of Mourinho just increased to stratospheric levels upon thinking of signing Llorente at Real Madrid.

    You're definitely not alone!

  16. Summer says:

    Mourinho è tra le persone più insopportabili del mondo e Cristiano Ronaldo pure…Sono la coppia perfetta..Semplicemente la modestia fatta persona..La cosa che non capisco è perché molte donne, molte persone li adorino come due dei in terra? Bah, i misteri della vita sono molti e ci sono cose che nemmeno la conoscenza sa spiegare, sappiamo della loro esistenza perché esistono in quanto vengono pensati dall'opinione comune, ma sarà poi vero che esistono oltre a questa opinione comune che sa di involucro vuoto, in quanto pura e semplice apparenza?..(Scusa per queste parole così oscure, non è mia intenzione confondere nessuno, se ho confuso qualcuno :) …)

    • littlegirl says:

      io ho capito!
      sei ufficialmente nominata la mia portavoce nella battaglia contro "Cristiano Roaldo come sex-symbol calcistico"!
      mi spiace ma ho dovto dare il ruolo di vice capitano alla ragazza che ha postato quella canzone divertentissima…

      • Summer says:

        Sì, sì l'ho letta anch'io e mi è piaciuta…Vorrà dire che mi accontenterò di essere la tua portavoce :) …No scherzo ne sono onorata…

  17. sidney says:

    I am a Cristiano ronaldo fan, and yes I am not afraid to admit it :) :):):):I am just tired of people passing judgements at him when they dont know him .Who are we to judge others?One of the thing that I like about him is that he is who he is and wont change because some people dont like him.I notice that people like celebrities who have a "seemingly perfect life" or " are very nice" but what did that teach us overtime?Tthat appearances are deceiving.As much as I like Kaka ,Fernado Torres for example, I will not be surprised to learn that they are not what we think they are.As for Cristiano who have numerous girlfriends people say that he is a womanizer which of course is true but the point I am making is that at least HE IS NOT HIDING WHO HE IS WHEREAS OTHERS ARE.

    • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

      Lol i like what you said abt not hiding himself but wouldn't it be better to be NOT hiding yourself and also NOT a womanizer??

      lol That said I do like Cristiano Ronaldo fine. I dont really find him at all attractive but he is a good player and deserves at least some recognition for that. :)

    • Dru says:

      He makes some hideous fashion choices, but his talent (and dedication to getting fit for his team) are pretty much undeniable and outweigh that by, well, a LOT. I'm not a fan TBH, but I can respect that. Also, off the pitch he's supposed to be one of the nicest players around- a real sweetie to the canteranos of Real, from what I've read.

    • sana says:

      i love you sudney we fans thinks the same. Cristiano is who he is and dont hide his face he is a nice guy and truthfull.

  18. Lashes says:

    Fantastic song Carmen.
    Completely agree with you girls. He is too far up his own butt, but still his body is amazing to watch with another face on top and a change of colour back to the normal scale (orange is not normal or healthy!)..

  19. littlegirl says:

    ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!!
    you are officially my vice capitain in the battle against "Cristiano Ronaldo as a football sex symbol" !!

  20. CarmenFoxe says:

    I don't like Ronaldo, don't mind Jose so much
    Cristiano (To the tune of Alejandro)
    He's got both feet on the football
    But he won't pass to you, won't pass to you
    He is so far up his own butt
    And he gets chest waxes too, chest waxes too
    You know that I hate you boy
    Hot like Portugal, rejoice (!)
    At the point I cannot choose nothing to lose…
    Don't mean to offend Ronaldo lovers, I myself don't like him

  21. Gabs says:

    I really don't think Mourinho wants Rooney at Real, he's only playing mind games as usual. Plus with Roo's bad reputation I'm sure he's not gonna earn as much as CR…at least not this year!!

  22. Taskeen says:

    hmmm did Ronaldo annoy anyone else much last night?
    i don't know.. every time he fell over and flapped his arms about in appeal to the ref i just got more and more annoyed.
    But him walking off the pitch looking all buff sorta made up for it (sort of…)

    Aah and as for Wazza going to Real; a big thumbs down for me, i just can't picture him there

    • CR is a great player. I have to admit that even though it pains me, but the theatrics were ridiculous, esp. since AC Milan were getting their butts kicked already. Did anyone teach him strategy/sportsmanship? It seems that if anyone can, it will be Mou — who looked dapper and fit himself last night. I am afraid for Barca this year. The RM Juggernaut is coming and Messi and Villa and Xavi are not fit.

      • Taskeen says:

        The theatrics really were ridiculous, many players get hit much worse and they immediately dust themselves off and carry on with the game instead of wasting time and protesting "fouls" that aren't really even there. When it comes down to the Ronaldo v Messi debate, sometimes i say Messi solely because of Ronaldo's over-dramatics. Whew, a year ago I would have shouted anyone down for saying these things about ol' Crissy, but he's just getting too much for me. I definitely agree, Mou looked go0od lastnight lol i can definitely handle his dramatics at the side of the pitch, they're quite entertaining. Real are definitely coming forward with a vengeance especially with all the young blood, but its still early days, Barca will be at back full force soon to handle anything.

  23. @mezz98 says:

    The face Cris is making here is HI.LARIOUS.

  24. sheila says:

    ROONEY MUST NOT GO TO REAL MADRID! He is just not hot enough. Agreed that DiMaria and Ozil don't add much to that quotient, but adding Rooney would further dilute the hot-pool. Please please please NO ROO!!!
    P.S. I really appreciated how the network allowed us to watch a shirtless CR walk off the pitch last night. You don't have to like him…

  25. Missy Manchester says:

    "Psst …c'mere Ronaldo…I heard Rooney said he was worth more than you."

  26. Belleza de Andalucia says:

    Yeah than real will start winning more with cris and rooney..love ya cris…

  27. Zahara (Spain NT, Barca lover) says:

    rooney would stick out like a sore thumb in la liga.
    god, please dont let him come to la liga. i cannot even..

  28. Holly says:

    Oh no – Real Madrid does defenitely not need Rooney!!

  29. littlegirl says:

    ooops….i'm going to have the largest number of thumbs-up?????!!!!!!!!!

  30. Stacey Marie says:

    I don't care where Rooney goes so long as it's not Real Madrid or Liverpool (or Arsenal for that matter!) I'm not sure who would take him after the lack of loyalty he's displayed. Maybe he'll go back to Everton. I just can't see him playing in any other league other than premier, he doesn't seem like he would fit in with La Liga or Serie A.

    • Leya_S says:

      I HIGHLY DOUBT that Rooney would go to either Liverpool or Arsenal…that just seems like a real slap in the face to ManU AND I don't think either team would want him anyway…Roy and Arsene would HAVE to know that probably wouldn't go over well with their respective teams' supporters. I would DIE if the Gunners accepted him, they're perfect the way they are. And Liverpool may be struggling but adding Wayne Rooney to that would NOT help the situation, only make it worse.
      I honestly don't know where this man is gonna go….

    • @DebStimson says:

      When I read the links to Madrid, I about died. I read an interview with Mourinho where he basically said it wouldn't happen. His comment was, who would he replace? Real Madrid is playing so beautifully and as a team that I can't see Mourinho changing that right now. Besides, Rooney has been subpar at best lately. I would have to think that will impact any coach's decision.

      So much hate for CR7 on Kickette but personally, the guy's playing brilliantly and as a team player. I credit Mourinho for that.

  31. cammie says:

    I found that funny except for the "gorgeous"Model part..I don't find large, injected looking lips…gorgeous

  32. Iviiii says:

    I don't like both of them too :) *thumbs-up* :D

    • Thea says:

      Funnily enough – neither do I. Would make me laugh if Rooney goes to Real…….

      • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

        Yes, that would be something…

      • BarceLisa says:

        Mourinho is headed to United anyway, once Fergie retires. Losing Rooney to Real would just speed up that process. I'm not ready to lose Fergie just yet. So Thea… which one are you today?

        • Thea says:

          The real one – Barcacelona supporter – am hoping that the imposter gets a new identity!

    • littlegirl says:

      thaaaank you very much!…even if i will have not the record of thumbs-down…but is better having some girl on my side!!!

  33. BarceLisa says:

    Mourinho: "I want to sign Rooney because HE wouldn't be caught dead in shoes like that!"

  34. Dru says:

    To everyone who said that Rooney would most definitely NOT be joining La Liga- please, please be right!

    (I'm not really bothered how much money Roo earns as long as he isn't earning it at Real)