January 26th, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo: Style Commentary

Image via Splash

Cristiano Ronaldo, how you do keep us on our toes.

This photo of you in your tight white cotton-blend got us very excited. We felt the full F5 love we once had in spades for you return swift and true.

Oh, how we have missed claiming you as one of our imaginary life and lust partners. (Though if we were playing stylist, we would suggest ditching the Eurotrash rat-tail situ on your head.)

But let’s stay positive. We’re not even bothered by the mid-stride ball check. Go ‘head.

And then.

Cruel, photographic fashion crime documentation in the form of this image. You, exiting a Madrid restaurant after a dinner date with Real Madrid gaffer, Mr. Pellegrini (not pictured).

The cut of the denim. The patent detailing on the shoes. We can’t deal. We just won’t.

We still believe you can turn things around, baby. We eagerly await your next move. Hopefully, something along these lines.

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26 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo: Style Commentary”

  1. Meer. says:

    @ Kickette: F5? Yes, please!

    He looks really cuddly in that simple white shirt. The casualness of the outfit complements and accentuates his natural sexiness. It's how I would like my man best. Not pushing it, not even trying but looking so damn fine. And he can't help it, he's not even aware… You know that feeling, girls? THAT'S what this pic is all about for me.

  2. Sana says:

    I love Cris,

    but am just hoping one day a fashion victom like me can help him true his style. Ronaldo have style and his clothes are nice but his things are somtimes to tight or small or unessesary to wear! Dont worrie baby i will soon come and save you and you will look more than Hot.

  3. jonmufc says:

    His hand is adjusting… 555

  4. XanJie says:

    The jeans this man wears are absolutely heinous. Always.

  5. caitanya says:

    CR has never been a good dresser–he needs a stylist BADLY.

    You can take the tuga footballer out of ghetto madeira but you can’t take the ghetto madeira out of the tuga footballer!

    The saving grace is that he is not as tacky as sergio ramos–sergio ramos ought to be shot by the fashion police, or at least just keep his uniform on 24/7!

    • Susie says:

      I didnt realise there were “ghettos” in Madeira??

      Look, most Iberians have no problem with wearing what ever they feel like and not giving a @#@!%#%% what other people think.

      Hence the likes of C. Ronaldo, Elen Rives, Sergio Ramos, etc…..

      I love them all!

      Id much rather look at them any day, than a stiff, perfectly dressed to the point of eliminating all personality, walking skeleton, like Victoria Beckham.

  6. Susana says:

    The man with him is not Pellegrini, it’s his real “man bag” as in money bags; his agent, Jorge Mendes.
    This photo makes me think that I really need to move in with him so he doesn’t leave the house looking like this. The man bag is brown…you do not accessorize your black patent-leather tennies with a brown murse. Wait…you shouldn’t carry a murse anyway…or travel with your agent like he’s an accessory.

    The first photo, however………I LOVE the form-fitting white shirt. It looks so warm, like he was cuddling by the fire with me before he left for lunch. Let me ponder a sec………….okay, I’m back.
    As for the hair…I like it when it’s longer on the sides and doesn’t have so much product in it…like I could run my fingers through it. On second thought…I will leave my hands off his hair and just touch his perfect ass. :)

  7. redhair+browneyes says:

    I just finished looking at the Armani undies shots and all I can say is DAY-YAM!!!!!!!!! I have to seriously take a cold one after looking at those…only I’ll have visions of the water shot whilst in the shower….DAY-YAM!

  8. aps says:

    Those jeans are hideous and the murse???…pfttt. Only the white shirt is going for him, everything else is a NO. Plz get a stylist! Bad taste in fashion, bad taste in women.

  9. Missy Manchester says:

    (FYI…I had to change my name because I see there’s another kickette missy on the boards!)

    Crisdo…surely you can afford a stylist to edit your wardrobe? If not, just post your home ph. # here…and a few of the Kickette girls will probably volunteer to do the job. (But not me…as I find you too high-maintenance.)

  10. bam says:

    Nope he can’t wear clothes like others can, Becks & Rio immediately pop into mind. No matter what they wear it looks good on them, hangs right, fits right, looks stylish or comfortable or whatever. CRon’s stuff just look ill-fitting most of the time to me.

  11. Sara says:

    He actually looks hot in that top pic. But in the 2nd one I’m distracted by how small his feet are.

    • Katya says:

      I think that’s the shoes making his feet look so miniature. I’ve seen him in other shoes and his feet look normal size to bigger.

  12. Rosey says:

    Link didn’t work..try this one: http://tiny.cc/9eUV1

  13. Lidoli says:

    we have to let it go! he will always commit fashion crimes but we must remind ourselves of what his body looks like and….everything else is forgiven!

    LOL! :)

  14. Mel says:

    i can’t get over what his hand is adjusting….

  15. LOL at the jeans!

    Can’t argue with the fit of that tight white shirt though.

  16. Gigi Neville-Brown says:

    Did anyone notice how small his feet look? You know what they say about small feet ladies.

  17. salad-sheffield says:

    sorry girls, i hate him. so it'll be better if i'll say nothin' about him ;) and his white tight shirt … bleehh

  18. carly says:

    Give it up Kickette. He's fashion-hopeless.

    Was the dinner with Pellegrini? Because that's his agent Jorge Mendes. 'with Pellegrini' is slightly misleading.

  19. shay says:

    Okay he is so good looking it almost hurts my eyes and he plays 99% of others off the field. If he had the casual style of beckham or ferdinand it would be just so damn unfair to all other humans! Cris, I forgive you for all your fashion crimes now and in the future. (Cause we all know it's gonna happen).

  20. Merel says:

    The first picture is promising. The second picture screams murder him.

  21. Rosey says:

    Jeans need to be burned..he has worn them before…as for the pseudo rat-tail…I like it :-)

    The question is…has he "improved" in his fashion since moving to Madrid? I think so…remember some of his AWFUL clothes in Manchester?? (Like this number: http://cristianoronaldoblog.blogfree.net/?t=68343…

    What do you think Kickette's…better since Madrid, same, or worse??

  22. Ella says:

    Okay. I LURVE me some CRON, but I'm getting really fed up with his jeans choices. I mean, seriously, I wouldn't forgive anyone else for these tight/light/short jeans with those lame shoes. I'm sure Armani would give him free jeans! They should require him to wear better jeans as a representative of Armani Jeans. Having said all this, I STILL love him. I'm weak, I can't help it.

  23. Missy says:

    I promise girls I told him to get rid of those jeans and cut his hair! I swear I did.

    Lovin the shirt though!!! :)