August 5th, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo: The Case Of The Missing Tattoo

Could have been us, it really could have. Images: Getty Images & Agency Photo via Zimbio

The Kickette office has been on red alert since one of our eagle-eyed staffers/readers spotted this little imperfection on the otherwise immaculately tanned Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now at first glance, we thought it might be a particularly badly placed, poorly executed tattoo; a concept we fully embrace being the aficionados of the stoopid, drunk, regretted tatt-filled bunch that we are.

We then whiled away several hours of our *busy* lives considering various options, including baby mama scratch marks, a new Gucci body art sticker trend situ we’d yet to hear about or a variation on a gold star for good behaviour you get in school. Some sort of “Jose tramp stamp” given to his fav boys, perhaps?

Finally, and somewhat disappointingly, we settled on a rather more prosaic ‘erroneous bit of grass’ that had attached itself to the C-Ron shoulder during training, as confirmed by this later photo (left).

Bit of grass? We salute you. You have attained heights of proximity to ‘the body’ that we can only dream of.

Random: Coleen Rooney has gone for the real thing.

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46 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo: The Case Of The Missing Tattoo”

  1. gjg says:

    katia aveiro that's K

  2. Charly says:

    It was Kaka…he painted the first letter of his name on ronnys arm….he told it a host

  3. hot.dayum.players says:

    Either way, Cristiano is still gawgeous! it doesnt explain the K, but maybe the name o the baby Mama??

  4. l says:

    this blogger has seemed to have proven the ‘kaka getting marker pen happy’ theory – case as good as closed:

    • Steph says:

      lol, yeah. That’s definitely looking like it’s as good as closed. K for Kaka? haha. I like that. :P

  5. GracieB says:

    it's K – for Kickette!

  6. Cheryl says:

    It looks like a Kanji to me too…but my first thought was that is the Kanji for big.

  7. toot says:

    the story begins to have a beginning, so now expect the next missing facts…

  8. rubyqueen says:

    i agree i just could not see cristiano having tattoo's.!!he just does not seem that type.far too in touch with his feminine side for dirty stuff like tatts.!! but i have to say it does look impressive for a blade of grass.

  9. Gilly B says:

    I really couldn't see Ronaldo with a tatt. I imagine him to have a low pain threshold for anything outside of his must have waxing!

    Hope it was a piece of fluff- fakeys are just NAFF ;-(

  10. Amandinha says:

    K for Kickette! that´s how much he appreciate us! hahah :)

  11. toot says:

    If the tattoo is true I think that should be devoted to his son or something important in his life not a girlfriend cause I think it would not do it, and another his mother does not seem to be a person who likes a lot of tattoos and of course he would talk with the mother to one, and if Perez Hilton is right and he spent the night with Kim maybe she did it with the tattoo pen for fun, which may be true, since he is in the same country that Irina and still the two were not seen juntos.E not be forgotten that Irina and Kim went to see his game in Madrid the same day and at first he preferred to hang out with Kim and then went behind the Irina, where there's smoke there anyway fire.mas I prefer to think when the truth came to not making that is linked to the child or friends of the Real Madrid

  12. Kayaa says:

    Bit of grass. :D

    Ronaldo would never tattoo his body. Tattoo's are dirty, and thye'd ruin his godly body.

    But, I'd like to see a pair of devil wings tattooed on his back, or maybe not. :D

  13. SunnyK says:

    If the cracker-jack reporting of Perez Hilton is to be believed (bwaahahaha of course not), then it could be Kim Kardashian as he reported that they hooked up — yet again. I prefer to believe it's a tribute to the injured (boohoohoo) Kaka. OR, my own name starts with a "K" sooo… ;)

    • l says:

      perez is a gossiper but has come up with some true exclusives sometimes so you can't write this off as a lie 1005 yet. also kk's source denied it as a 'hookup' type of hookup and described them as just friends which she probably wouldn't do if she leaked the story directly to perez to get publicity.

      for someone who says he can't have female friends as the press link them together, his pick in woman who many of us think are just friends is pretty lousy – kim and paris – surely there has to be a book entitled 'the dummies guide to meeting & socializing with woman who aren't questionable & land you in all the gossip columns', it be a good way for him to pass the time on the flight back to europe ;)

      • l says:

        i mean 100%… not 1005!

      • MadridistaJenn says:

        That sounds like a book he should definitely read! Let's note the women he likes: Kim, Paris, Nereida, Irina. Common factor: if you Google them, you can find pictures of them in various states of undress.

        Cris is picking with his pecker and obviously not looking for a relationship. He would make a great male prostitute. If he wasn't so ridiculously good looking (curs'd those good looks), I wouldn't like him.

        • l says:

          the majority of playboys do end up growing out of it, the majority in some point in their 30′s. By my experience in one of two ways:

          1) they meet someone who isn’t easy and they have to work for for yrs and conform to a certain extent on their beliefs and routines (eg…waiting time to ‘bed’ someone, being told no and the woman not folding at a later date) so along the way they end up respecting and then falling for that woman.

          2) getting a taste of their own medicine and having a girl betray/screw them over and them not seeing it coming so they end up changing their ways and choice in woman so they don’t get hurt like that again (playboys are notarially hard to hurt as they purposely 95% of the time be with woman who they expect to get betrayed by so that can’t be shocked and hurt without putting the protective barriers up as such).

          some may think that ronaldo is more likely to settle quickly now so he can provide a stepmom for his son but imo that would be a bigger disaster then him going back to hopping around bedrooms as iof it is a bad marriage you can be paying for it for yrs after it has ended (in money, yrs of your life, psychological damage,etc..) plus ronaldo doesn’t come across as anyone who is ready for that commitment any time soon. Many here think irina is perfect but she is in a nut shell just a higher end version of his usual types of woman (and will all know how they end up stabbing him in the back once their relationship is over) and reading what i have about irina and the people who she associates herself with i can she her do the number (2) of the above on him (and probably a very messy divorce to boot). Ronaldo will eventually mature in that department but i don’t believe it will happen for 3-5 yrs yet, the fact that he’s had a child won’t or should change that (i just hope he’s learnt to be a little bit more careful for his own sake – could be an sti next time!)

          • toot says:

            Sometimes I think the love affair with Irina was a publicity stunt, yes she is beautiful, etc, but seeing the story of the boyfriend or stayers CR it does not fit very group, Kim has more to do, good newspapers gossip already published this story of him with Kim in Los Angeles, has a Portuguese newspaper which said it has pictures so we’ll wait to see if it’s true, maybe dating him with Irina has cooling, because it was seen as yet it in los Angeles, but that is very close to Madrid, or does he can not ride a helicopter, or boat or enjoy the pool at a luxury hotel with her because he wanted to train her not to go see him? today she said that does not want her name associated with the CR, but she forgot that people only want to know her because of it.

            • l says:

              you say that a paper has pic of this latest meeting – that makes things very interesting if true!

              ot, but i hate it when girls with curvier figures doing nudes is porn whilst thinner model types like irina doing the same is classified as art – just because a girl has more meat on her doesn't make trashy just as thin girls aren't necessary classy (a lot of the time quite the opposite) Those saying irina is classier apparently she is appearing nude/hardly clothed in kayne west new music video in a few hrs (though to be fair from the promo vids it looks amazing – just pop culture will never be high culture and full on nudity has no place in videos that will be shown at all times of the day most likely, woman can be clothed in outfits relevent to the music vids and still be as much a piece of art then w/o clothes – but i obviously more strict in my beliefs then some others), i'm just saying for someone 'respectable' i know far too much able what the girl looks like naked. i'm guessing ronaldo is more open minded then we give him credit for and doesn't mind the world knowing what his women look like naked as he's never to this date associated himself with someone who keeps that secret from the majority of the world. i wouldn't be thrilled if i was in his position but i've always been kind of closed minded to that type of thing – more power to him if he's open minded enough not to be.

              • toot says:

                I agree 100%, like the picture of topless Nereida did and turned the worst person in the world went to Irina nude in magazine campaigns, and he’s hot, that’s ridiculous is naked naked, people speak so that others were behind the fame and Money AL (which does not cease to be a lie), and says he does not need to Irina because she is a model, but the first thing she did as she was seen with CR was to increase how much she charge for campaign and event, and nobody speaks of it as the official always speaks to the media making a point of speaking where Ronaldo was in NY and was accompanied by Irina, if she tells tired of the paparazzi, because he always hinted to them, another thing that annoys me and that she speak the nonsense of it (marriage, engagement, etc.), and then come and say that everything was fake, but the first person who said she wanted to be married with Cristiano was her sister, (which seems more sensible and spoke to Irina take it easy) and we can not forget her friend Jessica White who published my twitter “coined” Cris at the beginning of the crown, and does not seem to be fake, she speaks then tries to fix the crap put the blame on others and everybody believes, now let’s see what she will talk when the CR then speak Irina know last night I go out with a girlfriend who I was and even kissing in April before going out with you in May, hopes the next chapters.

  14. Zinny says:

    I was half expecting Ronaldo to make an announcement about his "starfeesh" tattoo. That's what it looks like to me. I actually am suprised he isn't tatted. So many footballers have them nowadays.

    That is one lucky blade of grass. Sigh.

  15. tammyv says:

    I have been inches away from those biceps and touched Iker… Yes, this is a good week

    I will say that Cris is much bigger than I thought and much less skevey/greasy in person. Iker, Xabi and Sergio = perfection

  16. Cammie says:

    He love keeping people in Suspense…first the baby news.. the constant girlfriends changes, now a K mark…LOl!

  17. ASM says:

    K for KAKA huh? :o

  18. l says:


    case not closed (yet):

    pic one (with 'tatt') – taken 3rd aug (
    pic two (w/o 'tatt') – taken 30th july – could find exact photo but notice same little boy in boy shirt, checked shorts and navy flip flops to the right of both photos (

    anyway some of the media have different theories to the meaning behind this tatt – some are saying it's the japanese translation to the first letter(s) of irina's name ( aka doing a 'nereida' (please god, i hope cristiano isn't that stupid!), a K in honour of his friendship with kim K ( aka a repeat with one of the us's top 'who the hell made you so important in todays culture' (please god, i hope cristiano isn't that stupid!) or perhaps even a dedication to the new son who's name is Kristiano not Cristiano (clutching very bad straws)

    my theory – bbf kaka got a little magic marker happy in their hotel at breakfast earlier that morning – it would explain the whole thing ;)