April 5th, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo: Tourism Titan?

Lately, when it comes to Cristiano Ronaldo, we feel like we’ve been watching the longest episode of Punk’d ever made. We’ve never wanted to mase Ashton Kutcher as bad as we do now.

Low and behold the latest rancid rose to be shat from Ronaldo’s blingtastic bowels: a luxury hotel and golf course bearing his name.  Just last week, Gucci’s primary source of revenue went to Porto Santo, Portugal (via private jet, natch) to check up on his minions and see how lavishly they’ve been spending his initial €50 – 70 million island investment. On his way out, he grabbed a bag of sand to take back home to Madrid, since local folklore insists that sand has superior, shiny black suit healing powers.

So, Kickettes, if we get a good group travel rate and throw in free furry handcuffs for all, are you for or against crashing the CR7 hotel’s opening night party with us?

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34 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo: Tourism Titan?”

  1. ashlee aveika says:


  2. Mariella says:

    Will he be there? And will he leave the design of the hotel (and the name) to someone with a better taste? I'll be there!

  3. Liz says:

    I heard it will be named after him before Kickette posted this article. That is just what I heard.

    Hilton hotels started in 1919 by Conrad Hilton and we wasn't a celeb/actor/athlete. His sole thing was hotels.

  4. naylovee says:

    I feel as if he is way too greedy. Cris really?!?!

  5. mamaly says:

    Please CR, concentrate on your son and your game!!

  6. Elisa says:

    While naming the hotel after himself might not be the best idea, the fact that he's actually investing his money in something that is potentially lucrative over the long-term is good. I mean, football isn't going to last forever, and the amount of money he seems to go through (if his wardrobe and car collection are any indication) seems to indicate that he might have to find some other way of raking it in once he retires.

    • @DebStimson says:

      I do have to wonder how much of his wardrobe, etc. he gets comped. Surely Gucci gets great advertising when Cris wears their stuff and might see it as a good "investment" to give him some of their stuff. I'm sure it's similar to what Audi does by giving the guys cars each year…advertising.

  7. canada says:

    There's no way he has that kind of money on his own (in spite of his overblown salary) to invest in a hotel. There are obviously other financial partners.

  8. Thea says:

    It could go either way – Maderia is a classy isalnd but for the older and wealthy……so this island needs to be in that vain but little extras to ensure that it works out, in this economic climate it goes either way!

  9. woohoo says:

    when he is wearing in this photo is actually decent.

  10. Agnes Wonka says:

    I'm for crashing the party with you kickettes! count on me!

  11. LuvinBale says:

    I have to say I wouldn't because I just found out from a friend that ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC lives in Malmo Sweden. He has a house o the water and I plan on stalking him when I ma there in May/June for work.
    Sorry Crissy but my love must go to real men- Zlatan, Vidic, Marco B and of course throw Bale in for good measure.

  12. balicious says:

    I've been in Porto Santo a few times. Well, if it is true that he is embarking on a 7-star hotel (7 !!!!!!), so that the project is successful and helps the tourism of Portugal!

    • Raincitygirl says:

      Portugal's in a very bad situation economically right now, so any investment that will create jobs has to be a good thing.

      Mind you, I highly doubt he's putting up that whole 50 – 70 million Euros himself. I suspect he has some silent backers who will use his celebrity to bring positive publicity to the project.

  13. Lulu says:

    I make up excuses about how I don't find him attractive, but I'm just kidding myself hahaa.

  14. Sarah, Madrid says:

    What more can I say, he is richy-rich of football, his own resort, wow! Must admire him :) , but still I dont get this whole covering in Gucci look.
    Y yaaaa lo veeez! ya lo veeez!!! el que no salte es un Ingles!!!
    yaaaa lo veeez! ya lo veeez el que no salte es un Ingles!!!
    Aguante Madrid! a por los Ingleses HOY!!!
    Hard luck tottenham tho :( , I really wanted to them to do something in the game, VDV looking angry was hot to be honest, Crouch why did you do that.

  15. Gabs says:

    Kickette you've got all the good ideas as usual…unlike CR. I absolutely love him in that suit, I don't even care is shiny.

  16. trololo says:

    As long as he has nothing to do with design of hotel – its all good.

  17. ayyyy says:

    yes it is true but of course he won`t invest so much money in such a project
    he is too unexperienced on this field
    he met with Demirören…..the president of Besiktas Istanbul…they want to cooperate

    besides real madrid 4- 0 tottenham :O
    i am a barca fan but wow great game guys
    spurs waas sooooo disappointing…..UNFORTUNATELY

  18. Rory says:

    I'm in, I'll crash anywhere he is!

  19. Liz says:

    One thing to own a hotel(s) but another to name it after yourself. Look how he dresses and his home decor. I bet this hotel will have some of his horrible taste in it. I say no.

    • Cara says:

      He hasnt named it after himself :/ Its not even built yet. It in the planning stage at the moment.

      Kickette were using his nickname to describe his party for his hotel, not his hotel name

    • Jo_ says:

      It's worked for the Hiltons. A rather common practice in the hotel industry, actually.

  20. Rainbow says:

    He's like a blinged up version of Donald Trump:

    So far he owns his own clothing line – check – golf course – check – next: pet clothing line and make up range.

  21. mochara says:

    Ain't no bag of sand gonna heal that boy……

    • NinaNoir says:

      True in many senses;) although maybe the magic of the sand only applies to physical problems; he did manage to play yesterday despite the injuries…

  22. eeraaa says:

    Totally for. I need a place to recover after Shak and Pique decided to go public. I suspect there will be alcohol? My memory needs to erase the image of the two sitting in the sunset looking absolutely fantastic and in love. Ronaldo has those capabilities and resources. :)

  23. chefdi says:

    I love Kickette's wordsmithing also, always!!

    Yeah. I'll go. ;-)

  24. Gladys says:

    He's got one of those faces where you don't know whether to punch it or kiss it…or both.

  25. annie says:

    He has this look ''What? am i not awesome?!''