September 28th, 2006

cristiano goes shopping

Cristiano Ronaldo = we like.
Louis Vuitton = we love.
Put them together and it’s a good day.

His sidekick in the background = we do not know, we do not care to speculate.

Sidekick has his own admirers, however: Cristiano Out For A Little Shopping

Link: Cristiano Ronaldo Likes His Jeans Tight

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8 Responses to “cristiano goes shopping”

  1. angela Powell says:

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  2. I've been trying to find out a little more about this kind of stuff, thanks for sharing

  3. now of course i know that going shopping is basically what I can do these days. I know for sure that things will be so alright.

  4. gema says:

    that's good go hear.. Even if he goes to shopping online and offline, I am sure things will always be the same. He's just so popular.
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  5. irishchik says:

    Hey friends across the pond…love your site.  Great for those of us who don’t get alot of information about footballers…and lets face it, your footballers are far more facinating than our footballers….else why would Becks be so popular here?

    Just wanted to mention…the fella in the picture with Cristiano looks like a realtive.  My first thought before reading the post about his ambiguity was, “This guy looks like a relative…brother, cousin…etc.“

    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  6. mia says:

    that guy behind him is his cousin nuno, no need to wory!

  7. Anonymous says:

    i cant believe cristiano’s going out with gemma yuck he’s so fit and shes just a dirty slut.