December 24th, 2008

2008 Flashback: WAG Debuts and Debate


April was a very busy month for both WAG and baller shenanigans, and the Kickette army was out in full force making their opinions heard as well:

Romance hit a bit of a rough patch. Ashley Cole admitted that he cheated on Cheryl Cole, and Whatsherface made her official public debut with Cristiano Ronaldo. Her sparkling diamond “C7” earrings twinkled in our nightmares for months to come.  This post also sparked a brilliantly entertaining fantasy wedding discussion in the comments section that we’ve never forgotten;

We watched Coleen Rooney take her 40th vacation of the year, debated the sizzle factor of Phillipe Senderos and our obsession with Carly Zucker’s hair continued;

Alex Gerrard spent the day at Aintree fully bouffed, ruffled and ready for action – inspired, we broke down the WAG way to stylize at the races;

We never did find out what caused that interesting bruise on Elen Rives’s face, nor what gave Michael Ballack such a heightened reaction on the pitch;

Style-wise, Victoria Beckham’s Marc Jacob adverts gave us the hump, Man Utd had a night out doing the denim and trainer combo we all know and love; Chelsea also did the same but added some leather to the mix;

We discussed the popularity of footie slash fiction on the internet and learned how many of our readers had a secondary team they supported; and

We were thrilled to have the fabulous ladies of Go Fug Yourself exclusively guest post their fashion analysis on Abbey Clancy, Alex Gerrard and Elen Rives with hilarious results.

Side note: All this reminiscing is making us rather emotional, Kickettes. We have truly had a wonderful year with all of you and we can’t wait to do it again in 2009. Thank you for being such a wonderful audience and for all your support this year!

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14 Responses to “2008 Flashback: WAG Debuts and Debate”

  1. Becca says:

    Its been a good year, i’d say?
    Cristiano aside obviously.. at least there not together any more.
    i miss the old days too :’( .. when we were all together .. come back everyone !

  2. FootballerChick43 - says:

    I still adore that Michael Ballack pic. Absolutely. Its in my top five faves of him. I mean, really – ignore the nipples and look at those abs! *Dies a little bit*Next up is May – my birthday month :) Yayzers.

  3. lose that girl says:

    So glad to see the back of Whoreida. Thank you, Cris! At least the year was very entertaining! Hopefully 2009 can surpass it!lose that girl blog

  4. Steven Chen says:

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  5. Moonie says:

    The Sendy post was definitely my fav this year – and incase it wasn't obvious at the time, I deinitely vote hottie!! lol Happy Christmas all xx

  6. Genevieve Gourcuff says:

    Wow! Was all this in April? Aww feels like yesterday! Except for Whoreida… it feels like she's been inflicting her slag-ness on us since foreeevveeerrr…. I still think that her and CRon look like siblings in that pic too

  7. The Fourth Official says:

    Revisiting the c9 wedding thread made me cry tears of laughter just reading it all over again. John O'Shea jailed for biting Ricky Martin's ass!!! Owen Hargreaves in the stairwell with no pants on!!!! ROFLMFAO!!!! I miss those days – when we all posted here together, and not on our separate club threads, and we were all friends.

  8. c9 says:

    Aaahhhh! I jump on to the main page to find that utterly horrible pic of my beloved Cris and Whoreida! But then again the great gods/godesses of kickette redeemed themselves by mentioning that there was a fabulously entertaining fantasy wedding to follow! I bow to your superior authoritiveness??!!!! I plan to PM a few of my beloved ladies later in the day or night (pacific time of course). It has been a fabtastic year and I'm praying that the new one will start off better for me :) Many thanks kickette for the daily smiles and drewl filled articles!! ;-)

  9. carly says:

    Oh thank You Kickette! Ah that was a memorable month, Aintree was probably the highlight of all WAG discussion, I'll truly never forget that. And c9's wedding a night to remember. It's Kickette history.

  10. carly says:

    Oh thank You Kickette! Ah that was a memorable month, Aintree was probably the highlight of all WAG discussion, I'll truly never forget that. And c9's wedding a night to remember. It's Kickette history.

  11. hottie says:

    he is so sexy i love him even though i dont like manu hehe she is pretty to very sexy looking they make a good couple :)

  12. Nelly says:

    Spotted: Cristiano and Whoreida! Boy do I remember this! It was the biggest WTF Cristiano made, in my opinion anyway. Thank God he realized how absolutely wrong she was. Poor girl, her fifteen minutes ended sooner than she thought. Oh well.

  13. mrs jt ;) says:

    I miss those days too TFO!
    Cant wait for next year :) have a good christmas everyone! ly all xx

  14. Avenath says:

    OMG!…that Ballack pix still scares me…TFO, you’re so right…wish it was like before…it was an absolute riot having everyone around…