July 23rd, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo: The UVA Saga Continues


images courtesy of Splash News/KEYSTONE Press

It’s a vitamin D deficiency. That’s the only reason we can come up with for the amount of time Cristiano Ronaldo is spending in the sun.

You’ll be glad to know, he did take a moment out of the Los Angeles tanning/ nightclubbing/ fending off females in short skirts schedule to stop off at Ed Hardy to do a bit of shopping.  Then it was straight back to the pool with the latest gal-of-the-moment.  Does this look like Letizia to you, Kickettes?

Nereida, meanwhile is still working on her happy dance in the land of denial, though the routine is starting to get a tad stale. Here’s her latest take on their “relationship”:

She reportedly told a pal, “I’ve believed my man when he said he was being faithful – but these pictures look like he is a rat. He has some explaining to do.“  A source close to the model told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, “If she texts him to ask what is going on, he texts back saying not to worry. “But when she tries to call him he doesn’t pick up the phone. She knows he’s ignoring it – it just makes her more furious.“

Nereida, dear?  It’s time to put the mobile phone down and start scanning the employment ads in the local paper.  Unless you were clever enough to make a sex tape, it’s back to the unfortunate world of working for a living.  And by working, we mean skeezing.

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33 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo: The UVA Saga Continues”

  1. mistresschristina says:

    That does not look like that Letizia girl. Ugh I feel like I've seen her before (in the she's a wannabe model-actress type here in America) Frick. This is going to bother me all day. However it may be her, The Sun reported that they are "really good friends" and that she was making her way to LA soon. Ugh. I love C-Ron, but I'm ready for him to start playing FOOTBALL again, so I can stop reading stories that make me want to punch him.

  2. Bwin says:

    She’s very beautifull lady…

  3. betclic says:

    Cristiano is a very lucky guy !

  4. Michael says:

    All I can say about Nereida is WOW!!

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  5. OLIVIA says:

    just leave Cristiano alone!!!!!!!
    he can be gorgeous alone
    …that way no ones heart gets broken!!!!!1

  6. annom says:

    she is a wannabe actress/model. just like horeida slutardo aka netreida galardo. check out the pictures of her on thesun.co.uk.
    the newspaper website. she looks horrible.lots of plastic surgery.and she looks really old as well.
    she ain’t pretty at all.

  7. Man you don’t know what you got till its gone! wow how could you not wanna be with dat all day and night1! wow!

  8. Lili says:

    Cris looks horrible :( grh

  9. fireitup says:

    She looks a lot the same, but it could just be a different girl… either way, at least C-Ron is finally dating close to his same level of hottness. She is, in my opinion, the prettiest girl he’s been seen with, like, ever.

  10. tammyv says:

    ok got my skanks mixed-up but it still holds true

  11. TammyV says:

    I've believed my man when he said he was being faithful – but these pictures look like he is a rat.

    ummm… SUPPOSEDLY he has been your man for a week, of which he has spent it all in LA and um, you met when he was with his last girlfriend.  LADIES AGAIN – IF HE WILL DO IT WITH YOU, HE WILL DO IT TOO YOU!

  12. With someone as pretty as Cris, it will always end in tears for the girls he dates. Whoreida…clutching on for dear life is just pathetic. Go find another meal ticket. Desperation is not attractive. Ugh.

  13. Well he sure has traded up!!

    It’s really starting to make me cringe, these comments from Whatserface. Come on girl, grasp hold of that last tiny bit of dignity and, oh who am I kidding? Go shag his team mates!!!

  14. Vlada says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwww.  Can we have a break from posts about him?  I need some time to erase the image of him in those silver short shorts and that radioactive tan.

  15. Loooooseeeeee – jou got some ‘splainin’ to dooooo!!!!

    (Sorry, I’m old enough to remember Ricky and Lucy.)

    I’m not sure if that is the new model girlfriend, but she sure is purty.  So is he, actually.

  16. Becca x says:

    She’ll understand one day.


  17. Kiki says:

    Hiii girls!!

    Long time I didn’t write here! so…

    1) OMFG! Cris is soooooo tanned! Crispy!

    2) Nereida alread moved on…go to the Daily Mail..there’s pictures of her KISSING ANOTHER GUY.

    3) I don’t think this is Letizia…I DO think that this is Joana Freitas….a portuguese model who said recentely that if CR would like to meet her that she would love it as well…

    PICTURES of her…she’s pretty…

    ( She’s the one with the yellow shirt)




  18. HoneyBee says:

    Brandy,all others this is her!Definitely few levels above you know who.And at least she doesn’t seem to have any inflatable parts.But she does look a little bit trashy in these pictures-in my link.But Ronaldo likes them that way.TFO are you starting another betting game(how long will Letizia last-probably not very long)?I think Letizia will have no problems finding him in the room-just follow the orange light.


    OMG-this one almost made me loose my lunch-yuck!

  19. ibra honey says:

    she is beautiful but the age difference is so huge. Seven years! they’ll never make it work. or they could make it work for a while until he sees someone hotter.

    keyword: else28. i’m sure someone else will be coming along soon enough.

  20. Johnna says:

    Nghhhh that first picture of Letizia is just beautiful. Mmmmph mmph mmmmph.

    LOL @ Nereida. Hopefully you saved some of the money/gifts he gave you to tide you over until you get another job. Or until you start shagging Nani.

  21. brandy says:

    OMG I don’t know who she is but she is HOT. I am totally hetero but damn she is HOT HOT HOT!
    Does Nereida seriously believe that she and Cristiano are still in a relationship? I mean seriously?! And referring her to as “the model” is truly and extremely generous at the least!

  22. Tres Bien says:

    Haha, all I know is that he wasn’t with any of these girls at night.

  23. autumnmaple101 says:

    Wow that woman looks absolutely stunning compared to Nereida.

  24. cristina_juve says:

    haha AJ–yes, mystery woman is much prettier.

  25. Nelly says:

    I completey agree with u MC. I began to like Crisitiano for his footballer skills and can't wait for him to get back on the pitch so that he can get his attention back to footie and off those gold-digging whores. Not a suprise though. At least Whatsherface is getting the message that its over for her.

  26. LoveLamps says:

    Since being a waitress is considered being a model. Evil Elen is always referred to as a model, but she was a flight attendant and waitress and that's about it. HATE HER! Ok, this is about C-Ron. Let me just say kudos to him for shopping at Ed Hardy!

  27. AJ says:

    Whoever that woman is, she is stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. Makes Whoreida look like a neglected step-child fed only scraps of fat, pork rinds and cheesecake. ;) I know she’s not fat but I couldn’t come with a joke for that busted face of hers. :)

  28. Pau de Silva (aka Sambu) says:

    “A source close to the model” WTF? model? since when stripping is consider modeling!??

  29. Princess A says:

    She reminds me of like a darker version of Holly Valance

  30. Pau de Silva (aka Sambu) says:

    “A source close to the model” WTF? model? since when stripping is consider modeling!??

  31. Princess A says:

    She reminds me of like a darker version of Holly Valance

  32. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Meh. I don’t even know what to say anymore.