November 18th, 2009

Crowned: The Five Sexiest Spanish Footballers

Iker Casillas for GQ EspanaA few weeks ago, Don Balon named their top five hottest Spaniards – an effort we wholeheartedly support.

Votes were cast by female journalists and other members of sport media, and the winner’s list is to be expected:

nummy with a side of hotsauce.

Iker Casillas took their top spot as “superguapo”; the other selects are included after the jump for your perusal.

Our choices for an all Spanish F5 won’t come as much of a surprise for long-time readers.

We’d go for Iker Casillas, Aitor Ocio, Cesc Fabregas, Miguel Torres and Xabi Alonso, with Nando as our runner up in case any of the boys couldn’t fulfill their duties.

You know we have to ask: Who would be in your Finest Five Sexiest Spanish Players list?

Don Balon Winners

1. Iker Casillas
Baby Iker. He's still got it.Baby fat is non-discriminatory in its selection of victims, no? Still, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why he was chosen as goalkeeper for the academy team. Bless.

It also doesn’t take a genius to understand why we need to ask for this photo – and the muscle shirt it contains – to be burned. And then re-lit on fire and burned again.

2. Gerard Pique
Young and needed the money?Our wild imaginations have led us to believe this picture was captured when Gerard’s cash-flow was a bit strapped. He must show more diversity, though, if he plans to leverage his modeling career to crack these hot hombres lists. Why not try the shorts-less look once in awhile? Shake it up a bit, GP!

3. Aitor Ocio
Velour is not a man's best friendIn his previous life, he was PETA’s worst enemy. We tried to find some shots of Aitor in his early years pre-hiccup stopping abs, but lost interest after looking at photos of his hiccup stopping abs.

4. Miguel Torres
Migi youngin' His Juvederm lips were intact from a young age, which is rather impressive. And although Miguel may have experienced an awkward mullet period and could even claim a stake in the all-time worst football haircuts list, he’s certainly worked his way to a level of slickster status that we approve of.

5. Miguel Moya
Miguel Moya Interestingly, there are no remotely embarassing nor unattractive photos around of Mr. Moya. That must be because he has some sort of contract with the Gods of Good Looks. Perhaps he has given up the ability to experience love in exchange for the deal. Whatever. Not our problem. He’s hot. Particularly when in camo.

Thanks KD!

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92 Responses to “Crowned: The Five Sexiest Spanish Footballers”

  1. Diana says:

    fernando torres is the hottest guy not just the hottest spanish guy I luv him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. blah_blah says:

    Hmm, I like all of them! They're all so cwute :) I'm honestly not fussy and I'll take all of them :D My top 'baller would have to be Davheed though :) but the whole team comes at a close second, a VERY close second ;) favourites: Pique, Ramos, Iker, Albiol, Cesc, Xabi, Torres? And of course the 'Bitch Baron' David Villa. ooo and Pepe, aww darn it… here we go again…

  3. Dona says:

    1. David Silva
    2.Fernando Morientes
    4.Fernando Torres
    5.David Silva once again:):):)

  4. KATE says:

    the 1st two are are gorgeous ie iker and pique .
    but the last three WHATTHEFUCK are the kickettetes on….you girls have been smoking crack again if you think miguel and moya are hot!!

    NO.NO .NO drop your crack pipes kickettes and wipe the mist from your eyes

    1.gerard pique


    3. victor valdes

    4. fernanddo torres

  5. Senorita Iniesta says:

    Who the hell is "Miguel Moya"?

    And what has happened to the minds of these deranged (sorry) journalists?

    - Iker


    - Sergio

    - Fernando

    - David Silva

  6. Lynn says:

    My top 5 sexiest spanish players:

    2. Fernando Torres
    3. Cesc Fabregas
    4.Iker Casillas
    5. Bojan Krkic

  7. deschanell says:

    Um, hello??
    1.David Villa
    2.David Villa
    3.David Villa
    4. —”—
    5. —”—


  8. titi says:

    My top 5 is:

    1. Iker Casillas

    2. Gerard Pique

    3. David Villa

    4. Cesc fabregas

    5. Xabi Alonso

  9. Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

    Raul, Pique, Miguel Ramos, Javi Garcia, Xabi Alonso but only when shirtless.

    That’s no particular order.

  10. oH God ! says:

    In fact unfair to nominate 5 players from among the hundreds, Spain have the most beautiful players of the world.

    We now, choose from a narrow perspective, but think about it there are actually many names on the list .

    Where Torres? Villa? Albiol? Cesc? Vicente? And much much more

  11. Kicki says:

    Seriously, what do you have against the hotness that is Fernando Torres? Not even on THE SPANISH hot five? Ridiculous …

  12. Bex says:

    1. Raúl

    2. Iker Casillas

    3. Miguel Torres

    4. Sergio Ramos

    5. Cesc

  13. z says:

    you’re so weird!!! where is Fernando Torres?????

  14. Mel says:

    There are too many hot Spanish players, to make such a short list!! I feel so bad having to eliminate someone.

    Perhaps there could be a list for hottest NT :D

    Mine is:

    1. Spain

    2. Spain

    3. Spain

    4. Spain

    5. England

  15. nanot says:

    Miguel Torres number one

  16. Lolinha says:

    The competition was for all footballers not just the Spaniards. They basically just eliminated all foreigners… If you looks at the shortlists Kaká and Becks were mentioned as well as Cris, Totti, Freddie…

    I’m just saying this to highlight the fact that Iker wiped the floor with all nationalities. :) Hee.

  17. luga says:



    3-david villa

    4-mikel arteta


  18. marianna-torres-fern says:

    1.Fernando Torres(the ONE AND ONLY Spanish gooood!)

    2.Cesc Fabregas(perfect smile,hair,face….OMG!)

    3.Sergio Ramos(you don't include him…why?HOT)

    4.Iker Casillas(no comments!yeah,he's just SEXY.nothing else:P)

    5.Bojan Krkic(he's new….and not bad-you have to admit!)

    OK,it was difficult to choose,I'm really into the Spanish guys,but I think Xabi Alonso ICY.I think even Xavi is better!

  19. sounderslove says:

    wow this is hard.
    1. Iker
    1. Cesc – I just can’t give him 2nd. But I can’t give Iker 2nd either.
    3. Fernando
    4. Xabi (without beard, otherwise Navas?)
    5. Villa or Pique
    Okay I cheated and put more than 5. They’re all sexy.

  20. Jen says:

    1. Pepe Reina

    2. Xabi Alonso

    3. Iker

    4. Cesc

    5. Raul!

  21. olivia duffy says:

    1)Fernando Torres

    2)David Villa

    3) Xabi Alonso

    4)Cesc Fabregas

    5)Sergio Ramos.

    it really is that simple

  22. GinaVillamelon says:

    Ok, this is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I can barely cut the list down to 15, never mind 5! Aaaanyway, it's currently:

    1 – Vicente Rodriguez

    2 – David Villa

    3 – Raul Albiol

    4 – David Albelda

    5 – Jordi Alba

    Yes, that's basically half the Valencia squad. No, I refuse to rethink it. Yes, I am a little obsessed. But hey, that's my team, I'm sticking to it.

  23. NinyaC says:

    There’s so many it’s impossible to only choose 5! Ok so my personal preference:

    1. Pique
    2. Cesc
    3. Xabi Alonso
    4. David Villa
    5. David Silva

  24. Nikki says:

    1.FERNANDO !!! ( how is he not on the list ! He is the cutest and sweetest and sexiest thing ! )

    2. Xabi Alonso


    4.David Villa

    5.Aitor Ocio

  25. Kile says:

    1. pique

    2. cesc

    3. raul

    4. pep guardiola. oh, yeah.

    5. iker

    in no particular order.

  26. naranroja says:

    Yes Villa!

  27. me says:

    ok torres is attractive, but no more than that.

    1. david villa
    2. san iker
    3. fabregas
    4. silva
    5. raul albiol

  28. me says:

    1. VILLA
    2. VILLA
    3. VILLA
    4. VILLA
    5. VILLA

  29. LoveLamps says:

    Hmmm. Here's my list in dramatic countdown style:

    5 – GUTI!

    4 – David Villa

    3 -THE RAMOS!

    2 – Iker Casillas

    And doing sexy Spanish style better than anyone for all these years –

    1 – RAUL!

    Side note:

    My mum is here and her first reaction: "Cristiano Ronaldo!" I reminded her Ronaldo was Portuguese. Her response: "well he plays for a Spanish team." I have created a monster.

    • NinyaC says:

      I wish my mom would also talk about football.

      • Mila says:

        I talk to my mum about football. She loves international matches and I have actually got her supporting Spain with me. (My country does not play football.) But if I spoke to her about footballers she would smack me on the head!

        The funny thing is I support Spain because of my decade long crush on Iker Casillas. But she doesn't know that! :D

        • liesjuhh says:

          That’s so funny! I also started supporting spain because of Iker. And then I loved the rest of the team also.

  30. Avenath says:

    Geez, only 5?!…tough one, Kickette…anyhoo, here’s my list…

    1. Fernando Torres
    2. Iker Casillas
    3. Xabi Alonso
    4. David Villa
    5. Bojan Krkic

  31. Why such injustice Kickette? Why is Nando never in your top five?

    Anyway, my top five would be-

    1) Fernando Torres
    2) David Villa
    3) Iker Casillas
    4) Juan Mata
    5) Cesc Fabregas

    Xavi Hernandez and Xabi Alonso would have to be the replacements.

  32. Trisha says:

    My Fab Five would be;

    1. Iker
    2. David Villa
    3. The Ramos
    4. Raul
    5. Guti

    Oh, Iker baby, you make me tongue tied!!!You are such a man and i loved the way you comforted the Ramos when he was given a red card.

    Villa, you are also sexy as hell!!!

  33. Lilly says:

    1) IKER!!!
    3)The Ramos
    4)Victor Valdez
    fellow kickettes, we’re in for dark times.y u ask?I watched the U-20 Spnaish team worldcup and they are NTH like the current team.
    but it’s not the end of the world because the U-17 team is promising :D

  34. Zo.acm says:

    Fernando Torres! And then some more.

    But if I HAD to pick….

    Fernando Torres :P

    Victor Valdes

    Xabi Alonso

    Raul Albiol

    Ruben de la Red

    There are just so many options in the Spanish NT! I don't think this list would be half as tough with other teams….

  35. Carrie says:

    1. Iker Casillas

    2. Raul Gonzalez

    3. Fernando Torres

    4. Guti

    5. Sergio Ramos

  36. Katania says:

    you may punch me but i like what you call worse hair style of Miguel :D

    anyway your list rocks… eventhough mine would look like this

    1. Miguel Torres

    2. Adrian Gonzales

    3. Miguel Moya

    4. Xavier Torres

    5. Aitor Ocio

  37. bubbly_cheryl says:

    1) pique

    2) miguel torres

    3) fabregas

    4) nando

    5) the ramos!

  38. truth says:

    1. Raul. Especially when announcers pronounce his name like "growl". Rowl. Mmmm.

    2. David Villa

    3. Iker Casillas

    4. Sergio Ramos

    5. Fernando Torres, though he is still a bit boyish for my taste. More cute than hot.

  39. Mila says:

    1. Iker Casillas

    2. David Villa

    3. Cristiano Ronaldo (though I would get him tested for everything before jumping him!)

    4. Xavi Alonso

    5. Roque Santa Cruz

  40. Julia says:

    1. Nando
    2. Ramos
    3. Iker
    4. Miguel
    5. Cesc

    Over and out :)

  41. mrs aaron ramsey ('pool fan) says:

    my initial choice would be fernando torres,fernando torres,fernando torres,fernando torres,fernando torres

    but after some tweaking
    1.fernando torres
    2. villa
    3. silva
    4. ramos

  42. Mari says:

    this is great journalism,

    1. iker casillas.

    2. xabi alonso.

    3. miguel torres.

    4. cesc fabregas.

    5. pique.

    runner-up is raul albiol. slash sergio ramos. GOD.

    this is a seriously hard list to make. their squad has so much depth.

  43. Laura says:

    1. the Ramos – You can’t argue with sheer sex in long-haired, green-panted, yellow-carded, glistening hip-dipping form.
    2. Pique – It’s the scruffy + goofy thing.
    3. Cesc – Even while dressed up like a bunny…
    4. Nando – We’re declining into adorableness.
    5. I originally thought Iker, but I may give it to Jesus Navas for the eyes.

  44. Winnie says:

    1. Sergio Ramos

    2. Miguel Torres

    3. Iker Casillas

    4. Cesc Fabregas

    5. Victor Valdes

  45. s. says:

    1. Sergio Ramos
    2. Iker Casillas
    3. Cesc Fabregas
    4. Fernando Torres
    5. Miguel Torres

  46. ba says:

    Don Ballon winners huum…it woudn't my choice

    My list would be:


    2. Pique

    3. Xabi Alonso

    4. Iker

    5. Cesc

    Observation: i really don't understand why you find sexiness in Ramos…i don't find yet O.o

  47. three_lions_are_cute says:

    1. Xabi

    2. Nando

    3. Cesc

    4. Iker

    5. The Ramos

  48. Inés says:

    1- Cesc Fabregas

    2- David Villa

    3- Fernando Torres

    4- Iker Casillas -my sister's favourite-

    5- Xavi Alonso -my eldest sister's favourite-

  49. Liz says:

    1. Miguel Torres


    2. Sergio Ramos

    3. Iker Casillas

    4. Gerard Pique

    5. Cesc Fabregas

    God bless you Spain!

  50. Suzie says:

    with pepe reina as reserve (his arms make me swoon)

  51. Amy says:

    iker needs to get rid of the beard but he is still beautiful
    i dont no what my order would be but i think these spanish players are hot fabregas, david silva, david villa, fernando torres, pique, guti, iker, navas, miguel torres, albiol, raul, sergio asenjo, sergio ramos, valdes, alonso, & xavi thats not in order by the way.

  52. KateAlonso says:

    1. Xabi Alonso

    2. Fernando Torres

    3. Cesc Fabregas

    4. Iker Casillas

    5. David Villa

  53. Michele says:


  54. Dii says:

    Oh, little Iker is too cute. ;)

    My list would be:
    1. Fernando Torres (loyal Nando fan <3)
    2. Cesc Fabregas
    3. David Villa
    4. Iker Casillas
    5. Xabi Alonso

  55. debbie says:

    Mikel Arteta all the way!!!!! How has nobody mentioned him yet?!

  56. Sami says:

    Ha, a list of only five? That's torture but I can do it.

    1. Sergio Ramos

    2. Bojan Krkic (doesn't he count?)

    3. Cesc Fabregas

    4. Alvaro Negredo

    5. Esteban Granero

  57. Dutch says:

    Ohhh hell nah kickette you did not just leave my boo Nando out of the top 5 again did ya…what will it take for my boo to b in the top 5 ;-( but i feel ya pain gurl too many hot spanish ballers to choose from, i guess you cant satisfy everyone

    btw great list apart frm pique…he needs to be replaced with nando ha ;-)

  58. Sara says:

    Mine top5 Sexiest Spanish Players

    1. Guti <3
    2. Miguel Torres
    3. Sergio Ramos
    4. Iker Casillas
    5. Aitor Ocio / Fernando Torres

  59. Mrs Lampard says:

    cesc, cesc, cesc, cesc and… let me think… cesc! hope frankie doesn't read this. if you do, then, honey, you should i was just playing with these nice girls from kickette and then all of a sudden they told me to write this post or else they will hurt me. do you want them to hurt me, darling? didn't think so.

  60. tonii says:

    come on, no nando in this list?

  61. jasmine says:

    wheres xabi?

  62. Kat says:

    1. Cesc

    2. Valdes

    3. Nando

    4. Iker

    5. Iniesta (I don't know why but I find him sexy…)

  63. Sam says:

    pique? errr… no

  64. Sam says:

    no way! shud be…

    1 fernanado torres

    2 cesc fabregas

    3 iker casillas

    4 miguel torres

    5 sergio ramos

    y exlude nando agennn??? cesc needs more credit i think…

    and sergio is not to be seen???

  65. Teamtoto says:

    You know kickette, i'm not liking this. I feel like you're excluding nando from a lot of things :( i know he's runner up but that's just not good enough anymore. No F5 now this… *sniff sniff* :P

    Also, i rate you should have a baby spanish baller's list. including people like *cough cough* Bojan Krkic *cough cough* just saying :P

    • Bella, we do adore Nando and acknowledge he has been somewhat neglected… we love him, but just prefer the other boys more. And he was our first choice for the Elite XI… xo

      • Teamtoto says:

        haha, i forgot about the elite XI! :P ok…i guess i’ll get over this. :D with chocolate and ice cream :)

  66. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    1. Nando

    2. Xabi

    3. Iker

    4. Cesc

    5. Pique

    Their list is just wrong.

  67. Lola says:

    I'm sorry but how does a list of hot Spanish footballers exist without ramos or torres? It really is a sin

  68. HiL says:

    1. Pique

    2. Iker

    3. Alonso

    4. Raul

    5. Cesc

    HAHA Young Miguel and Iker, loved it!

  69. Anya says:

    My Top 5:

    1. Sergio Ramos

    2. Sergio Ramos

    3. Sergio Ramos

    4. Sergio Ramos

    5. Sergio Ramos

  70. Azezah says:

    what they didnt give the award to xabi?? I made a slight mistake of reading kickeet list as their list and was so so happy.

    These Don Balon people needs to know what handsomeness is. I am mad now.

  71. Lana says:

    1) Iker

    2) Xabi Alonso

    3) Villa

    4) Cesc

    5) Pique

  72. SweetVito says:

    1. Iker Casillas, hands down (lol, the link to the 'muscle shirt' says he was going to marry a geologist in 2008, no?)

    2. Miguel Torres

    3. Cesc Fabregas

    4. Miguel Moya

    5. Aitor Ocio

  73. ChloeRH1 says:

    Ooh..spain is such an attractive nation,spoilt for choice!

    1)Iker Casillas

    2)Gerard Pique

    3)Raul Gonzalez

    4)David Villa

    and last but definately not least..

    5)Javi Navarro.