February 19th, 2008

Cruz Beckham Can Breakdance

Cruz Beckham turns three tomorrow and it looks like he’s ready to start gainful employment.  At a recent Spice Girls’ show in New York, Cruz broke from the pack of other Spice-kids and started getting his electric boogaloo on.

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Shame Victoria and the Spice Girls have canceled the rest of their tour, as he would come in handy as a backup dancer who you could pay off quite affordably in Dora the Explorer or Diego merchandise.

Who knew?  We did hear something the other day about Cruz doing some moves at a party/event with Victoria, but without evidence we found it hard to believe.  Thank goodness he brought ‘the skillz’ in front of an audience of video phones, albeit shaky ones.  Click through below to watch the vid.

Side note: who taught L’il C how to breakdance, Victoria or David? The mind boggles at either possibility.  Also, we love this kid.

YouTube Preview Image

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17 Responses to “Cruz Beckham Can Breakdance”

  1. Ada says:

    Hehe look at the little guy boggie! He’s fantastic. I would have loved to be there or at any of their concerts, I tried to buy tickets before but they had sold old. And now they have stopped touring?  Girl power forever!

  2. This is so cute! But it’s wrong!!! I know that every mother wants to show off her kid but do it at a family party or at a coffee with neighbors not in the middle of a concert! The noise there is sometimes insupportable for me and I think I’ve got my ears used with any kind of noise.

  3. Becca x says:

    What A Cutie!!
    Happy Birthday For Wednesday Cruz x
    How Adorable, I So Wanted To Go To A Spice Girls Concert :(

  4. Sarah x says:

    I Agree Brandy
    They Wouldnt Have Taken The Kids On If It Was Going TO Hurt Them.
    Soo Cute smile

  5. coolbyrne says:

    Re: the earplugs.  Ah, that’s good.  Considering the decibel level at a concert is between 115-125db, with continued exposure at 95db leading to hearing loss, pain beginning at 125db, and 140db being the loudest recommended level to experience WITH PROTECTION, all those kids, regardless of age, should have ear protection.

  6. brandy says:

    OMG – this child is only near-three and he can break dance and head spin?!?! WOW. He is beyond presh smile

    All of those kids have had exposure to flashing cameras since leaving the hospital I am pretty sure. I don’t see any reason not to bring them along to where mummy works – as long as their ears are protected.

  7. Jess says:

    Pretty sure from photos from other Spice Girl shows where the kiddies have been paraded that the Beckham trio have earplugs in. Not sure if the range of neon colours these things usually come in clash with the outfits but surely VB would ensure every accessory matches, even earplugs.

  8. carly says:

    The thought of Victoria breakdancing cracks me up!!
    And the sound of thousands of people screaming for Cruz is hilarious too. The world has gone mad.
    Child labour, anyone?

  9. Johnna says:

    Oh my God bless Cruz to death! I just want to squeeze him! Gah that is too adorable for the morning.

  10. dbecks says:

    snoop dogg taught him, of course, in exchange for those football lessons.

  11. Jamie says:

    I was at this concert and actually witnessed Cruz “break dancing”!!  He was spinning on his head, doing somersaults, and pop, lock, and dropping it!  He was a better dancer then the Spiceys and way more adorable.  I think he might be learning from the guys that dance on their tour.  They were really good.

  12. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Awwwww that was sooo cute!! His little rolly poly, just makes ya want to squeeze him!!

    Not even three years old and he got more cheers than The Spice Girls!! All those boys are gonna be heart breakers but lil Cruz is seriously just the cutest little guy!!

  13. sarabee says:

    LOL!!! Makes me feel uncomfortable,for some reason. So many complaints from them about intrusion of their private family lives…..then that. Cute kids,tho.

  14. Cate says:

    Agree with you coolbyrne, on your first point, not so much on your second (the other three children are also less than a year, I believe). The kid isn’t being egged on, if anything I think that Victoria is almost embarrassed at his acting out. Her demeanor seems to me of a mother who is trying not to yell in front of everyone.

    Regardless, the kid is adorable, and I’m so angry with the Spice Girls for doing what they did. I loved their music; now it is tinged with bitterness everytime I hear it. Just blatent greed, it seems to me, and to not even attempt to put a good face on it is appaling and possibly even more insulting.

  15. The Fourth Official says:

    Simon:  That was absolutely horrible, dreadful, very cabaret-ish – A definite NO. 

    Randy:  Sorry, dawg, not feelin’ it.

    Paula:  Cruz, you’re adorable and I love how hard you are trying and you have a beautiful soul, but no. 

    So, sorry, Cruz, no yellow ticket for you.

    I do love the Spicey tots – adorable and a blessing to their parents, I’m sure.  However, the spectacle of innocent children seeking approval from thousands of applauding, sycophantic adults while being egged on by their mothers makes me slightly nauseous.

  16. coolbyrne says:

    Sorry about the double-post: after looking at the photo again, I will say I do have a complaint over the fact that only Victoria’s kids are not wearing ear protectors.  Every other kid up there are- and should be!- wearing headphones to block out the noise.  The decibels those kids are subjecting their ears to, up there on the stage, is horrible.  Shame on you, Victoria.

  17. coolbyrne says:

    Kids seek approval from any kind of audience, whether it be 1, 10 or 10,000, so I don’t have a problem with Cruz bustin’ a move for attention.  At three, he has no concept of the moment beyond being the centre of attention.  And I’m surprised to say, I don’t even have a problem with the kids being brought out.  I don’t think there’s a hypocrisy involved when the parents bring the kids out in a professional setting, but ask people not to take photos of them coming out of school or other more personal situations.  They’re two very different settings.

    All that to say, that kid is the cutest thing ever.