August 18th, 2010

Daniel Agger: Rethinking Clothing Removal

Images copyright Lars Rønbøg / Sportsagency

In the (slightly mangled for our purposes) words of Margaret Thatcher, these ladies are not for turning. Once we make up our minds about something, we like to remain as firm as Aitor Ocio’s abs.

But the Danish NT’s lack of commitment to garment usage has given us pause in our campaign for the abolition of base layers.

You see, we spend a tremendous amount of our working day considering these issues, and much as we hate to admit the horrible truth, in certain circumstances base layers allow for perving opportunities that simply wouldn’t exist otherwise.

Please note the photograph above. Now, difficult though this is to reconcile ourselves to, Daniel Agger would not have removed his shorts on the touchline in full view of everyone if he had been nekkid underneath. And this is a good thing.

Our interest in players may be stalker-ish but not quite that, er… comprehensive. With the presence of the skin-tight shorts though, we are free to visualise the full glory of Daniel’s bottom without fear.  Admittedly this theory doesn’t *always* hold (see left) but now we’re past caring.

Ah, life. Sometimes it’s the little, cute, thigh shaped things that get you through the day, yes?

Thx N!

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11 Responses to “Daniel Agger: Rethinking Clothing Removal”

  1. olaloa says:

    you have to love daniel agger
    he is beyond fit and he seems so nice

  2. lailaa says:

    awwwwwwwww (: <3
    i love him <3
    we need more posts about him (:

  3. M says:

    See, I knew I had this huge love for Danny for a reason; this boy has been waiting for me to get on board to strip like this! <3

  4. Dedo-7 says:

    nice butt :p

  5. Asia says:

    Daniel Agger has quite the nice tush doesn't he? I'd creep on his tush if I had the chance.

  6. Asia says:

    Daniel Agger does have quite a nice tush doesn't he? I'd creep on that tush too, if I had the chance XD

  7. Inés says:

    ahhh he has to be a Dane! they seem to feel uncomfortable with pants on! :D DDD I mean…hello Nicky.B, we’re looking at you!

  8. cymraeg_ddraig says:

    There's something very hot about that tattooed Dane

  9. aristeia says:

    Danny Agger… I adore thee.

  10. Nando_Lover09 says:

    Yum , Daniel agger is delicious

    : D

  11. mbt says:

    Our interest in players may be stalker-ish but not quite that er…