May 15th, 2012

Danielle Lloyd: Needs More Glamouflage

Cups with padding or a metallic bandeau would’ve flattered the future Mrs Jamie O’Hara‘s skinny minny frame much better than that triangle top which is making us and her 12 year old boobs sad. Image: Big Pictures.

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21 Responses to “Danielle Lloyd: Needs More Glamouflage”

  1. Sweety says:

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  2. Kel says:

    I have twice posted on here pointing out the double standard where Frankie Sanford wore the same kind of bikini but was deemed the epitome of femininity or something and TWICE has mysteriously disappeared.

    What's up with that?

    • For some reason, your comments are occasionally being flagged in our spam box. Usually this happens if people are posting under multiple identities with various email addresses but the same IP (which it doesn't look like you are) or if a person inundates their comments with outbound links or html code that appear to be from spambots (again, not in your case). We can't say why exactly this is happening, but it should stop moving forward.

      Of course, we've been wrong 99% of the time when it comes to our own technology, so if it does again, drop us a line!

      • Kel says:

        Thanks for letting me know. It's happened before but I always use the same email address. I probably know as much about technology as you though so I can't offer any helpful suggestions.

  3. Khaleesi_Dothraki says:

    excuse the typos and bad grammar, my buttons be acting up

  4. Kat89 says:

    whoops I didnt realise i couldn't change my screen name as I please *hides face*
    I don't like this lady sincer her big brother drama I juy can't she'll always be a racist thug like her Cheryl Cole to me, her entire body is dreadful her stomach looks like she swallowed a baby bear it's bloated and in complete dispropotion to her body

    • Kat says:

      Her entire body is dreadful? She's no Gisele Bundchen, but I know a LOT of women who would trade their body for hers.

    • mata says:

      I can understand why people may not like her, but in what alternate universe is that body considered dreadful??

  5. Thea says:

    I personally LIKE her new look and we should give her a break – she has made AWFUL errors of judgement in the past (CBB, Teddy, Miss GB, PLayboy etc) but she appears to be turning her life around.

    She looks good, and more classy without her enhancements

  6. SoccerDuckie says:

    I felt uneasy too, reading "Cups with padding or a metallic bandeau would’ve flattered the future Mrs Jamie O’Hara‘s skinny minny frame much better". So she should've padded up herself? Coz her real self wasn't enough…? *honestly wondering* Kudos to Ms. Lloyd for a) taking the implants out, and b) taking her real self and the girls out in a bikini!! =)
    I mean, we've seen that pic of Frankie in her bikini too, and there was no suggestion brought up for her to wear padded cups or similar.

    • cupcakes says:

      She had the implants taken out only because she would have died from a blood clot otherwise, whilst the only reason they even found the blood clot was because she was having breast enlargement surgery at the time!

      Breast size acceptance role model she really ain't…

      • chay says:

        Why did people dislike this comment? I personally have no idea about Danielle Lloyd, as I don't follow WAGs, but if what cupcakes is saying is true, isn't that some food for thought?

        I don't think Danielle Lloyd is a breast size acceptance role model either, personally. From what I read in one of the article links, she had an E cup enlargement. In any case, maybe this is coming full circle for her and now she must learn to accept herself, little titties and all. In that case, the implant removals are a good thing. We must all love ourselves, boobs, no boobs, however nature intended it.

  7. Raincitygirl says:

    I actually thought it was pretty gutsy of her to go public about needing to have her implants removed. I think a lot of young women don't realize that it's major surgery and can have major longterm health consequences. I realize congratulating Danielle Lloyd on going public about *anything* might seem like overkill, since she's the queen of the over-share. But at least this time she was over-sharing about something that wasn't glamorous.

  8. Kat says:

    My first thought was that she needed more sunscreen, actually.

    And I hope I'm not the "Kat" Kickette Admin referred to below. I shudder in fear at the prospect of not being able to comment on the perfection that is Xabi and Nagore, Sergio's flatcaps/colored pants or Harper Beckham's chubby cheeks/legs.

  9. Lucy says:

    Massive respect to Danielle for speaking out about her implants and having them removed, she along with Alex Gerrard have both pointed out they wished they had waited and I think perhaps letting people have plastic surgery at 18 needs to be looked at. Danielle has been through alot recently and I think she is looking really well, and very attractive.

  10. Carvivlie says:

    Once you have your implants out your boobs don't go back to being the same right as they were right? I mean, the skin was all pulled out. Maybe she just needs a little reconstruction to life them back up? I give her credit for taking them out.

  11. Jayy says:

    Big boobs dont always equal happiness. Not when you cant walk around in a simple t shirt, buy normal size dresses or even go a day without back pain!

  12. mata says:

    Well good for her for having the courage to remove the implants and I hope it sends a message to love your body in its natural state. Not criticizing anyone who does it, I just don't get it that's all, I'd kill to be able to go braless and wear plunging necklines and go running without wearing four sports bras.

    • Anon says:


      Very bitchy Kickette, very bitchy.

      • We were simply using her words, not our own.

        But while we're on the subject Kat/Sharon/Indigo/anon, please stop posting under multiple identities. Your IP will be banned if you continue to enter false information in order to comment on our site.