April 24th, 2012

Danish NT: Applying Pressure In The Wrong Areas

Oh come on. This is a blatant opportunity for a crotch grab and you know it. Image: Paul Gilham/Getty Images.

EURO 2012 news is coming at us from all angles and we’re welcoming it with open arms and jumpy claps.

The tournament topic of the day today focuses on the Danish FA, who have banned players from using Twitter throughout this summer’s competition.

First, what fun is that?!

Secondly, in our humblest of opinions, the Danish FA need to figure out how to prevent players from rioting in the team hotel and demanding snacks with menaces instead of ruining the Kickette Army’s chances of joining the team’s “open mic nights” via the social network.

But to each his/her own.

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2 Responses to “Danish NT: Applying Pressure In The Wrong Areas”

  1. Agnes Wonka says:

    I can't believe they worry about that stupid thing, when the players do anything as more scandalous the better.

  2. Mel says:

    They Danish FA believe, that the players are not mature enough to not write thing like 'the ref sucked today'. And I have to say, I can't blame them for thinking that…..

    But in stead of creating an invironment, the players can feel comfortable in, while not playing crusial matches againg say Portugal, Holland or Germany, by letting their free time consist of things they do in their everyday life – like tweeting – the Danish FA believe total focus and no contact with the real world, where the players will be keept under strict rules and be able to relax – read build up huge amounts of anxiety before games, because that's all they can and are allowed to think about – is the road to success…….

    If it's a possible bet to make, I would place a lot of money on Denmark losing all three group matches, because the other teams are SO SO SO SO much better than the Danish NT. When Japan kan send us out of the World Cup 2010, impossible is nothing………………….. I have absolutely no fate in the Danish NT or the coach, but I'm ready to be surprised. However, history seems to repaet itself, and I end up disapointed over and over!

    I believe Spain will win the Euro 2012!! They are just that much better than everyone else.