May 27th, 2010

Danish World Cup Prep: Exhaling At the Experimentarium

Denmark national team

Images via Royal Press Photos.

Daniel Agger, Nicklas Bendtner and Dennis Rommedahl recently visited the city of Hellerup’s Experimentarium (yes, “experimentarium”) together as part of the Denmark National Team’s “Back To Grass Roots” campaign.

Oxygen intake at a liquid-free bar is a much safer – and sillier – team bonding activity than the French NT’s method of spirit boosting, and the day’s events kept the boys rather busy.

First, they took part in a CO2 Test to see how much carbon dioxide each player consumes. (After his mighty exhale turned the liquid from yellow to blue, the exhibit’s scientists concluded that Bendtner needed a Trebor. Extra Strong, not the soft ones.)

Side note: Since body weight is also a test factor, we’ve already crossed “a trip to Hellerup’s Experimentarium” off our summer holiday hotspots. Not worth it.

Rommedahl and Agger took to the stationary bike to see if either could provide enough juice to turn a flat screen TV on, and the day ended with an autograph session that included Bendtner scrawling his siggy on a fan’s Manchester United kit.

Although these activities all seemed quite health conscious, we believe there was one notable anti-wellness situ: Bendtner’s trucker hat emblazoned with a bull skull. Yes, now that we’ve noticed it, we are feeling quite dizzy.

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6 Responses to “Danish World Cup Prep: Exhaling At the Experimentarium”

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  2. Tora says:

    Man, I love Danny. Like the combination of sweet and rough.

  3. JaneSpotting says:

    Big infatuation with Danes of late..and its only getting bigger. Nice

  4. shay says:

    Bendtner signing a Man Utd shirt makes about as much sense as Cheryl Cole marrying a little rat-faced, scrawny, cheating scumbag….oh wait, she did.

  5. Erin says:

    Mmmmm….Danny Agger!

  6. solida says:

    Agger is so cute in the picture. love himso dearly!!!