June 22nd, 2012

Dating Dossier: Concerts, Conditions & Playing Coy – UPDATED

Man City star striker hair girlfriend dating hook up Raffaella Fico

Image: Repubblica.it.

UPDATE: Shakira’s father, has apparently said the following about the possibility of a bun being in his daughter’s oven: “hopefully the news will be official soon.” So maybe the pop star is actually up the duff after all? Guess we’ll just have to wait, see and play “Spot the Waka In The Womb” for now.


It’s one of those days where every news story we read seems to have a hint of fiction to it (if not more).

Regardless, follow us below to get all the random gories you probably won’t want us mentioning ever again.

Manchester United’s Tom Cleverley was spotted out with his rumoured new girlfriend, “The Only Way is Essex” star Georgina Dorsett, after seeing Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne tour (Monday 11th June 2012).

Georgina hid her face from the paparazzi’s prying lenses, and if we were walking around with some dude wearing a chavvy trucker from ’03, we would’ve covered our mugs out of embarrassment too.

From the Manchester Evening News:

Shapely property developer Georgina was first spotted with Tom having a romantic meal at Rosso Restaurant in Manchester back in March. Now their relationship has gone very public after snappers spied the duo on their sunshine break to Dubai together.

These TOWIE birds really get around, don’t they?

Perhaps one too many glasses of vino had passed Camila Morais’ lips as she enjoyed a boozy lunch in Milan on Monday – that can be the only plausible excuse for her dressing that hunk of burning love of hers in H&M’s discount garb.

As we mentioned previously, Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley are not planning to tie the knot any time soon. A spokesman for the footballer said: “There never were any plans for a wedding this year, nor have we made any plans for next year.”

Meanwhile, good lord are their awkward smooches at Royal Ascot this week the most subtle act of damage control that we’ve ever seen. Nothing says “we’re in it for the long haul despite postponing our wedding” like swapping spit on a public balcony, in a pool and just about everywhere in between. Even John and Toni Terry’s theatrics weren’t this obvious.

Okay, fiiine. They were.

After Italy’s game against Spain, the Man City striker was seen out touring Krakow’s Rynek Square with a “new gal.” Given the day off by Cesare Prandelli, the pair were accompanied by two bodyguards.

Oh, to be 21 again and single, dating, hooking up, engaged and misunderstood all at the same time.

No decent footy couple round up would be complete without Gerard Pique and Shakira, and holy sugar, this might just be the most annoying thing we’ve ever read (FYI, we read a lot of annoying things).

If you believe all that Colombian magazine, People, has for you to read in their latest issue, then you’ll want to congratulate Shakira for being six weeks preggers. Her “condition” is reportedly the *real* reason why the singer cancelled a recent concert in Germany.

We love our gossip, but this sounds a little far fetched, doesn’t it Kickettes? We’re thinking one of the tab’s editors was in the depths of player hating mode and made a few calls to no one to confirm their temporary insanity, but who knows? Stranger things have happened…

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14 Responses to “Dating Dossier: Concerts, Conditions & Playing Coy – UPDATED”

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  3. kayla says:

    frank lampard and christine bleakly are a joke. why get engaged if you are not going to marry in he near future?
    i guess im too traditional in my way of thinking, christine bleakly is already 33 and no children – why does she want to wait another few years to marry? frank has bad track record for engaged relationships and i dont think these two will make it up the aisle if they keep waiting for more years.
    theres no reason for frank to delay. he was not in euros and has time to holiday ith christine all the time, why not make an honest woman out of her instead????????
    i hate the way footballers think!!!

  4. kayla says:

    i dont think shakira is pregnant which be a shame cos her children would look so cute!!!!!
    i think she making a mistake to be with gerard pique whose 10 years younger. age gap is too much. she nees to get married and have children she is getting old. pique is still young and is not going to want marriage and children in the peak of his career. they look like a sweet couple but they dont match in terms of age and biological needs.
    pique already said he dont wannt to marry shakira in the near future and shes already 35! large age gaps are not good in my opinion, if girl is older only spells trouble!

  5. Linda says:

    Oh Kickette! I know happy hour is your happy place, especially with the Euro workload that is keeping you busy…
    But why talk about the Shakira pregnant rumour when you could be drawing up sketches of soon-to-be baby Messi? At least he confirmed Antonella is pregnant…. http://www.goal.com/en-us/news/82/south-america/2…

  6. Linda says:

    Oh Kickette! I know happy hour is your happy place, especially with the Euro workload that is keeping you busy…
    But why talk about the Shakira pregnant rumour when you could be drawing up sketches of soon-to-be baby Messi? At least he confirmed Antonella is pregnant….

  7. Agnes Wonka says:

    The whole rumours about Shakira's pregnancy are nothing else than her attemps to call the attention of the press!
    I mean, Piqué in the Euro and nobody was talking about her, she couldn't stand it

  8. Rachael says:

    Think I will believe Frank's wedding when I see it and not a minute before although surely he would not have planned it for this Summer with the Euro 2012 he must have hoped to have been in the team.

  9. Alex says:

    Frank and Christie remind me of John and Toni

  10. Stasi says:

    I think shakira and piqué is cute together and the hate towards them is point less. So what if she is older , she can’t help it if she falls in love with him .

    • Cella.xx says:

      I don’t think the problem is in age difference..
      It’s because they are annoying

  11. Carvivlie says:

    Christine needs to start planning that wedding. I mean wasn't Frank engaged to the mother of his children for years and never tied the knot?

  12. Miss XOXO says:

    Too much PDA from attention seeker couple….;-(((