January 20th, 2012

David Cameron: Fangirling Over Frank Lampard

Is this David Cameron’s ‘excited’ face – or is this?

Who cares if England’s Prime Minister supports Chelsea or not – that didn’t stop him from squealing like a giddy fangirl to the press after a recent run-in with Frank Lampard at an awards gala.

As he told Now magazine:

“I saw Frank Lampard last night at an awards even, which was exciting for me…”

When pressed by the glossy about what his next move was – did he nonchalantly keep walking or give pause to extend his sweaty palms – he said:

“No, I said hello! I was still excited to see him.”

Can you really blame Mr Cameron for getting all worked up over a brush with luscious Lampsy, Kickettes? We sure as hell know our composure and dignity would be dropped on their asses long before ever stepping foot into the same building as the England international.

Although, someone should caution the Prime Minister against making any future advances. As we all know, Frank only has googly eyes for Christine, John Terry and himself.

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6 Responses to “David Cameron: Fangirling Over Frank Lampard”

  1. FloraJane says:

    Well, that's rather adorable. :) Of course, even if you *are* the Prime Minister, Frankie is still a footballing god, so getting starstruck is totally understandable. lol

  2. Alone- Brazil says:

    Lampard is a handsome and busy social life, that he would like to play with more enthusiasm than has been playing the last two years! But is he is in every award!

  3. DrStrangelove says:

    He supports Aston Villa. And that's a jolly nice pic of Frank.

  4. April says:

    Oh, they get excited about Cameron, too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDKN3ohKZCU

  5. Natalie says:

    Wow, even prime ministers get star struck!!

  6. Miss Lampard says:

    I will be excited too. However doesn't Mr Cameron know that Lampsy is also a tory himself, does him?