September 1st, 2010

David Silva: Hiding In Hair

You may remember some time ago we articulated our fear for ickle David Silva, as he moved from the relative safety of Valencia to the rough and tumble footie world of Manchester City. Well, our worst fears have come to fruition, Kickettes. David is coping with the transition in the only way a Spanish footballer knows how – retreating behind his own hair.
An intervention may be required. Continuation down this path can have horrifying consequences.

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50 Responses to “David Silva: Hiding In Hair”

  1. Spain4eva says:

    Poor David. Anyway, his hair is awesome and is just one of the many reasons I love him! He is a great asset to Man City and I am glad he came to England! Did I mention I love him. Because I really do. DAVID, TE AMO!!

  2. Steph says:

    He's cute, but that hair? Yeah, no. :/ He needs to fix that like, now.

  3. Taskeen says:

    shame he’s such a cutie we can forgive him for this one teeny slip

  4. Dahlia says:

    Looking very Japanese and Spanish at the same time..what an exotic mix ;)

  5. mel says:

    to be honest i prefer david like that!!! XD

  6. What,



    He looks like that Japanese dude down my local takeaway. He looks Japaenese!

    • neenyah says:

      That's because he does have Japanese blood in him! LOL I believe it's from his mom's side? :)

      • Dahlia says:

        Girls, just checked that Japanese look he gets is not because he’s Japanese his mother is actually Filipino..

        • neenyah says:

          Oops, here it is:

          Interviews from his family members. It says there that his mom is of Japanese descent. (Lo siento, his mom's Silva, not Jimenez.) :)

        • neenyah says:

          WHAT?!?! Is it because his mom’s name is Jimenez? His mom’s still part Spanish thus the Hispanic maiden name, as I’ve read somewhere. (Dammit, why don’t I save my sources?? Plus a friend said she saw photos of the mom, she does not look Filipino at all…) Anyway, where’d you get that info? If it’s Wiki or, I ain’t believin!

  7. christinaLFP says:

    i think he is such a cutie and i have to admit i have a thing for men with a bit of facial hair

  8. Jules says:

    Enano's never done it to me. Too fragile and bird like for my taste but to each her own.

    I get that Manchester is colder than Valencia but can that awful pornstache (and the rat tail in the back, wtf, did you climb into a Delorean in order to return to 1985?) keep your face that much warmer?

  9. Celery says:

    LMFAO PUYI ILU. and david ilu too. hata’s gunna hate.

  10. Deanna says:

    Silva what are you doing to me?! I show people you’re hottness at the World cup and then they start to like you and you do this to me?! I promised them hott Silva, not Porn Silva. Although I would like to see.. NO! Please please just a little shave? You’re usually so fashionable and your hair usually looks like it belongs in a shampoo commercial. Please? You’re still my fav.

  11. aps says:

    His disheveled hair is really annoying me. Get it together Daveed.

  12. Julia says:

    Hello tongue!

  13. kel says:

    I think he's unf no matter what. And his hair is almost always like that. You get used to it

  14. *Naylea* says:

    David, wtf with that porntache? u_U

  15. What is Manchester City doing to him? :(

  16. gin_in_teacups says:

    Ok. As far as mustaches go, this isn't the worst. But I'm still against them as a rule. So David honey, please reacquaint your upper lip with your razor. I'm sure they miss each other, just as much as I'm missing your sweet boyish face.

  17. Zlatanista says:

    Why is it that it´s always Puyol that serves as an example of non-hotness? He´s got beautiful, expressive eyes, hot lips and a killer body. Just saying. And the hair… well it´s…fluffy.

  18. ASM says:

    am i the only one who think he looks good with facial hair?still adorable no?heck yes to the tongue anyway.. :P

  19. imhereforthenando says:

    That stache needs to go.

  20. JulieFromParis says:

    Ok, sorry about this but I need some help with an emergency translation, are there any portugese kickettes round here?? I have no faith in reverso and co…

  21. Jo says:

    Yes, shave it off and go back to looking like a Gelfling.

  22. Blair says:

    Ew. Just ew all around.