July 3rd, 2012

David & Victoria Beckham: Marriage & Anger Management Mediators

Foul-mouthed chef, crying child handler and court side seat sitter, Gordan Ramsay, recently opened up about the trials and tribulations of his marriage, family and businesses, and surprisingly he credited he and wife Tana’s Los Angeles bezzies, David and Victoria, for helping them through the past few rough years.

Speaking to The Sun, Ramsay said:

“David and Victoria were just extraordinary in terms of help and support during this time…They were really great…there’s no doubt it was a personal blow for me, but you regroup and come back. Tana and I have never been so close.”

Now, Gordon and D-Becks have been matey for years, so the idea of these two hashing out their probs in a drinking den over the celebrity chef’s fine food is something we can buy into.

What we’re not buying is that Vicky B offered Tana Ramsay any advice of substance whilst maintaing a straight poker face. That’s like asking us to imagine Mrs B behind our local bar, pulling pints, serving pork scratchings and shouting at drunk people to ‘Get out of my pub’ a la Peggy Mitchell. It spells WIN in theory, but with the best will in the world, it’s simply impossible for us to do without breaking into a fit of giggling rage.

On a similar yet slightly different note, props to David for failing to use his expert mediating skills on the field for LA Galaxy this weekend. First he tried to start a fight with San Jose Earthquakes’ Sam Cronin who was lying on the ground 20ft away, then he went after an overgrown soft toy just for kicks. It was hot.

Yes, David’s 19th century mustache is still very much what’s wrong with the world today, but it doesn’t negate how hot it is to see his sh*t hitting the fan. Check out the above video to see what we mean.

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7 Responses to “David & Victoria Beckham: Marriage & Anger Management Mediators”

  1. Alex12 says:

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  2. Vrock112 says:

    Ohhh snap! I was at that game and becks was angry (sexy but still angry) i did find it a tiny bit amusing that the "hurt" player on the floor immeditately got up to go fight becks! lol

    • alessandra says:

      YOU took the words RIGHT outta my mouth lol!! Regarding that last bit about the "injured" player, pfft.-.-

    • Kay20 says:

      I was also at the game, and laughed at David's magical healing powers – he should go on tour!!! As a Galaxy fan I don't condone his behavior, but this California Classico was AWESOME (minus the loss). 50K, great game, great excitement = great for MLS.

  3. maar says:

    beckham's 19th century hooligan mustache really needs to go. alternatively he could just go all the way and break out the top hat, bowtie, and cuffs, a la bill the butcher (gangs of new york).

  4. Cella.xx says:

    Ohh…she looks classy!


    what happened to victoria,i never saw her looking like that