April 29th, 2011

David & Victoria Beckham: Royal Wedding Revellers

We we were planning on bringing you a live feed from today’s Royal Wedding, but since the English contingent of the Kickette staff have advised that they’re already celebrating by sinking as much Pimms as is physically possible before passing out in a ditch, our intentions of doing so have been crushed.

Still, it’s a matter that has been on our radar for some time, due in no small part to the fact that we were obsessed with wondering what Victoria Beckham would be wearing.

As one of the first, and probably most notable, arrivals to the Westminster Abbey, the beautifully-clad Beckhams look fierce. Le sigh, we love.

Anyway, just soes ya noes, we plan on hitting you with intermittent wafflings and observations and fashion fails from the wedding (which none of us have been invited to) over the next few days, because we interested and think you probably are too.**  Judging from the seats they’ve set up in Times Square to view the service, the whole ruddy world is.

**Okay, so it doesn’t entirely fit with out remit, but we’re sure our pathetic and tenuous attempts to connect the matter to football will amuse you.

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63 Responses to “David & Victoria Beckham: Royal Wedding Revellers”

  1. janethem says:

    I think David looked very dapper. I didn't like Victoria's dress at all and the hat seemed ridiculously silly. Maybe since I'm American I'm not in touch with fashion in England.

  2. GlamGooner says:

    The Beckham's looked so dapper ,stop hating…the colour of Victoria's dress was gorgeous <3. And the little hat (called a fascination) was a lovely accessory and very fascinating indeed.

  3. mochara says:

    I like the way all the colours go together nicely, she looks so elegant and she's glowing! I can't wait to see her baba :)

  4. raz says:

    David looked absoloutely gorgeous and happy! Victoria on the other hand looked so intimidated and nervous upon arrival. I understand she hasn’t met any of the royals but isn’t that more reason to smile? Same makeup, same heels, same expression for as long as I can remember-i love her but she needs to mix it up (she never even smiled when david was feeling her baby bump). Not sure about her dress too-there were heavier pregnant women in attendance who took more risk. I am still wondering though…how did that fierce hat stay on her forehead without any support???

    On another note-gosh the wedding was gorgeous and the bridal couple looked so happy! They seem perfect together & their little whispers and smiles melted my heart :)

  5. Iker'sMyMan says:

    Why can't Victoria smile? Will she crack, you think? will the world end? That said …OMG. Kate and Wills, I can't decide which one I have a bigger crush on. They're just gorgeous! Everything about the Royal wedding was gorgeous…and poignant too. I remember being 11, watching the two brothers in Westminster Abbey in another big event but a rather heartbreaking one. I felt so sad for the two of them because I couldn't imagine losing my mom then (still can't imagine it now) so I'm very glad that something wonderful is finally happening for them. May this be a marriage that will last to the end of their days. Not Britishor anything but "Long Live the Royals! (so we cn have more of these)"

  6. nandosfreckles says:

    VB could've used some color and those heels were ridiculously high, but really all eyes were on Kate. What an absolutely stunning and elegant woman. The whole wedding was like a fairytale!

    Well, I can still dream I might have a wedding like that, I mean hey Prince Harry is still single, right?

  7. aps says:

    Victoria looked boring and predictable.

  8. Marina_Isabella says:

    Soooo… she wore a moomoo to one of the most important weddings ever?… wow! how fashion forward and stuff :/ I think a mauve or pink/blush dress would have looked so good on her… but anyway.

    • Crackers says:

      She's heavily pregnant, so let's cut the lady some slack here! I think she looks fine, really.

  9. Smoige says:

    wow … they're a little too dressed up. it's amazing how much time we spend just caring about what other people wear and do!

  10. Cris_7 says:

    Isn't she pregnant how is she walking with those heels on! gotta say the truth i love them !!

  11. Devilish-x says:

    Victoria's hat looks like its been photoshopped in?
    Anyhoos Kate did look simply amazing, there were lotsa cute moments including the double smooch on the balcony & the james bond style getaway :')

    • Crackers says:

      Let's not forget, a James Bond-style getaway with dorky wedding balloons on their Aston Martin. :)

  12. naylovee says:

    I gotta disagree. I actually like what she's wearing. lol. BABY BUMP :)

    you all KNOW this would definitely not pass in LA LOL

  13. Stefania says:

    Why do they look amazing in everything they wear?! Anyway the wedding was beautiful, Kate looked gorgeous, and Harry looked so HOT! I love him! Looking forward to his own Royal wedding!

  14. Simone says:

    Vicky looks bad especially the hat and the bag she is wearing

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  16. FloraJane says:

    I think they looked great- very appropriate for the occasion. I liked that Victoria kept it simple and low-key. It wasn't her day, after all. I thought that was classy and well done. But she looked extraordinarily nervous. There was no where to hide from the cameras and no big sunglasses either. She has said before that despite what people think, she doesn't court the cameras. Seemed especially true today.

    But the wedding- completely fantastic!!! Everything was just perfect. And Kickette, I don't think you could cover anything remotely English and NOT mention the Royal Wedding, so who cares if it's not really about football. Press on!!

    • Crackers says:

      Sure the dress was dark, but she's pregnant and I don't blame her for keeping it low-key, at least she looked comfortable.

      The wedding was amazing, I agree- anything that has a country celebrating like this is a good thing, and I agree, you can't cover anything remotely English with no mention of the Royal Wedding! (my fav moment besides the reveal of The Dress and the fly-past, was the Westminster Abbey verger cartwheeling down the aisle after it was all over- sometimes the unplanned stuff is the best).

  17. arianna says:

    I like Victoria's dress. Understated elegance.

  18. Crackers says:

    I love how this ceremony, and everything around it, felt so beautifully, gloriously, romantically British. Congratulations to all my lovely Brit Kickettes- your country v def. knows how to put on a royal party!

    My fav part was finally finding out who made The Dress, I was pretty close to bursting into tears after seeing it was a McQueen after all (he was my favourite designer of all time, and ppl were saying his label was too scandalous to dress KM after his death last year, but so glad Sarah Burton did it).

    That, and the RAF fly-past, it brings out my inner child who's still fascinated by planes. Oh, and the Westminster Abbey verger who did a cartwheel down the aisle once everyone was out- so funny and cute!

  19. I think the Beckhams looked lovely! I don't know why people are calling them pretentious. They were invited, you were not…Get over it! She is very brave to be pregnant in those heels too!

    • ToysForBots says:

      Yes, I totally agree with you!

      They're at a royal wedding. I thought they behaved like they were attending a royal wedding. They did nothing that was more or less pretentious than any of the other people around them. Also, words cannot express how happy I am that Becks is once again looking sleak and clean-shaven. It was a wonderful reprieve from the grungy appearance he's had lately. And VB looked absolutely stunning! Some might argue that black is inappropriate for a wedding, but I'd argue that it's classic, it doesn't detract from the bride or the ceremony, and it minimizes her bump. I honestly thought they were one of the best dressed couples there, despite the fact that David had his medal displayed wrong!

    • Crackers says:

      Yeah, I don't get the Beckham-bashing either, the only faux pas I saw was that he pinned his OBE on the wrong side. And like ToysForBoots said, he cleaned up nicely (after his recent hair horrors, thank God!)

      And it's a daytime state affair, what's so pretentious about some heels and a hat? Posh is pregnant and doesn't like showing off her bump- it's a little harsh to be criticising her for that.

  20. BlackRose says:

    Harry was hot (when is he not?), Kate was beautiful and I loved the dress.

    They should both be wags/habs so that we could comment on them more often. Go Royals!

  21. Doug says:

    I noted that Victoria had designed herself a black gunny sack, but then when it was noted back to me that she is pregnant, I decided there's not much she can do. The Dr Seuss hat is pretty cool, though.

  22. Rory says:

    David looked fab, I was very disappointed with Victoria's look. On the plus side, atleast we can finally tell she's pregnant! SO happy for William & Kate, they were just magical today!

  23. JA7 says:

    David & Victoria r so lucky to attend, i wish i cud! However, congratz to the royal couple!! I think kate made such a beautiful bride! :) May they have a long and happy marriage togetherr, it was definitely history in the making! Btw, prince harry is FINEE, hot damn! He can be my prince anydayy ;)

  24. Zahara says:

    kate looked SO BEAUTIFUL!
    o m g i cant get over it!
    i love royal weddings!
    and the wedding of my favorite prince?
    god i wish i had prince william.

    god, victoria looks terrible!david is smiling, so he looks nice

    • BlackRose says:

      yup, Kate was fabulous! And I'm no fan of the Spanish monarchy (I'm Spanish) but the British Royals fascinate me lol

      Your William is in good hands!

      I can't picture my dear Harry marrying that girlfriend of his though. Well, actually I can, because he's like that (I don't think he would fancy a classy girl like Kate), but it'll be such a tragic day for me *sigh*

      • Crackers says:

        Yeah, Harry's gf is a bit of a party girl- wouldn't look out of place as a WAG, actually! He was always more fanciable than William, a bit of a rogue really.

        And it's funny you're Spanish, I'm a big fan of Princess Leti even if you're not :)

        • Zahara says:

          ooo so many royal weddings to come!
          i cant wait!
          i love the happy ever afters!

          me too, im a fan of the spanish royals!
          cant forget Reina Sofia when puyi came out in a towel!priceless.

  25. blitzenTO says:

    No one here has mentioned Davey's big scandal yet? Apparently he is wearing his medal on the WRONG LAPEL!!! Shock, horror, probe! Showing his low-class origins again, tut tut. ;)

    Honestly, though, he looks terrific, and so does she (for a change, I usually find her too skinny). The hat is silly but fun, very '40's. Well done to both of them.

    • Crackers says:

      YES finally someone else noticed!!! Surprised Posh or someone didn't catch the error, but he looked terrific, and for once so did his hair (and I love her hat and shoes).

  26. Lily says:

    I like Victoria's dress but not the hat. The heels are nice to look at but after a while must be awfully uncomfortable, and wearing those things everyday can't be good for your body. Also can anyone explain to me why every woman was wearing a hat? I know that it's a British thing, but does it have any special meaning?

    • Crackers says:

      It's tradition to wear hats at English weddings, and this is probably THE most formal and traditional of English weddings- hence all the headgear.

    • Jules says:

      It dates back to when it was believed that a woman who enters a holy building should have her head covered. Christians refer to 1 Corinthians which says either a woman will cut her hair or cover her hair. Spanish Catholic women wore (and some older women still do) mantillas for this purpose, British women wore hats and now both only really use them for weddings.

  27. lorena_yGp says:

    Most romantic moment for me was when William leaned over to Kate (when she reached the altar ) and said “You look beautiful, you look absolutely beautiful" :-) )))

  28. IrishBlue says:

    I actually don't like Victoria's dress, not my kind of thing. Kate looked stunning what a gorgeous dress she had! But ya just gotta love Harry! Loved him turning around at the altar to sneak a peek at her and giving Will the heads up :D

    • Summer says:

      I love Harry too…He was too fab today….love love him, the Prince of my dreams!

      • IrishBlue says:

        Harry is the man! I can just imagine endless hours of laughing and generally acting like a fool with him, the boy knows how to have a bit of fun!

    • BlackRose says:

      I don't like Vicky's dress either. And it being black, and the hat too, when it's almost May…. I don't know. It sorts of look like a funeral outfit to me.

    • Crackers says:

      I can't really hold Posh's dress against her, she's pregnant and these occasions can be tricky to dress for. But I agree, both Middleton sisters looked stunning (Kate's dress reminded me of a cross between Princess Margaret and Princess Grace, utterly gorgeous) and I did have a giggle at Harry turning around to get a look at the bridal party and then whisper with his brother.

      It's almost enough to make me forget the last time I watched them in the Abbey, which was not a happy occasion at all (their mother's funeral, poor boys).

  29. Denisea says:

    Victoria's dress, hat, bag and hair are all HIDEOUS! And her overall aura was very stiff and pretentious, such anattention seeker!

    Catherine & William – such a beautiful couple!
    Pippa – almost stole the show with that gorgeous dress
    Prince Harry – he's a spunk!

  30. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Thank you David for taking my mind off la classico loca! It is as hot as it gets.

    Royal wedding, that was the sweetest event I saw in a while! Congrats Royal family :) .

  31. blake2108 says:

    They both look fabulous.

  32. xoWinnie says:

    oh my god, this is just pure gorgeosity!
    i LOVE this couple!
    oh, and the bride wasn't bad lol
    kidding! she was stunning :)

  33. ciotog says:

    Kate looked beautiful but I think her sister Pippa almost stole the show her bridesmaid dress was gorgeous! How cute a couple would she and Harry make!

    • melina says:

      yeah! they looked great together! and i really enjoyed the moment when harry has with the kids in the "car" waving at the people :P
      VB btw looks awsome, i was wandering about what she was about to wear more that kate's wedding dress..

    • Crackers says:

      I did note Harry had a tendency to position himself directly behind Pippa, probably for a better view of what that dress showed off, haha ;)

  34. ruby says:

    Major fail for Victoria. I know she's pregnant, but there are much better maternity dresses out there than this tent.

  35. they look amazing!!!

  36. Cymraeg_Ddraig says:

    I know she's not a WAG…but Kate Middleton looked absolutely stunning today! VB a very close second, she wears pregnancy so well I can't help but feel a little jealous….i was all lank hair and pale skin….

  37. Red_Girl says:

    People [the Daily Mail] were so snotty about them being invited, but they were the most stylish couple there. Well done VB. Wish I could afford your clothes…

  38. zainab says:

    Looks absolutley Gorgeous.
    Simply, Elegant, and bloody gorgeous.

    LOVE The daffodil Louboutins
    Lovely Vic and what a YUMMY accessorty in Raplh Lauren

  39. Kitty1979 says:

    Stunning! Both of them.

  40. Ruth says:

    why did David pop his collar????!!!!! honestly..it kills me. But i like Victoria's dress very classy!

  41. Deanna says:

    How is she even walking in those heels?! Beautiful. Just Beautiful.