April 12th, 2012

David Villa: Hot ‘Baller Presents Bronzed Book Cover

Image: MundoDeportivo.com.

Earlier today David Villa presented the eighth edition of the book ”Relatos Solidarios” – a compilation of short stories written by 42 journos with Villa contributing as well. The book was dedicated to Dani Montesinos, a journalist who tragically died in an accident but was represented in spirit by his parents, widow and brother (L-R, above) at Thursday’s launch. This year, all book proceeds will be put towards building a leisure space for teens at the Hospital de Sant Joan de Deu.

Whew. That was a lot of “real” reporting work right there, regardless of whether or not it was translated properly (it probably wasn’t – our fact checker’s out sick today).

As a reward to ourselves, we’re putting up our out of office messages so we can sit back and enjoy that sassy soul patch of Dah-veed’s for the next 30 minutes without interruption. We highly recommend you do the same, Kickettes.

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6 Responses to “David Villa: Hot ‘Baller Presents Bronzed Book Cover”

  1. ChikaBooboo says:

    His brother almost looks like lashes for just a second but maybe I just wish there were more Yoanns out there *sigh*

  2. Yuli says:

    He wrote the prologue to this book <3

  3. JaneSpotting says:

    Are your 30 min done. That 'soul patch' is nasty. I've seen enough Persians trying to pull off this 'face decor' and it doesnt bode well for their hotness factor. Just say no.

  4. ChefDi says:

    All that may be but never mind, I have missed seeing and hearing about him lately, so thank you for this!! It made my day, I think he's gorgeous and wish I had those 30 mins to just be here and swoon ….

  5. Stasi says:

    David looks crazy in this pic 0_o

  6. MrsNesta says:

    Got to say the bloke on the right looking a little hotter than the 'soul patch'.