December 12th, 2008

David Beckham: Pick or Scratch?


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27 Responses to “David Beckham: Pick or Scratch?”

  1. Venice says:

    Pick, you don’t need the thumb to scratch.

    I never noticed before his tat sleeves, that’s definitely too much.

  2. FirstTeamCoach says:

    I didn't need to see this.

  3. xx?MiSSz.CasiLLaS?xx says:

    Pick !

  4. Blair says:

    Oh that’s a definite pick. Dirty boys. I bet he put whatever he got out on the treadmill machine. Nasty.

  5. CrazyOrange says:

    pick! o.O

  6. Sarah says:

    That's a total pick, no question about it.

  7. B says:

    The man’s human!! Thank God!

  8. StilettoSet says:

    I was going to say pick…but since everyone else already said that…I’m going with scratch. No not really, that’s definitely him picking his nose.

  9. Alex says:

    No way..the great Beckham? No way..I never stand that guy..maybe he sucks so badly at soccer and nobody admits it?

  10. kaya says:

    Pick…. the TTO never saw unanimity like this.

  11. mrscudicini says:

    Serious PICK…shame on you Becks- keep it in private so we may only gaze upon your unpicking glory…

  12. Dani.Mrs José says:

    its a pick ! its disgusting !

  13. Moonie says:

    Im just going to close this post and find something slightly more pleasent to look at on a Monday morning!!

  14. autumnmaple101 says:

    Pick. Nice to know even stars are human.

  15. Kahtilyn13 says:


  16. klyn312 says:

    thats a pick- and no doubt followed by a flick. EW.

  17. TammyV says:

    Tht is a full super pick and a dig

  18. Sarah says:

    Ew, Blair, that's a gross thought. Especially because judging from the LifeFitness label on the machine, he's at Lifetime. Which is my gym. Not in the same place, thank Iker, but still, I shudder to think about what goes on those machines.

  19. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Pick! Oh gross, Becks. You should know better than to do that in public.

  20. SuzyQ says:

    Oh dear… this is sadly a pick

  21. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    I’m pretty sure there’s no doubt about his PICK.

  22. Blondie says:


  23. Genevieve Gourcuff says:

    Yeah, me neither. Definitely a pick and I’d really like my perception of DB as complete and utter god of perfection and hotness to remain untarnished by such pictures.

  24. Becca says:

    Deffinate Pick !

  25. The Fourth Official says:

    Kickette, do you *have* to show these photos? Lord . . .

  26. TammyV says:

    Tht is a full super pick and a dig

  27. lose that girl says:

    To quote the insipid US Magazine…stars…they’re just like us!. Ew. Pick, defo.

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