September 3rd, 2007

Decree Nisi: Thierry and Claire

Thierry Henry‘s four-year-marriage with his wife Claire Merry is officially over. 

Also officially over: our love for the va-voom that used to be Mr. Henry.

We used to adore Thierry – he was one of our Finest Five and with his accent and incredible skills up front had us smitten. But alas, our love has turned to apathy/distain/eye rolls in the wake of his recent actions.  Was he always such a jackass?  Or is this a new thing?

Today Thierry and Claire were granted a quickie divorce after she filed on the grounds of “unreasonable behaviour”.  We’re not sure exactly what Thierry’s unreasonable behaviour was, though stories are out that Claire discovered some incriminating text messages on her hubby’s mobile phone.  When she confronted him, he said he was leaving and packed up and out of the family home. He soon announced he was leaving Arsenal and making the transfer to Barcelona.

Remember this gem? “

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45 Responses to “Decree Nisi: Thierry and Claire”

  1. Beers Gordon says:

    I think Titi should get out of the marriage as soon as possible. If he continues it only get worse.

  2. Good for her – she deserves all that is coming to her.

  3. Ada Wakeman says:

    I know that sometimes saving your marriage could be a hard work, but they could have done it. They were so beautiful and great together! I am so sorry they are not together anymore!

  4. oooooo,a lot of comments!

  5. european kid11 says:

    Henry my boy listen i always wear your jersey whenever i play beer pong and i never lose its good luck but besides that i think your sick nasty and lets earn some big wins with barcelona this year.

  6. brandy says:

    Yea – a guy would say some bullshit like that.

    Um, he CHEATED. He didn’t respect his marriage vow. He broke apart that family. Sorry buddy, everything in this world has a price. She gave up A LOT to follow his dumb ass around and put her body through hell to have that baby. He OWES her.

    Go tell your sob story on some site where guys go to whine and talk jaded talk. You’re not going to find friends with crap like that here.

  7. Thierry Henry should be respected for all that he has done for the game and his fans.  His personal life is his deal and no one elses.

    Sorry Claire, time to move on.  Take the money for all that you have for ? and your ?  I hope you both do what’s best for your daughter.  It affects her too.

    Personal thought, He works his ass off and she takes the rewards.  Great incentive for men to marry, not.

  8. Rico Suave says:

    anyone who is hating on henry if you watch the videos of him and his life in i am what I am does he honestly look lyk a womaniser? now i kno wat ur tinkin, u tink dat he’s told wat 2 say in dose adverts but he’s not an actor so how different can he be from de way he acts on camera. Thierry is a good person and doesnt deserve to be insulted or robbed of his money. his ex should get wat she deserves and nothin less. people we should all sign pre-nups.

  9. cory says:

    thierry is the man and can do whatever the #### he wants!!!

  10. brandy says:

    To answer your question: YES, he has ALWAYS been a jackass. I was living in France when he first signed with Arsenal. He was giving an interview with one of the French TV stations and was complaining about how much he hated everything English: the weather, the food, the uglt language, the dowdy women…. The only thought that came to my mind was “you ungrateful prat, how much do you hate that ridiculous paycheck paid out in sterling. So yes, always has been a jackass.

    I love this girl IMMENSELY for declaring that she is “taking him to the cleaners”. Ask for extra starch girlfriend!

    PS Cate – you rock.

    Does anyone really think that Clair had a choice to move where her husband lived/worked? Was he going to ditch his job to marry her? Yeah right. She had to give up her job/life in order to be part of his. And I’m sorry. She deserves money. Her livelyhood was her looks/body. She looks FABU but I’m sure her body is not as model-perfect as it was pre-Tea. So yes, being with Thierry has cost her financially. And let’s think about Tea. Is it right for her to go to Daddy’s house every other weekend where he is in the lap of luxury and then go be with mom in some random lower-middle class place? Don’t you think he should want his daughter to live the “same financial caliber” of life she would have had if her parents had stayed together? If he is going to complain about giving half up (and maybe he won’t?) that makes him even a bigger jackass for not wanting to share it with his FAMILY – divorce be damned!

  11. Cate says:

    A’ight. That? *is totally offended* Was a joke. I use sarcasm a lot as humour, and that doesn’t always come across, so, yes. I was only kidding.

    The whole point of that post was to refine my argument and present it in a calmer and more mature manner. I’ve really no interest in continuing the discussion, as I’m pretty sure neither of us are changing our minds, eh? But you’re entitled to your opinion and I respect that. Now. A couple of days ago, no. But now, yes. <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="raspberry" style="border:0;" />

    And yes, frustrated energy needs to be channled into something positive, like improving my spelling, or writing long, detailed diatribes to my school’s administration.

  12. Michaela says:

    Cate that sounded rude but its not meant to be.

  13. Michaela says:

    I’m in Miami and females all over the world deal with sexism.  The reason I brought up Jamaica & China is because I would not feel comfortable living there, even though I have family there just as Thierry doesn’t like being in England, a foreign culture.

    I don’t know why you’re offended.  If I can handle people I’ve met calling me all sorts of stuff, why can’t I take you, someone I don’t know trying to call me an idiot.  We don’t know each other & I guess some people let others get to them a lot easier.

    You talk about equal treatment, but how “equal” is it for her to take his money when she decided to stop working? Like I said, spousal support and she can keep the house and a car.

    Cate, don’t mean to sound rude when I say this but, whatever it is you’re frustrated at that is letting you say all these negative things, channel it towards something positive.  God Bless!


  14. Cate says:

    I work at a divorce office so I've got to have thick skin to deal with these sorts of people.

    *is totally offended*

    Naw. No, the point is that I don’t usually act like that. I’m pretty sure I got out of insulting people I’m arguing with once I got out of fourth grade. So I don’t know how exactly I lost it so bad. I think it was Pablo’s fault. /blame transfer

    I don’t quite understand the reason for you bringing up Jamaica and China, but I’m not really worried about the terms of the split. I’m more banking on the way it was handled on his part, which was quite immaturely. Sure, I only know what I read in the tabloids, but that’s what the whole opinion is based on, yea? Should more info come to light (doubtful) I might change my mind. Anyway, that whole rant of mine is not Thierry and Claire specific, but basically about the social roles that women are expected to play, and that’s really why I got so pissed, mostly when I saw Pablo give the opinion, and word it the way, he did.

    I don’t know where you live, but I live in Arizona, and day in and day out I am subjected to sexist comments from male peers, and even more frustrating, from female peers who basically say they enjoy not having equal rights so they can get special treatment (especailly regarding draft laws). So when I see this whole thing with (as it appears to me) Claire giving up her job and livelyhood to play housewife, I get angry that someone would say she doesn’t deserve any sort of payout. I mean she was a model. They met fimling a car commercial. She wasn’t with him for cash. Status, maybe, but not cash. I’d take a different view if she was a gold-digger, but I really don’t see her as such.

    So that’s where I’m coming from. *phew* I do sound like I’m reading too much into this, don’t I?

  15. Michaela says:

    Angie!!!!!!!!  Stop making me laugh at my desk! Then they’ll know I never do my work. wink  && Cate, no harsh feelings.  I work at a divorce office so I’ve got to have thick skin to deal with these sorts of people.

    Honestly this is what I think:
    *She doesn’t deserve half, she didn’t earn it. How many people were pissed when Nick Lachey got 1/2 of Jessica Simpsons fortune? There is no double standard in a divorce.
    *They need to SHARE custody of Tea, it’s only fair.  A girl needs her father.
    *People that don’t really know them (quite like ALL of us here), need to stop jumping to conclusions that he cheated or she…well I guess nothing was ever reported that she did but she may have very well drove him insane.  I’m first generation American && let me tell you that I’d never go live in Jamaica or China just because I couldn’t get used to that lifestyle.  How can you blame him because he gets sick of his wife?  I’m never getting married and I get sick of some of my best friends.  Some people are just not meant to be around others all the time && maybe she’s the needy type.  Then again, maybe he did cheat on her and maybe he’s a dog.  Then yes a divorce is necessary but “taking him to the cleaners” is not.

    Agree or disagree, I’m sure Thierry & Nicole don’t give two BLEEPS about what we say!


  16. Anna says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Cate on this one. Just because she quit her job doesn’t mean she did it because she’s a gold-digger. A “good” wife – especially wives of footballers and very rich men – are expected by society to do so. She was just doing what was expected of her and she should not be punished for that.

    As much as I love Thierry (always have, always will) I think he’s definately played this one the wrong way. The way he just walked out on not only his wife but his daughter is nothing short of disgusting (if those allegations are true). If they don’t have a pre-nup that says otherwise and the courts choose to award her half his earnings than so be it – you won’t hear me complaining.

    P.S. I know we were talking about Coleen’s random fashion sense a few posts back – has anyone seen her latest outfit? :…

  17. Cate says:

    You know what? Everyone who is saying Claire shouldn’t get shit needs to just STFU. What the hell do you think, huh? Who the hell do you think you are? And I want no ####ing man coming in and giving his Goddamned opinion because you created this mess in the first place.

    Claire had a job, that she quit when they got married and had children. And you know what she did? She became a housewife, because ever since the dawn of civilization that’s what women have been confined to: Go into the kitchen and make me a Goddamned sandwich. She ####ing cooked, and she ####ing cleaned, and she did exactly what she had been raised and subconciously told to do by this patriarchal system that all of western society is built on. She did what she thought she needed to do to be a “good wife” and a “good mother” and then the person she had put all her trust into to support her in this traditional-type lifestyle dumped her on her ass and that’s that. And I don’t know what the #### happened, but obviously the courts thought it was pretty unreasonable too because they did grant her a nice lump of money.

    And I don’t want anybody telling me I’m spouting a bunch of femminist bullshit either. If you read any of my comments I’m all for that a woman should get off her ass and she can do anything a man can, and I’m the first to slag off the WAGs for being free-loaders, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit here and let Nicola be slandered for fitting the ideal of a woman. Sure, she would have been praised for being such a nice WAG, not always out partying, a real “down to earth” gal. But God forbid she rise up and demand any retribution for four years of faithfulness and conformity. No. Then she’s a money-grubbing bitch. And we’ve got men who are completely out of touch with reality (men are playas, women are sluts, even among other women), and women who completely insult the gender by posting shitty jokes and a fallacious conclusion instead of backing up their opinion with any real fact (and getting the name wrong when it’s not two clicks above her head).

    So you know what? Claire deserves every Goddamned penny for being dumped on her ass. And I hope she gets back up and goes back to work and raises her kid at the same time and completely spites the man by putting the money in the bank to send Tea to college.

  18. TammyV says:

    Let me be the first to say, Hell Yeah Cate!

  19. Ally says:

    As far as I’m concerned, he’s always been that much of a jackass. I was just desperately waiting for the press to figure it out. I hope they have.

  20. Tres Bien says:


    Retract all the claws, por favor!

    I’m all down for a good, ol’ fashioned debate but…wow.

    Anyway, due to the fact that I’ve seen divorces go down (as I’m sure everyone here has), I try not to judge as much as possible unless there was evidence of abuse.  We all also don’t know anything that went behind closed doors- just anything we may have read in the Sun/Express/Daily Mail/etc… and we know how how reliable/unreliable and/or biased they can be. 

    I love Titi as much as the next person, but truthfully, I probably don’t have as much respect for him as I once did due to what I have read.  At the same time, I can’t help but love and be mesmerized by him on the pitch…which is the main reason why I do love him. 

    One last thing- if Titi wanted out of his marriage so bad, you better believe he will give a fat settlement.  It will serve two purposes; make Claire content and keep the bad PR to a minimum.  His PR rep should get a medal of honour if there’s no more news on this.

  21. Martinique says:

    Well it seems like everyone is judging thierry without hearing his side of the story. i doubt he could have been the only one bringing stress to the marriage. claire is acting all inocent but i bet she was part of the problem too.

  22. Cate says:

    Yes. Indeed.

    I’ll take this time to apologize for any personal attacks made, specifically against Michaela. I’ll offer up that my first post was made while I was quite literally shaking with fury, though still immature and something I should have stepped away from before saying something I regreted. I’m sorry.

  23. kickette says:

    Kickettes: as always, a lively debate is VERY welcome but keep the personal attacks out of the discussion pls & thank you with a side of custard creams. 

    see our comment policy

  24. ballack's missi says:

    and what if nicole and thierry didn’t have tea? should she still get money?

    these things aggravate me. without a child, she’s not worth anything? blessed be the babymakers indeed.

    if thierry didn’t have millions, would it still be worth ‘taking him to the cleaners’? ‘course not. hitting him where it hurts, for me, would be spreading rumors about his injuries and ‘declining’ skills to the gossip rags. if he’s invested wisely, the man seems set for life.

    they both willingly entered into the marriage. i really can’t wrap my head around the argument that because nicole gave up her job and became a housewife and mother, she deserves the millions. plenty of women give up their jobs and stay home, right? like nicole, some of them probably elected to stay at home and be a full-time mom without the benefit of millions. my belabored point is thus: it was her choice to be married and become a mother. fortunately for her, there lies a golden parachute. a lot of women get by with less, so i won’t save my sympathy for this.

    where does my sympathy lie? that she was left publicly (douche move, thierry). whatever the story, no woman deserves to be humiliated in this manner. for shame.

  25. suzyQ says:

    I love Thierry, one of my favourite players… but I do think Claire deserves whatever she can get out of the settlement.  All these girls move wherever their man has to live, stop working to raise their kids etc and then have to pick up the pieces afterwards when the man moves on.  Not to say alot of these girls aren’t digging for gold in the first place, but they still contributed to the marriage and deserve something. Claire is actually a really nice girl who’s been through a lot – before Thierry – so I hope she can move on and that her daughter is looked after well.

  26. Angie says:

    Michaela, i’m totally agree with you, your are so ****ing right!!!! wink. All those WAGS think that they deserve all their men money just because they have been growing their children and they have left their “jobs”. I think Henry should pay… but just for little Tea. I’m completely sure she has spend much more of his money in bags or clothes that she could even dream before marry him.

  27. Cate says:

    TammyV and freddiegirl: Thank you.

  28. Cate says:

    Oh, yes, I’m sorry. I forgot your copy and paste job was completely kosher. Excuse me.

    I don’t understand how things work? Four years they were married. Now, I’m no expert on British marital law, but barring a pre-nup all income after the marriage became official belongs to both of them, and apparently, while she’s asking for 10 million, British courts may make him pay out half. So take up your expertise in divorce and compare it, will you?

    And yea, she deserves every penny the courts are willing to give her. Yea, she did decide to quit working, like a good wife and mother is expected to do, isn’t it? I loved seeing Thierry off with Eva Longoria and Tony Parker and at Fashion Week strutting his stuff while his wife sat at home and took care of the kid. And no one ever said anything, because that’s what’s expected, isn’t it? This isn’t about Claire getting money so she doesn’t have to work, this is about hitting the asshole who walked out on their family in the pocketbook. And I’m not even going into whether or not I support strong, independant women. That I don’t is a ridiculous and insulting insinuation and I won’t grace that with an answer.

    I also would like to point out how I adore your sweeping generalizations and misguided belief that just because I swear I don’t have a broad vocabulary. I scored an 800 on the writing portion of my SATs, dahling.

  29. Angie says:

    Sorry! But she left her job to marry Thierry and gave him a child? I married my husband and gave him a child but I didnt leave my job and i still am a housewife, she left it because she wasn’t to be worry about the money. That was her fault so don’t blame him if she left everything for him. Nobody deserves to be left by his/her husband/wife, but these things happen.

  30. freddiegirl says:

    Let me add a late edit….perhaps not half but something.  Enough to ensure that child’s well-being and future and enough for the ex to see herself and that child through.

  31. freddiegirl says:

    Michaela, I respectfully disagree with you.  Bottom line. Nicole/Claire whatever her name is gave up her job to marry Thierry and gave him a child.  GAVE HIM A CHILD.  She certainly does deserve some sort of settlement for that.  End of story.

  32. Michaela says:

    LOL @ CATE!!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?? Maybe you don’t understand divorces and how things can work.  She isn’t entitled to his money, it’s nonmarital! She decided to quit working and spousal support will help get her back on her feet. He’s working && so should she. You should be for independent women, if you were you wouldn’t be saying she deserves every penny. She simply doesn’t && going after all his money just makes her look like an even bigger gold digger.  If you’re truly hurt by someone, you want nothing to do with them && you sure as hell don’t want his money. I’m independent && I need no man to take care of me.


    PS – Can you broaden your vocab please.  It’s annoying to read ####ing as every other word.

  33. T says:

    Whatever, Thierry still rules.

  34. sandra says:

    Pablo, he’s still a good guy!

  35. sandra says:

    and i thought he was hot! let’s hope claire will be okay soon while she’s hanging around with elen rives;)tea and luna aren’t they in the same age??

  36. Pablo says:

    ((( Was he always such a jackass?  Or is this a new thing? )))

    He’s still a great guy. All you women get sour when men do what all women do and get praised for ie: being a playa. If their marriage was over he had every right to be with other women, same as his wife or any other woman would. In fact, if a woman does it, all girls whoop and holla and say ‘You go, sister!‘

    She’ll probably get

  37. tammyv says:

    Go get ‘em Clair!

  38. RedGirl says:

    I always thought he was a big @ssh*le… And when are men going to learn how to eliminate a bl0ody text message from their cell phone??? I mean, there’s no more stupid way to get caught!!!
    And the worst thing is that there’s a poor little girl in the middle of all this…
    On a funny note, if we’re talking about the payout, there’s that famous saying: Don’t get mad, get EVERYTHING!!! (that should teach him)

  39. LoveLamps says:

    He is a total jerk!  I was so excited when I saw him on a Gillette commercial here in the States thinking FINALLY, this country has figured out that FOOTBALL (the REAL football) rules the world.  Alas, he is so not nice that he does not deserve the commercial.  I hope the wife gets all the money from the commercial contract!

  40. ivanka says:

    i feel so sorry for their daughter. i had hoped that they would hab tried and worked things least for her.

  41. Michaela says:

    Sorry everyone but I don’t think Ms. Merry deserves too much credit && I hope he got her to sign a prenup!  I think she should get spousal support (about a million pounds a year for 3 years – because that should be enough for her to live off of) && child support but not too much because they should share custody.

    Here’s an Eddie Murphy “Raw” joke that is REALLY long but read it through, it’s very true:

    I saw Johnny Carson on the front page [of this magazine while standing in the line at the grocery store].

    There was a picture of him like this (mouth open, in shock):
    Then I said, “What’s up with Johnny?“

    I turned to the inside story and his wife was on the other page and she was like this (with a big smile && two thumbs up):
    && over her head it said, “Johnny’s
    wife wants half Johnny’s money.“

    I turned that shit back to Johnny.
    Then I started thinking about it…Half!

    If you had $5 and have to give somebody $2.50 you’d be upset.
    Johnny had to have
    at least 100 million.
    && have to give up $ 50 million?
    && they wasn’t even married
    but ten years.
    && $ 50 million? Get…
    Give me a ####ing break.
    What…? What…?
    && ladies… Now, here’s a woman
    right here saying, “Right on.“
    Baby, that’s not fair. Not no 50 million.
    I see a lot of you ladies going:

    “Get all the money you can, shit.
    I’m glad she did get all that money.“

    “She was married to him, she deserved that money.“

    Get the #### out of my face with that bullshit.
    No, don’t get me wrong.

    If you marry somebody && neither one of you have anything && you build $ 100 million together, you deserve half.

    But Johnny was $ 100 million in when they met.
    && I’m quite sure she knew.
    Johnny says, “Hey, I’m Johnny.“

    She was like, “I know who you are, mother####er.“
    && they got married, broke up, shit didn’t work out.

    && then he had to give her $ 100 million of his money.

    I know a lot of housewives sitting out there going:
    “You can’t put a price on what I do.“
    But, ladies, if you marry a man with $ 100 million, you ain’t no regular housewife. You ain’t got to clean the house no more.
    You get a maid. You ain’t cleaning shit!
    You marry a man with $ 100 million, you ain’t cooking. You’re eating out.
    You marry… You know how a lot of housewives gotta get jobs on the side to help make ends meet?
    He got 100 million. The ends are meet like a mother####er.
    What you gonna do, get a job at a boutique on the weekends and shit?
    And say, “Here, Johnny. I made $ 70 put that with the rest. Now we have $ 100 million and 70 dollars. Because I want to do my share.“

    All you have to do, you marry a man with $100 million, is #### your husband.
    That’s it! That’s your job.     

    That’s it…Just #### your husband.

    You fill out a W-4 they say, “What you do?“
    You say, “I #### my husband.“


  42. Angie says:

    Well, after all the cheating stuff we have read about all this days, i think the problem was not that he cheated on her, she could have faced it as elen rives has done. The big problem is he has left her and this must have hurt her. This is what happen when you keep on forgiving your husband after all those cheating. Elen and the rest of wags note what you might be facing … soon.

  43. Tres Bien says:

    Was I the only one not shocked when I read they were heading for a divorce?

  44. S A R A H ;; says:

    I Always Thought There Was Something A Bit Fishy About Thierry raspberry
    Good Luck Claire (And Tea)
    Have a Good Life