March 25th, 2010

Did Wayne Bridge Hook Up With Kim Kardashian? – UPDATED

UPDATE: Kim’s latest tweet revealed a rather LOL-worthy response to the front page of The Sun. She asked, ‘Who the hell is Wayne Bridge?’

Gossip blogs in the States are buzzing with the news that Man City’s Wayne Bridge hooked up with Kim Kardashian when he was on his “getting over Vanessa” trip in Miami earlier this month. We’ve not heard anything solid our end, nor seen any photos, so take this with a gossip grain of salt.

We introduced you to Kim in our American WAGs Guide, but in summary, she gets naked, makes sex tapes, and has an inspirational bottom.

As we all know, Wayne’s been a single man for some time and Kim has just finished with New Orleans Saints player Reggie Bush. He’s the man that set our loins aflame back in 2007 when he appeared in an Adidas promo with David Beckham.

We’re actually going to put some mood lighting on and go back and watch that video another 50 times. You can join us, or just freak out at the thought of Wayne and Kim hooking up. It’s your choice.

Link: Kim Kardashian Reportedly Seeing Another Famous Dude

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30 Responses to “Did Wayne Bridge Hook Up With Kim Kardashian? – UPDATED”

  1. shakezz says:

    shes sexy still

  2. Should I be embarrassed that I don’t know who she is? Is she related to the Kardashian who was OJ’s lawyer?

  3. Lucy says:

    they┬┤re both TRASH!!!

  4. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Oh Lord. Here we go again. I don't really see how this is possible, as its reported that she only broke up with Reggie Bush like… two days ago and Wayne Bridge was in Miami before that. But that's assuming. And you know how that does.

    I like Joel McHale's (he does The Soup on E!) take on Kim Kardashian, though – "who is famous for having a big ass and a sex tape". Sorry for language.

  5. liv says:

    Kim has been single for what 3 days now and she’s with the Bridge; people stop freaking out this is nonsense!

  6. Kristen (Mrs. Sebast says:

    In recent pics, Kim looks like she has lost some of the booty that made her famous. Basically, she is famous for being "famous." Being from the US, I have my full share of her. They even talk about her on ESPN over here because she was with Reggie Bush. She is related to the whole horde of Jenner kids because they are step-siblings. And yes, she is related to Brody (Brodie) Jenner of "The Hills"/"Laguna Beach." She is trying to actually make a name for herself over here by releasing a fragrance, which I have heard smells like a hooker. Plus, she has a NASCAR stock car with her pic on it, but the first few laps of the only race it has been in, it was destroyed in a crash. She can't even hire a proper driver for the car. Bah, she is nothing great…

  7. Dutch says:

    Say it isnt sooo…Wayne don’t go near that chick…

  8. Genghis says:

    I saw the sex tape. She doesn't know how to perform fellatio. It sucks. So no big deal.

  9. Sofia says:

    Mediatakeouts nickname is Mediafakeout because of all their made up and fabricated stories. I don’t believe anything they report.

    • Ms. Astute Observer says:

      Funny, I just read the mediatakeout "article" and said to myself: "well, I won't believe it until Kickette show's some proof….."

  10. Merel says:

    Kim is so nasty

  11. goalkeeperette says:

    Her butt scares me.

  12. tammyv says:

    If it is true.. well done him.

    It was a post-bad break-up/bff betrayal hook-up with someone who ranks higher on the boy desire scale that Vanessa. It is not like they would get married and settle down… it was good, clean (or very dirty) fun.

    If not, well done him for getting attention in the US when he is virtually unknow

  13. Ambria says:

    holy to the sh to the ite!!!!……when i came across this i nearly choked on my wine!!!……i am praying for my sanity that this is really news to be taken with a pound and not a grain on salt!!!

  14. liv says:

    Kim has been single for what 3 days now and she's with the Bridge; people stop freaking out this is nonsense!

  15. Ella says:

    She pretty much ONLY dates black men, so I'm 100% certain this is a false rumor. Plus, she and Reggie allegedly just broke up a few days ago, so she would have still been with Reggie when WB was in Miami…..

  16. LuvinBale says:

    I can't stand Kim- she is toe up from the flo' up. Everyone acts like she's some big celeb. News flash! She's not.

    We know Wayne is single, let's hope he's not THAT desperate.

  17. senora ramos says:

    ok, when did reggie and kim break up again? i'm in louisiana and have heard nothing of the sort. and eww, kim. reggie's better.

    and her butt is very scary in my opinion as well

  18. Sarah says:

    Media Take Out makes The Daily Star and The Sun look like The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. I wouldn't even call it a gossip site. More like a Fan Fiction site. lol

    A quick search, and I found that while Wayne was in Miami on the 8th, Kim was shopping on Robertson Blvd….here in LA.…

  19. Molly says:

    Oh god…nooo Wayne…why????

    He's in some type of Sigmund Freud defense mechanism lol!!!! I can't think of the one right now but he is. :) :(

    • Molly says:

      or using a Defense Mechanism lol… I was in distress and disgust when I read this I wasn’t thinking about what I was writing lol.