January 6th, 2010

Din-Dins: Chelsea FC at San Lorenzo

Michael Ballack

A few of the Blues decided to partake in a Boys Night Out at San Lorenzo restaurant in Knightsbridge last night. All went for the smart-casual look; some had more success than others.

Let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with here:

Michael Ballack (above) – Points for a well-tied scarf and the fact that his jeans are rather bulgetastic in the below-the-belt area. The semi-flared leg needs to go back in the style vault from whence it came.

Joe Cole
Joe Cole - we don’t understand this scarf. We do understand that soon-to-be dad Joe is nummy.

Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard – 1. Are those desert boots? 2. High marks for the flash of stomach on a cold winter’s night. 3. Seriously: are those desert boots?

John Terry
John Terry – we like the tartan and the smile so the captain gets a pass.

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28 Responses to “Din-Dins: Chelsea FC at San Lorenzo”

  1. Stefanni says:


  2. ElNino9 says:

    Love John Terry's cheeky smile! :)

  3. becca says:

    Lampsyyyyyyy – i love him!

  4. Ana:) says:

    Lamps and terry dont look bad. I dont like Ballack's wrinkly scarf or jeans, lol! I think Joe's jacket is a little tight too lol. John must be freezing!!! I still cant believe John Terry used to go to my school!! Love them anyway!

  5. lovecfc says:

    Bally looks good. um or I should say it is ''not bad'' at least.

    Joey's problem is the jacket. it doesn't fit him at all.

    Well, about Lampsy……I think he still looks very good as always. Love his coat and the scarf indeed:)

    And about our captain JT……I think that tartan looks good on him :)

    So overall, Lampsy and JT both pass!

  6. Johnna says:

    Oh god John is to die for.

  7. yfl says:

    JT definitely the best however Frank – yummy! Michael Ballack’s jacket looks a bit small for him; can’t decide if it’s the shoulders or the sleeves are too short

  8. Lorelei says:

    I don't think Ballack is attractive either. JT, on the other hand, had me going weak kneed.

  9. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Wow – not a single one of them is an epic fail. Ballack needs to get rid of those flares, but I can deal with him. The rest is actually really, really good. Am impressed. Joey looks amazing! Lampsy looks really good as well. Does JT know what cold is? Lol, I'm wondering where his coat is.

  10. Regiii says:

    My style vote goes to Ballack even though Lampsy nailed his too!!!!
    My smile vote goes to JT, the owner of the most heart-breaking smile I’ve ever seen!!!

  11. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    JT's smile breaks hearts. Mine included.

  12. Jackie says:

    Happy the flash of skin was noticed because my eyes went immediately in that direction. And the smile from John Terry could get him out of any situation.

  13. SheilaLampsy says:

    Luv lamps!

  14. MrsCole says:

    awww my Joe is so cute, so adorable I wanna cuddle him!! All of them are so special!

  15. J.Cole says:

    I love them all!! Joe looks great again!!!

  16. DSS says:

    I know that John Terry is in his late 20′s but he looks 45 to me.

    • CNB says:

      I had the pleasure of meeting JT last April, and let me assure you, he does not look 45 in person! He is absolutely fit and a very nice guy as well.

      Love Frank's coat and that hint of tummy! ;-) But it looks as though Joey might have grabbed one of Carly's scarves by mistake!

    • Ella says:

      I think JT is attractive, but I agree that he does look older than his age. (I've never seen him in person, so this is based on pics and video).

  17. Jess says:


  18. Blair says:


  19. truly_thata says:

    Lamps and Bally looks fantastic (except for Lamps scarf!!!! ), while for JT (is he didn't feel cold with only using tartan shirt?)…..Joey smile killing me….:D

  20. Elise says:

    Michael Ballack looks fantastic, as usual. Joe's scarf is funny, but he gets a pass because he's just adorable. Frank looks good except for the shoes, but he gets a pass too because he's Frank! lol And John…oh John. That smile makes LIFE better. A happy, smiling John Terry is a beautiful thing. And I love that plaid shirt. It looks awesome on him and it's the kind of thing my Dad always wore, so I love it even more. In reference to a post below, I too have always thought John looks older than his years- but I"ve always thought that was hot! Either way, he's beautiful, and I'll love him always.

  21. yasichelsea says:

    Frank is Smart,Fashionable and handsome as always!!!Luve Yaaaa Dahling!:))))))))(KISSSSSes:*)

    Come on Chelsea!

  22. Ella says:

    Joe and JT look adorable. Frank's style continues to improve (minus the shoes). Am I the only one who doesn't find Ballack attractive in the least?

  23. Ines del Sol says:

    oh god Joey is so handsome!!!

    JT's smile – priceless…

    Frankie's tummy.. .rawr…

  24. Hey says:

    Joesss Looking Goood :D x