August 16th, 2010

Din Dins: Mario Balotelli & Melissa Castagnoli at San Carlo, Manchester

Mario’s trainers: do we need to discuss this situation?

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42 Responses to “Din Dins: Mario Balotelli & Melissa Castagnoli at San Carlo, Manchester”

  1. EvE says:

    are you f'ing insane?!!
    his girl is the most beautifull girl of italy and his shoes are flawless!!! LOVE HE WHOLE PICTURE!!!

  2. Andreas says:

    As a brother I can identify with him as far as the racist crap that he gets. In life sometimes we are given a gift from the Heavens to be adopted by suitable parents….sometimes it may be parents from a different culture. I can relate bro…the constant racist and ignorant rubbish he must go through must be disgusting. We are commenting because we give a shit…even you the racist..give a shit..why…you care or you just wish otherwise you would not even sweat it. I have dated all colours of the rainbow because I am open minded not because I am selling out or whatever ignorant people may think about their beautiful relationship. Brother! play your game…honor your woman..respect and value your Italian parents…find harmony. I admitt though…homegirl gotta cover up her undies….leave that for BiG Daddy in the bedroom ;-)

  3. djack says:

    super mario's girl is hot as fu@k (just this guy 2 cents :) )… her nose was broken in a bust up by a jealous girl at a club after she won a beauty contest in italy.

    mario is a d&g sponsored footballer thus the trainers and the shiny jackets.

    this kid we light it up @ man city!!!

  4. Did yall know he was born in 1990!?! OMG, he's a baby! Won't even bother about her undies situation…but his shoes are pretty dope. Not for everyone I guess, but I think they're cool.

  5. Susie says:

    Highly dislike the panties, the wedges and the smug look on her face.

  6. miaow says:

    They look fine. Different countries = different styles! Look around you nxt time you're out, he's nice looking & so is she!

  7. Pam says:

    That girl is with him for the money $$$. Can you say G-o-l-d-i-g-g-e-r-?

    • jaime copara says:

      los que hacen comentarios negativos lo unico que demuestran es que estan adoloridos y resentidoss por que ella en medio de muchos hombres millonarios que quieren estar con ella lo prefiere a el

  8. Joe says:

    The girl is okay actually, better if she had some bootay. But it's one of those things. u either have it or not sweetheart. Now y'all stop hating on Balotegoal he is better than any of y'all will ever be in your wildest dreams and he is just a 20 year old kid

  9. aps says:

    His shoes are a disaster, her underwear showing is a disaster, and her nose is a disaster. Not cute at all.

  10. Julia D says:

    Well I must be in a minority because I actually think Mario’s quite attractive, a pain in the butt to handle, but gifted & hot. And I like what he’s wearing (EXCEPT the chains x2), it has a kind of retro-80′s thing that he can pull off. But I feel sorry for Mancini, & his very beautiful gf needs to pull up her frikken pants. THAT style (pants down, undies showing) has GOT to go, both genders just stop it!

  11. jesmag says:

    Did you see the nylon jacket he wore in the press pics ? and the unfortunate dental issue? Sorry , ladies, only the money-grubbing or seriously odd could be other than repulsed. Raise your standards, Kickettes!

  12. amaïla says:

    it’s BaloteLLI miss and not BaloteTTI

  13. Ana-Fiona says:

    he kinda looks like Seal (the singer) and she kinda looks like Mariah Carey… Idk maybe my eyes are decieving me… lol

  14. Love Sergi says:

    I like his outfit. In some angles, he can be cute. As far as for her, pull up your jeans sweetie. Not very attractive. Oh and she needs some major lip gloss and a brush. ;)

    • loveu2much says:

      i agree with you on his outfit its kinda cool i actually dont see nothing wrong with it. as for the chick she just looks so bad seems as if she got dressed in a hurry. poor girl.

  15. tammyv says:

    there is nothing right is this photo.. least of all her attempted arrogant grin.

    Sweetie, no one wants to be you…

  16. jesmag says:

    Why are we getting at her? From some comments, if he ddn't kick a ball, these ladies would laugh at him. he is Ghanaian, raher than Italian, so perhaps that explains his dress, ans girl, sense.

    • aristeia says:

      Born in Italy, raised in Italy, Italian family, plays for Italy = Italian.

    • Ana;) says:

      Who cares if he is ghanian I know plenty of ghanian guys who dress better than him, no excuses lol his wardrobe or stylist just hates him lol!

    • Joe says:

      Jesmag u had the most nonsense comment thua far. As a guy I can't comment on his looks but really you think ladies would laugh at her if he didn't kick a ball. I don't think so. It is well documented what 70% of women prefer. And damn you for all this divisionism. The boy is as much Italian as he is Ghanaian. So forget you.

  17. aurrie says:

    ummm….dude girl….we can see your thong ……pull it up girl!! but i like her outfite :D

  18. Liz says:

    This girl has no class. she needs to take some notes from VB.

  19. Mrs. Navas says:

    i'm seeing her underwear. y am i seeing her underwear?

  20. shay says:

    After all the crap he has pulled it's hard to look at him with anything but contempt. Mancini just bought himself 40 million dollars worth of trouble. And his girl probably wouldn't even spit on him if he wasn't a rich footballer cause he's not cute. at all.

  21. Freya says:

    That woman has a face I'd never tire of punching…and FYI love, your underwear is on show!

    • LuvinBale says:

      I agree with 100%!!! she wouldn't look so smug if she knew her undies were on display for everyone to see.

      I don't find him attractive at all- maybe it's the outfit. Green leather? I think there is a sofa out there with a chunk of leather missing.

  22. Maple_lee says:

    I don't know what's more offensive to the eyes: his shoes or his date!

    • jaime copara says:

      los que hacen come

      los que hacen comentarios negativos lo unmico que hacen es mostrar que estan adoloridos y resentidos por que en medio de todos los hombres millonarios que quieren estar con ella ella lo prefiere a el

  23. oh my says:

    let me guess.

    She is a model and totally in love with him. Doesn't date him for his money and status but purely for his character…

    Why am I so cynical today??? :-)

    Anyway, agree with you who said she needs a belt. Other than that I think she looks adorable

  24. MissB says:

    This is the most untidy couple EVER! Pull those pants up! yuck

  25. Ana;) says:

    You wouldn't think this girl came from Italy would you?

    She needs to pull her trousers up,

    She doesn't look 'very well presented' loool

    All the money her bf has just cashed in the bank and she can't dress decent for dinner? Lol!

    Mario- I expect the wild trainers from him it's all apart of his personality, I guess he doesn't look that bad (minus the green leather, chain and trainers)

    Lool I'm so judgemental!! Now I feel bad! I'm going to go put a sock in it!

    • ceros says:

      Plenty of not that well presented, not overly self-respecting girls in Italy too. Everything, everywhere these days.

  26. Cammie says:

    He is not attractive, and she look like the usual trashy type they date

  27. MissEstonia says:

    A belt and a longer top would do her nicely, especially for a dinner. The underwear showing is really not very classy and the top could be longer, if she was going to the beach, it would be fine. But she's on a night out.

    She's a beautiful girl, so this isn't me being jealous (not into her BF anyway), but really just constructive criticism.

  28. Angie says:

    You know, if she can afford a Gucci bag, she can afford a belt. Hike your pants up, girl, we don't need to see your smalls! Mario, on the other hand, is looking good from the ankles up. Except for the wallet chain. Gosh, I'm critical today…it must be a case of the Mondays.

  29. SoccerDuckie says:

    Yep, when he wears those jeans those trainers are just wrong. So he should change his shoes while she pulls up her jeans. :D

  30. Blair says:

    Shuoldn't we be taking more of an issue with her pants hanging out? That has some serious ick factor.