February 10th, 2010

Din-Dins: Reds at Rosso

We want in on the joke! Oh wait, it’s probably about Wayne’s jacket isn’t it? Never mind. FYI, this photo was taken on February 4, when Wayne Rooney, Mikey Owen and Michael Carrick had lunch at Rio Ferdinand’s restaurant, Rosso.

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31 Responses to “Din-Dins: Reds at Rosso”

  1. hadeel says:

    i love michael owen….he's so hot n simple <3

  2. deby says:

    nice style Owen…

    Love You!!!!

  3. NinyaC says:

    How cuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  4. aps says:

    Michael is a cutey. Now for Wayne: the jeans look a tad bit tight. The shirt and the jacket are a NO-NO.

  5. hoda says:

    have especial ang good feelings about they are going to rio's restaurant but i got an extra question where are louise and owen's children?i havnt seen them for long time,correct me plz isnt louise pregrnant?

  6. Molly says:

    I love Michael Owen he is so good looking. And I dont care what anyone says about Wayne, I would date him lol if he was’t married and I didn’t love Coleen.

  7. Lilly says:

    michael owen=Love!

  8. Missy Manchester says:

    Does ANYBODY look good in quilted jackets???? (Remember George Costanza from Seinfeld…in his puffy coat?)

  9. juventina says:

    Michael Owen is very good looking…I'm not too sure about Wayne though…those jeans are a tad too tight for me…Owen knows how to dress himself YAY! :) good boy :)

  10. running down the wing says:

    Good luck tonight boys! :D make me proud

  11. Danika says:

    I pretty sure Elen Rives has the same jacket as Wayne. Its strange that Owen looks younger then Wayne?

  12. Aw, so cute! I want to lunch with them. :)

  13. Missy Manchester says:

    I’m just pleased to see healthy happy footballers coming out of a restaurant in the afternoon…as opposed to drunk and disorderlies coming out of lounges at 4 am.

    It also doesn’t hurt that the footballers are Cutie and Patootie (aka Michael and Wayne) LOL

  14. memo says:

    How did Kickette fail to note the Tiffany's bag? His jacket but no guesses on the goods inside? for shame.

  15. Blair says:

    I think Michael Owen might be one of the most adorable footballers. I just want to pinch those dimpled cheeks. (The ones on his face, you perverts.)

  16. Ella says:

    Michael Owen is so cute. And Wayne is so…..bald. LOL! I still love him for being such a phenomenal athlete though!

  17. Ah, I love ya, Wayne but those clothes are just not that flattering. Michael Owen looks so hot…simple, classic, HOT! Hope Wayne's toting home some Tiffany & Co. bling for Coleen.

  18. Shipra says:

    Michael Owen is just so adorable even after so many years! Awwwwww…But, I need pictures of Michael carrick,

  19. carly says:

    Michael Owen looks so great there – just another proof that footballers (and everyone else) look better staying away from wtf clothes.

  20. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Wayne, love you, but please get rid of the jacket and chuck the shirt with it. With his pen and paper at the ready I wonder if Michael was checking the horses!

  21. shay says:

    Are there any decent jeans for sale in Europe? I wish someone would give the address to these footballers. It's a crying shame what some of them walk around in. (Cristiano and Lampsy I am looking at you. )

  22. Carson says:

    Is that a Tiffany bag in Wayne's hand? Or is Rio just classing up the takeout?

  23. kitcat says:

    There's another pic of Rooney & Carrick. This was for their (cancelled) visit to Indonesia.


  24. abbie says:

    What with Wayne coat lol.

  25. HiL says:

    love them!! where are pics of Michael Carrick though? :( link anyone?