September 2nd, 2011

Dinner With The Fam: Gerard Pique & Shakira

After spending some time apart due to work, Shakira and her Barcelona ‘baller made up for lost time last night by stealing some kisses and lap seats whilst dining with her brother and friends. Per the paps, ‘the loved up pair acted as though they were alone’ despite having an audience.┬áImage Credit: Bauer Griffin.

WAG la liga colombian pop star

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39 Responses to “Dinner With The Fam: Gerard Pique & Shakira”

  1. kenny says:

    The question is, is shakira serious about this relationship or is she just having a good time? It looks like it will last a whole year!!! If shakira is just having a good that means sex is big part of it!!!!!!!!!!! How do I know? Just check out her Gypsy Video, you do not get that close unless your Very Close!!!
    But Shaira, you can not Object to my statement since you know it is true!!!!!!
    And you and Gerard? You should stop walking in and out of Hotels together!!!!!!

  2. Eli_aka_NC says:

    Why haven't I come across these two despite the fact that I've been living in BCN for the last 6 months? I moved here to meet ballers in the flesh, come on!

  3. erika says:

    ~ i may be the only one who thinks this but i reckon shaki is the one who hires the these 'paperazzi'
    and i bet gerard doesnt have a slightest clue !!!

    i really dont think she's the sweetheart everyone seems think she is and he seems to be caving under all the media strain. shame really

  4. Kristina says:

    There they are! Always nice to see those two. I hope they will shut all the sceptics up and start a beautiful family of their own.

  5. Agnes Wonka says:

    Can this site just stop posting about this couple! most of us are getting tired of them!
    they look fake, and it seems she desperately needs this relationship to help her career not to sink. I mean, she's not very popular, coz if she was, she would have been nominated to a VMA….and she wasn't. All the big stars in music were at the Mtv gala and she wasn't even named.

    • Kristina says:

      Is that a prerequisite for appearing on this blog? That you should have a more successful career than your man? Not many wags featured here lives up to that expectation. As you can see, there are some that are not itred of them. I hope that Kickette will keep bring us the news in their own fabulous way. If you don't like it you can just scroll by :) .

      • Agnes Wonka says:

        first, I don't care what you think,
        second, what I meant to say is that she's not as huge as people think she is, and that she is using him.
        third, people in many blogs like this one, and Twitter are saying that this couple is a fake and they don't believe in them.
        Fourth, Kickette is fabulous, but as all the sites, it's run by human beings who are not 100% objective, that's why many of us have noticed that they cheer some couples like this one, and bash others like Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk.

        Sometimes, I miss the old Kickette posts about classic wags like Alex Gerrard and Colleen Rooney.

        • Kristina says:

          lol, then I respect Kickette even more for not caring about the other blogs and keep posting news about this couple. I have never noticed any particular partiallity from Kickette. I usually never comment on the wag posts because they don't interest me that much. But when I do read them I get surprised by the nasty comments some people post. I don't get how anyone can speculate so much about people they don't know at all. If the couples seem happy and the realtionships hold then I'm glad for their sake. That's all there is to it. And of course some couples interests me more than others.

          Finally, you only become classic with time. So just give it time.

          • Agnes Wonka says:

            I'm sorry, but I don't think this "couple" will last.
            If I give my opinion, it's because I'm a thoughtful person, and if ti sounds too strong for you, I'm sorry, but I'm very passionate and hate hypocrecy.

            I just think Kickette was funnier in the past

        • ..... says:

          i agree about the cristiano and irine, but.. how dear you call collen rooney(golddigger, fame hungry) classy and call shakira a fading star.
          and yeah like lil wayne and justn beiber(or whatevar his name is) are big talented stars , they are only big stars in the us not the rest of the world like shakira is!!!

          • Agnes Wonka says:

            I like Colleen coz she's from the neighbourhood, like a modern Cinderella story.
            I don't think you can compare the worldwide fame of the Bieber and Lil Wayne with Shakira, who has to try hard for fame.
            did you know that she's hated in Southamerica? we just can't stand her fakeness!

            • whosay says:

              what??? a cinderella story more like "the famhungry girl and the beast" i mean she wasnt a goldigger/famehungry she would not be with that thing, after all he did to her:

        • Lilly says:

          You know what else is tiring apart from Pique-Shakira? You bashing Shakira and praising Irina at every opportunity. You don't know them, how can u be so fixated?

          • Agnes Wonka says:

            maybe I don't Irina, but I apreciate real beauty and class. She seems good at what she does. That's it.
            Shakira is not talented, and apart from not having class, she discriminates certain religions, dis you know that?

  6. sahil says:

    they looks nice together..

  7. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I was just telling my friends, I didnt hear of these 2 for a while, then I see their news!!, Oh man Maybe I should wished to see a shirtless Ramos instead!!!!!

  8. Gladys says:

    I know everyone's a little sick of these two but I have to say I really love that Shakira, when she's not on stage shakin' and beltin' it, looks like a normal person. She's not tripping around in 8 inch-heels and a see-through band-aid dress. She dresses up for work but on her down time is just a pretty, natural-looking person. And she still has a hot 23-year-old man. Maybe this is the lazy person in me talking, but I always want to laugh at these WAGs who dress for for a visit to the market like it's a night out at a club. Just seems like they're trying too hard.

    • BlackRose says:

      here here, I so agree. I'm not really a fan of hers or her music, but I love how she's being so natural, carefree, youthful (she's ONLY thirty-something after all, not some old lady) and so I-don't-give-a-s**t about all of this.

    • Anita says:

      i could not have said it better!! i love that she looks so fresh and natural!! love this couple :)

    • Kristina says:

      Absolutely agree! And I have never been nauseated or even tired of the two.

    • Zahara says:

      i feel the same way too :)
      btw to the ppl who think shakira is not as famous as rihanna or um demi lovato ( i didnt get this one), she is just as famous and also an good person, which is what matters most, not how famous she is.

    • Si Onara says:

      The woman has enough botox in her forehead to paralyse a charging T-Rex, hair that hasn't seen it's natural colour for a decade and wears high-end designer (ie. so expensive they're really awful-looking) clothes 24/7. Natural she ain't!

  9. Si Onara says:

    Kickette, why you bring the "Meh"s? If it was Rihanna straddling Xavi or Katy Perry tonguing Mesut Ozil, or Lady Gaga tromboning Carlos Tevez this would be news. A fading Latin pop-singer with ever-declining album sales having dinner with a guy who's like the fifth / sixth(?) best player on his team, not so much!

    • Gladys says:

      I honestly would pay money to see Rihanna straddling Xavi!!! Maybe we can all take up a fund and hire a look-alike.

    • blitzenTO says:

      I have no idea what "tromboning" is, but if it involves both Lady Gaga and Carlos Tevez, it can't be pretty. @@

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      *applauses* THIS!!
      I agree so much with you!!
      Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga…those are popstars!!!!!

      what about Leo Messi and Demi Lovato? that could quite nice pairing.

    • kiwinay says:

      I'm not sure how fifth or sixth best player in his team is the best way of lowering the importance of Gerard Pique. If we line them up and say: Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Puyol and then put Pique at the end of that list, that's still higher than say 90% of all pro footballers out there. Anyway, the better reasoning would probably be that they're quite over exposed already so Kickette could maybe take a pass on them. That said, it's not like they're on the site every day or even every week so you know, maybe you can scroll on by. #justsaying

  10. Aisha says: