July 2nd, 2009

Djibril and Jude Cisse: 2 Waistcoats, 1 Bow-tie


Be honest, Kickettes.

Jude Cisse is a better woman than any of us.

Would you be able to bite your tongue and happily skip out the front door into a waiting cab if your man was dressed like this? Not saying one single thing about the clothing choices? Smiling and remaining engaged in conversation throughout the evening?

Jude lets Djibril fully unleash his inner style crazy. And we’re beginning to think it’s the secret to their relationship success.

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18 Responses to “Djibril and Jude Cisse: 2 Waistcoats, 1 Bow-tie”

  1. carly says:

    Seriously,<span class="wbr"></span> is<span class="wbr"></span> this<span class="wbr"></span> Bad<span class="wbr"></span> Fashion<span class="wbr"></span> Day<span class="wbr"></span><span class="wbr"></span> in<span class="wbr"></span> Kickette? They are fun, though, I'll give them that.

  2. aristeia says:

    She had to have known what she was getting into… I commend their seemingly strong relationship and how they always seem to enjoy each other. More power to them.

  3. Emily (Giggsy's says:

    I<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> have<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> no<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> comment<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> on<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> Djibril's<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> outfit,<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> but<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> I<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> would<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> commit<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> assault<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> to<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> get<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> my<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> hands<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> on<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> Jude's<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> t-shirt.<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> Don't<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> enjoy<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> the<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> off-the-shoulder<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> style,<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> but<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> I<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> luurrrrrve<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> me<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> some<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> Prince<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> (fanatically,<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> I<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> might<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> add),<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> and<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> I<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> think<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> her<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> shirt<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> is<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> awesome!<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> <IMG title="ok" height="16" alt="ok" src="http://static0.fluxstatic.com/-/Clients/Common/Img/RTE/smiley/alpha/ok.gif&quot; width="24">

  4. Me says:


  5. Lolinha says:

    You can find the t-shirt here: http://www.80stees.com/products/Life-Is-A-Parade-… , 40 bucks(!). :)

  6. HiL says:

    Kickette, I certainly wouldn't.

  7. gunner-chica says:

    forget him..i want her outfit! rocker-chic .)

  8. carly says:

    Seriously, is this Bad Fashion Day in Kickette?

    They are fun, though, I’ll give them that.

  9. Avenath says:

    He looks like he's about to go clean some fancy stables with those boots…Jude on the other hand, looks great…but yeah, kudos to her…she is one strong woman…

  10. dannie says:

    i love him. i love her. i love them

  11. mertz says:

    he makes me so confused. i was thinking the same thing about her before i read the story kickette. he’s gosh soooooo confusing. i love him though.

  12. strawberrym says:

    Awful, but it is quite refreshing to see a baller experiment with clothes like Cisse, and in a weird way, I do think it kind of suits him.

  13. Dreamgirl says:

    You should never try to change people. Do it and your relationship goes down the drain. Well done Jude. :)

  14. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbe says:

    I love what Jude is wearing but Djibril is really making her look bad. I don't think I could bite my tongue if I went out with someone wearing that. She deserves a medal!

  15. Erin says:

    Hey,<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> if<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> she<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> can<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> put<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> up<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> with<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> Djibril,<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> then<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> more<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> power<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> to<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> her.<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> The<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> man<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> drives<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> me<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> nuts.

  16. willow says:

    I don’t understand what’s running through his mind when he gets dressed … or goes shopping.

  17. Lolinha says:

    A mohawk with a bow-tie, god dang it! Djibril never disappoints. I can’t stand women who try to change their men. So kudos to Jude for letting her man, um… experiment(?) with his style. The jaded beyach in me want to say sh*t loads of money are the secret to any wacky baller/seemingly normal woman relationship.

  18. Nandia Mrs.The Ramos says:

    Cant wait to see them in Athens!!And he said he’ll paint his hair green LOL