November 2nd, 2010

Doppelgänger Damsels In Distress: Jennifer Thompson & Alex Gerrard

One uncanny, physical attribute that Wayne Rooney’s paid pal and Steven Gerrard’s missus-before-they-were-married have in common? A shared case of the bloat face, Kickettes. Images: Google.

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29 Responses to “Doppelgänger Damsels In Distress: Jennifer Thompson & Alex Gerrard”

  1. FloraJane says:

    Actually I think both of these women are rather pretty. Alex is wearing too much makeup, but she does that alot.

  2. whitney says:

    Alex's face is too shiny!

  3. Alessandra says:


  4. Tocadisco says:

    Teh !
    You call this bitchy ?!
    You agree with people calling Gareth Bale a monkey and Carlos Tevez a dog and then you say this is bitchy ?
    Ridiculous … –'

  5. Tocadisco says:

    Teh !
    You call this bitchy ?!
    So you completely agree with the fact that some people are calling Gareth Bale a monkey and Carlos Tevez a dog but then disagree with a little joke like this ?
    This is ridiculous … –’

  6. pkbird says:

    Clever or not this article has more punch to it than ANY of the "OK Alex" columns I've read! Does AG actually get paid to write these random, uninteresting and none-too-brilliant thoughts of hers?!

    Not hating, just asking!

    • Says_Who says:

      I ask myself the same question every time I see her columns under the "Footy Must Reads" section. I read one of her articles in the past and I almost threw up by the last paragraph—if you can call her three lines of banal thoughts paragraphs.

      I'm not hating on Alex's character but I'm baffled and disgusted that she gets paid an insane amount of money for writing like a six year old. Then again, she writes for OK! Magazine so I assume that their standards aren't that high when it comes to competent journalists and columnists.

  7. Ella says:

    Seriously, this is not funny. It's just mean and bitchy, not clever at all.

  8. wanniemelon says:

    let's play, spot the hooker!

    i concur with the comments as well, kickette. not your best moment!

  9. PP Longstocking says:

    exactly, couldn't have said it any better. This woman is out for the money. What's the best way to ensure financial security from your boyfriend? Have his baby.

    • PP Longstocking says:

      Actually what I meant to say is that initially she was out for the money. I hope she really is in love with him though.

      • Thea says:

        You just don't know with these girls – they are pretty, mainly uneducated and had meanial jobs prior to meeting the man of their dreams/ Millionaire Footballer…….AND as to what wew had confirmed this year (note that alot was hushed up by injuctions) they stand by their men no matter what!

  10. Winnie Mata says:

    while Alex's face looks bloated in comparison to her usual appearance
    you can tell that's just how that Jenni girl looks on a regular basis

  11. WAG2BE says:

    I know were alll supposed to be on the "IHATEWAYNEANDCOLEENROONEY" train butttt i think Coleen is way prettier than that classless skank on the left……

  12. mena says:

    Kickette, not long ago you mentioned needing some new faces in the WAG ranks and I think you're right.

    This post gives the reason why: All the faces are just blending together.

    Maybe we need to help the cause, find some new faces and play matchmaker.

  13. waste of space both of them

  14. C16 says:

    LOL. That is mean Kickette. Even for you, that is mean.
    Kind of funny though.

  15. wow says:

    kickette surley you guys could have done a tuesday fit instead of this! me no likey.

  16. miaow says:

    what a nasty, bitchy article! People have different faces ..gee you don't say!

  17. Sophie says:

    Omg, kickette, I thought the same thing as you! They could be cousins:)

  18. Rossanera says:

    I agree with the comments above. This is really just mean-spirited.

  19. MMM says:

    Aw man Kickette, you tell commenters to keep snark funny and then you post something like that? 'Bloat Face'? We may not like the one on the left very much, but come on.

  20. Alexandra says:

    Actually there's a 3-way doppleganger because they both (particularly Alex) looks like Lauren from The Only Way is Essex (shamed to say I watch it).

  21. rubyqueen says:

    i don't really see the point in this article.??it's just bitchy not clever.

  22. Marie says:

    ha ha kickette…. only you can make a connection like this!!!!!
    (making light of otherwise serious often disturbing stuff /news/people is one of the best things about this site!)

  23. Red_Girl says:

    Missy Manchester – the only time this year I'll wholeheartedly agree with a Manchester girlie, I think. Kickette, this juxtaposition is bitchy not clever.

  24. Missy Manchester says:

    I am not a big fan of Alex Gerrard…but even she doesn't deserve to be displayed next to that despicable creature.