August 20th, 2010

Dressed At Gunpoint 2: Gianluca & Valentina Zambrotta

Continuing our series of questioning the fash-choices of the rich, good-looking and fabulous because we’ve nothing better to do: here’s the sexy-as Zambro and wifey demonstrating what happens when held at gunpoint. Or, when heading for an audition as extras in the new film, When Blind Cowboys Go Shopping In The Dark, Now With Extra Ruffles & Reptilians!

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36 Responses to “Dressed At Gunpoint 2: Gianluca & Valentina Zambrotta”

  1. sahil says:

    they look funny…

  2. valentina is very very nice!!!!!!!

  3. aristeia says:

    It’s common knowledge that Zambro looks best sans clothing.

  4. LIB says:

    I think I had that same outfit for my Barbie in 1987. Wait! No! It was her kid sis Skipper’s! Not even an eight’s Barbie would be caught dead in that! All she needs is a side pony!

  5. Perry says:

    That’s repulsive!

  6. mel says:

    my eyes are in pain right now..

  7. zahara says:

    sweet jesus (navas), thats revolting!

    zambrotta seems like such a sweet guy, hmmm i bet his wife makes him dress like that and hes too nice to say 'hell woman, whats wrong with you?!'

  8. Woaahhhh…i'm speachless…

  9. Emme says:

    The pics of ‘Dressed at Gunpoint’ are so infuriating! These people have so much money & they still look like fash disasters/tragedies! And why does it seem like to become a WAG you have to pass a university level curriculum in tackiness and plastic surgery! Who picks out the clothing for these people?! They need to be exiled from the lives of footballers.

  10. Dahlia says:

    At first glimpse I thought that was Celine Dion :s seriously

    I maybe hallucinating..

  11. laurie says:

    From an Italian friend:

    “You have to remember that all Milan footballers are outfitted by Armani, so they’re instantly fashion victims in a Miami gigolo sort of way.”

  12. Moomin says:

    He needs to get out of that white monstrosity and back into his dolce underpants, pronto!

  13. SunnyK says:

    With the salary Silvio gives him, this seems about right.

  14. Faith says:

    What? Huh? Sorry missed the outfits as I zoomed in VERY closely to see the zipper situ. Oh Zambro were you in that much of a hurry?

  15. EternalDreamer says:

    No piece of clothing or shoe in this picture should have ever been made.

  16. Jessie says:

    Did she get breast reduction?
    They have the same face now.

  17. aps says:


  18. WagInTraining says:

    and THAT is why we need fashion police

  19. Dutch89 says:

    Yeah i still prefer him in his trunks ;)

  20. Julia D says:

    Oh dear. Armani is crying.

  21. CherylAC says:

    Why? Why? WHY????????

  22. JulieFromParis says:

    There were heading to a fancy-dress ball, no? *terrified questioning look in the eyes*

    • Dee says:

      If I had to guess, he was leaving Diddy's White Party and she just left the Hamptons Hoedown.

      • Steph says:

        lol. I'll be honest, I don't think even Diddy would let him into his white party dressed like that. :/ Especially in those shoes.

  23. Jamtart Heart says:

    I want to give them a pass because they just look so happy with each other. Just as kryptonite sapped Superman of his strength, the happy has robbed me of the ability to be critical, haha.

  24. caitanya says:

    is it just me or does she look like celine dion in this pic?

  25. karlaa says:

    Jesus Christt!! I just can't believe that someone whould dress like that..

  26. Julia D says:

    When bad clothes attack…..even attractive people look like dumps. I am stunned by this, sooo Jersey Shore. Barf!

  27. Dee says:

    I'm not even sure where to begin. Oh yeah….the shop she got that from…close it DOWN.

  28. MissEstonia says:

    He looks ridiculous, I can't decide what's worse, the see-through shirt or knee-holes on WHITE trousers. Ouch and I thought my headache was bad before. She should lose the ruffles and belt-stretchy-XL scrunchie around her waist and she'd look fine.

    • loveu2much says:

      i will decide for you girl the knee holes are an absolute no no in any color especially on a guy.