July 9th, 2010

Dressing Room Discoveries: Carles Puyol And Lukas Podolski

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If you love football, you love the powerful and inspiring psychological mindset required of its players. No, we’re not talking about remaining calm in the face of pressure, nor battling through any doubt or worry after an injury. We’re talking about the glorious mental state of Non-naked Shame.

On that note, let’s look at two recent happenstances that continue to prove footballers care little for cameras or prying eyes whether undressed, half dressed, or thinking about getting dressed. (Our absolute favourite example is here.)

First up, (video above) the Spanish NT meeting Queen Sofia after their semi-final victory against Germany. Sadly, it would appear few had time to completely strip off before royalty entered the dressing room, but Carles Puyol had no issues accepting her congratulations whilst wearing just a towel.

Side note: other things that occur in this video include Iker tossing something suspicious onto the floor (a razor? A carb snack? A stack of money?) and Sergio Ramos attempting to clean up so the Queen doesn’t break her royal behind on the man mess.

However, the Germans are not ones to go down without a fight. And as such, the lovely Lukas Podolski countered the rather tame Spanish footage by offering (albeit unawares) a completely starkers shot in the German change-room. Click and zoom. We’re not going anywhere.

Who knew Poldi would reject a little pre-World Cup manscaping? Fascinating.

Thanks SM!

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87 Responses to “Dressing Room Discoveries: Carles Puyol And Lukas Podolski”

  1. Eebza says:

    just saw this now!!!
    love love loved it!!! anyone have any footage in the locker room after the final??/ just seen the pics…
    ramos is too much trying to clean up lol
    shame and puyol…lol

  2. docinho388 says:

    I prefer “my love forever” Iker towel … I believe that the Queen also… hahaha
    The landscape of her face, is priceless…

  3. Nikki says:

    Oh , how I wish I was the Queen of Spain at that moment ! God knows what I would've done if I was in her place lol .

  4. Berbie's Barbie says:

    Oooooh…the first hand Queen Sofia shook was that of Mr Tight, tight jersey boy. Fernando Llorente!!!Viva Espana!

  5. zztop says:

    is this the only available footage of their locker room?

  6. ElNino9 says:

    Is it just me who can't find Torres?! :(

  7. cescyspain says:

    i love how cesc is like "Queen Sophia, huh? whatever! i've met THE queen."

    • Johanna says:

      LOL He sat back down after she went to shake Placido Domingo’s hand and remained there even when she game back to say goodbye. Was he texting perhaps? They were all a bit shocked to see her there.

  8. lulu says:

    I've watched this video twenty times now… I still can't find Cesc!! I get distracted by the ramos and pique :)

    can anyone tell me where to look? i don't think i'll be able to find it by myself, i'm not strong enough!

  9. Mathilda Podolski La says:

    First I was kinda' disappointed because Poldi wasn't gonna join the 3place match. But now, he made my day with that picture :) Come on Germany/Deutschland!!!

  10. ariela says:

    its cute how they're all trying to clean up the mess behind her like she didnt notice it lol. kinda like how kids stuff everything under the bed and throw it in the closet, the spanish boys are too cute, its hard not to love them =)

  11. Bina says:

    Here are many many cool pictures of the game. Just klick trough it…

  12. Zlatanista says:

    LOL, Pique is like "damn, gotta get the shirt back on..oh, no gotta keep clapping hands..i´ll try again..shit, must keep clapping. Somebody help me!"

    And, i´m growing more and more in love with Puyi. It´s a whole lotta´man right there! And him being embarrassed is just so adorable.

    • JamilaRamos says:

      Haha I couldn’t have said that better myself(about Pique)…Gosh I wish I was Queen Sofia, having such privileges of going into the dressing room full of nearly-naked Spain player. Lush!

  13. neenyah says:

    Here's the gif of Pique doing some sexy lips licking! http://fuckmerdj.tumblr.com/post/789192791

    • Piquette says:

      @neenyah I love you long time for this one.

      Pique is such a tease.

      Mmmm…. yes I’ll be…back in a bit

    • senora ramos says:

      i think i've just died of too much sexiness. O.M.G. Pique!!!!!

    • Tashinka says:

      Ha, I saw that right before the Spain-Germany game. And previous to that they focused on Poldi for a long time. I was like, damn, the hotness quotient of this game is seriously high!

      And I’m going to be thinking about those piquelips for a loong time tonight…

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      NEEYAH!!! If for some crazy but GOOOOOOOD reason there is a contest to visit a spanish locker room after a win where and they tell me I can take one person you are the one I'm taking. Seriously, Pique is just delicious and handsome and today he was playing soooooooooo good. I heard his name called out a lot and everytime I heard Pique, I swear I got butterflies in my stomach. From a Mexican who truly loves the sport congratulations Spain on your win you deserve it, you played the game, you scored without cheating and today you had 12 opponents but even with the referees faults you managed through. Love you guys for the great games you provided us the viewers and Spain thank you for having such yummy men who are also appreciated :) Holland except for 2 players you guys were decent enough to recognize the better team won. Classy act at the end. Love you all.

      • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

        Nooooooo the link doesn't work anymore and I didn't get to see it :( Oh why do I have such bad luck???

  14. aps says:


    The Queen should have ordered them to be in their towels like Puyol was.

  15. Monroe says:

    Podolski has made me a fan for LIFE!

  16. Ana;) says:

    Aww puyol! He seemed so embarrassed! Bless him
    haha cesc is like “what? She’s coming in now” looks up “dammn i have to get up right?” haha he’s funny.
    I love piqué he’s so yummy and muscular see even his torso doesn’t want to be covered up! Forget the shirt we want more flesh!
    Omg Podolski! I wasn’t expecting that *blushes
    he must of thought “A changing room…possibly a camera…underwear? Nah! Who needs it?” lool
    Nobody can say he’s selfish! He’s a giving man! Since they didn’t get through this was the next best thing for those female german supporters lol!
    i’ve heard a lot about Germans being comfortable getting naked and stuff but this is proof. I wander who got the shot?

  17. Isabella says:

    What I would do to be in that lady’s shoes…

    (dirty thoughts of dressing room lovin’ going off now) :)

  18. Piquette says:

    Does -no one- have the Germany pregame footage of Pique licking his lips ever so sensually? Dizzamn! :'(

    • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

      I have asked this same question a million times and I keep on checking here and elsewhere but nothing. I look on mexican website decaded to sports and nothing. And they usually have this pregame stuff. So if anyone knows of where we can go well let us know that life without seeing that just can’t be complete. Well it can because its most likely he will do it again and again and again and again… sorry what was I talking about?

  19. Elisabeth says:

    At 2:14-2:16 you can see Sergio Ramos spitting his drink onto the locker room floor…. gross

    But I love him anywayyy

    They are all so cute<3

  20. Liz says:

    Puyol has a tasty body and bulge. And Ramos, why the towel? You couldn’t have been nice and showed la Reina tu cuerpo meravilloso…

  21. Tashinka says:

    Oh dear me, thank you thank you thank you, Kickette. My two favoritest players ever, one is trapped in his shirt (piquant) and the other starkers (poldilicious)! Bless you and each and every pixel.

  22. Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

    Holy crap, Poldi. I’m about to head out to my friend’s birthday party, and now I’m confronted with that!

    • Rusty (Mrs Clemens F says:

      And now I'm late for my train after trying to find more naked Germans. Thanks, Poldi!

  23. klyn312 says:

    BLUSH! I love you kickette!

  24. Inés says:

    Queen Sofia has to admit she wanted to see the ballers undressed!

  25. Laurie says:

    "Notice Gerard Pique's cougar radar going haywire as he tries to take his shirt off immediately as she enters into the room. Somewhere, Ibra is jealous."

    Read that on a bloag, obviously written by a man but the thought of it made me laugh :D

  26. jecca says:

    You know, I've developed a mini-crush on Puyol since he got that goal. He certainly does have a convincing body.

  27. Cesc_Fabulous says:

    I repeat where is the El Nino. I heart that kiddo (even though he might theoretically arrived early on earth by quite a few days

  28. senora ramos says:

    i can’t think right now. <333

  29. MissTorres says:

    Ooooh! Where's Nando?!?!?!?!?!? :O

  30. [...] Dressing Room Discoveries: Carles Puyol And Lukas Podolski … [...]

  31. Rezia says:

    Wow. Pique needing help with his shirt. Those ABS. I'll need a calming five minutes of staring at the wall after that one…How is it possible not to love this team?

    And thanks a lot for besmirching my virgin eyes with the Podolski shot. Yikes. Hehe. You gotta warn a girl more…

  32. wanniemelon says:

    lol!! actually my favorite part was when she gave iker an extra pat…. haha even the Queen wants to cop a feel.

  33. Vick says:

    Hot hot hot. How i'd love to see Puyol like that with just a towel on. yum

  34. LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

    When I first saw this it was last night in a mexican sports show and I was about to chocked on the food I was eating. Why in the heck did Pique put his shirt back on? And did anyone else notice the queen was bobbing her head up and down and sideways to get a better look or to see if the guys were now undressing now that she was pretending to head out. That photo guy was in her way though. And if I were naked like Puyol I too would hide behind Pique. Or under his shirt I'm small enough and I wouldn't mind that one bit.

  35. Lisa says:

    Polish Sausage with a side of Sauerkraut! Poldi needs a razor and wax pronto. Can I volunteer? Poor Queen Sofia. I think she was dying to see some hot manflesh, its called the dressing room for a reason! The King probably got wind of it, made a few phone calls and stopped any funny business from taking place. It does raise an interesting question about role of monarchy in modern society, like what good is it being the Queen if you cannot order your male subjects to undress before you enter a room?

  36. Deedz says:

    This post was filled with so many amazing things. And yeah lol, Cesc didn’t stand until the Queen was well into the dressing room.

  37. caitanya says:

    "Sadly, it would appear few had time to completely strip off before royalty entered the dressing room …"

    HAHAHA That's the best line, kickette! It is totally a tragedy–I completely agree!

    and Oh … My … God is all i have to say re podolski, that hot blond polish specimen of a footballer! I must say that i am very happy to see that he is truly a Pole. :-D

  38. C16 says:

    Damn, men really are messy..

    That video is great. Poor Puyol, he was just trying to run away, he was definitely ashamed.

    And Podolski: OMG! That's all I can say.

  39. Yao says:

    Dearest Kickette,

    There are not enough words to thank you for pointing out that Poldi pic. I need I need a little liedown now.

  40. DebC says:

    Love the Spanish NT!! But where's Nando, cant find him in the dressing room.

  41. Ava says:

    Oh Poldi! O_O

  42. Nessa says:

    OMG!!!!!!i can't believe they got dolski without his undies!!!!haha…he is tooo cute!i love him!! pique too adorable.hehe…and fabby sitting when the Queen come in and like he had no intentions of standing up..lol..he's too sweet!!

  43. Homeskillet17 says:

    OMFG!!!! Podolski?!!!! O_O!!!! omg omg omg *dies*

    p.s. i love Spain! they're so loud and crazy and fun.

  44. Amanda says:

    call me a pervert, but I was hoping Puyol's towel would fall.

  45. cutecurls says:

    I LOVE this video. Its so funny the way Pique was trying to put his shirt down before the queen turned and then had to have Albiol help him :) So cute!

    I loved the way Sergio tried to clean up the mess but I wish he had dropped his towel.

    • Caitlin says:

      Sergio dropping the towel and pants would have been much appreciated.

      • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

        I would have to disagree with you girls on this on… how about if for some unexpected reason and since because over there is winter time when the Queen entered the room a gust of wind blew off all of their towels and pants off??? Not just Ramos although of all the men there he seemed to be the most gentlemen one since he was the first to clean up so the lady wouldn't hurt herself. Makes me think he's the kinda of guy who if his girl suddenly comes to his place which is most likely a mess cleans up and hides everything in the nearest closet lol… love them all.

        • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:


  46. Barcelista says:

    OMG Pique didn't have time to take his shirt down to begin with.. I think I'm in love (again)..

    Funny that Sex – Erh I mean Cesc – didn't stand up to begin with.. He's always so confused.. Oh I love him too.. Please come to Barca!!!

    And poor Puyi.. He was so embarrased with the "shirtless-bottomless-incident" at the press conference after the game :)

    Personally I'm a bit mad at Xabi for not keeping on filming after the queen left.. Would love to see all my boys without their shirts..

    Can you imagine every single player shirtless at the same time.. It would have been a perfect desktop background on my computer!!! *swoon*

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      Better yet… if there is such a shot send me the link because better than a computer background it would be best to make a king size blanket so you can have them all on your bed keeping you warm. At least that what I would do. Still drooling.

    • Cat says:

      Do you know where I can find the Puyol press conference? I've been scouring the web for it but no luck so far. He's the best <3

  47. mamaly says:

    Poor Puyol, the queen of Spain is congratulating you and the towel is about to slips.

    no wonder he was embarrassed

  48. izzy says:

    I will say that Puyol seemed a tad embarrassed. Poor guy.

  49. MissAnthrope says:

    I see London, I see France, I see a German player without his pants :D

  50. G says:

    I think Puyol WAS ashamed he ran out as fast as possible… really nice of Sergio Ramos to clean up for the queen he's never been a favourite of mine but this changed my mind a bit. And then again all I can think is OMG Podolski!!!

  51. stereobleedout says:

    haha the poldi one is really funny.:) I cant make out who's the other dude in green shorts.

    this dressing room shots reminds me of the germany wc 2006 team documentary. it had dressing room shots and a fair share of towel-clad players and yes some bum shots as well, can't remember whose it was.

    • LaNovena says:

      reminds me on the Euro 2008. Take especially care for the moment Reina wants to pull the towel off Guiza :D


      • Homeskillet17 says:

        hehe thanx for the link! i watched that pepe moment like 5 times! i love this team!

      • senora ramos says:

        bless you for the link.

        • lulu says:

          the ramos + no shirt + covered in champagne = NIRVANA
          (fyi: I mean the hindi thing, not the band)

          • senora ramos says:

            lol! i feel you love. (on both the hindi nirvana and band, lol!) oh ramos, please don’t cut your hair my love. you are a sexy beast with that lovely long mane of yours. i can’t imagine what he will look like tomorrow after we WIN ::hopefully::

    • AnnaBlume says:

      Yes!! If you like dressing room shots you should definitely watch “Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen” (it’s on YouTube). There are LOADS of (half-)naked men in that one. :) Here’s a good example:

      • stereobleedout says:

        YES, that’s it! I was trying to remember the name of the film I watched. I don’t understand the german but it was well worth the dressing room shots. HAHA