February 28th, 2012

Dumb & Dumber: Ever Banega & Kevin Pezzoni

Ever Banega in happier automotive times. Images: vcfcentral.com, JOSE JORDAN/AFP/Getty Images, AP Photo/Roberto Pfeil.

From attempting to leave the gas station while the car is still being filled to an ice skating mission on a frozen but ultimately not frozen enough pond, we’re heavy contributors to the pantheon of dumb.

In recent weeks, though, our moronic moves have been surpassed by Ever Banega (of Valencia) and Kevin Pezzoni’s (FC Köln) own embarrassing blunders. Check them out while we nip back to the drawing board.

Ever Banega: Caught Between A Rock & A Hard Tyre

Reading Ever’s story made us extremely grateful that our vehicles only received minor scratches and scuffs as a result of our “pump and forgetfully peace out” folly. During a post-training pitstop at his local petrol station, poor Banega neglected to pop the handbrake on while filling up, leaving his car no choice but to run him over. The Argentina star – having just returned from a knee injury not too long ago – fractured his left ankle and broke his tibia and fibula on the same side as well.

There’s a warning to us all there, Kickettes. Get someone else to fill your car up. Always.


Kevin Pezzoni: Pistol Whipped By Protein Shakes

Lukas Podolski’s adventures aside, it’s been a relatively quiet carnival season in Cologne. Kevin Pezzoni would probably beg to differ though. The defender is currently nursing a broken nose after being assaulted during the the city’s recent celebrations.

Er… why is a player getting physically assaulted funny? Well, Pezzoni qualifies under the anything connected to the Village People is funny by-law. You see, he was wearing a cowboy costume at the time and his assailant, who remains unknown, just happened to be “dressed as a bodybuilder“.

Right, so we’ve hinted at our propensity towards buffoonery. Why not give us your ‘Dumb n’ Dumber’ highlights? We won’t laugh at you, merely with you.

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6 Responses to “Dumb & Dumber: Ever Banega & Kevin Pezzoni”

  1. Catie2838 says:

    This happened a while ago, but is a story I'm stuck with thanks to a not so small scar next to my knee. When I was 12, I burnt my leg with a curling iron. I was curling my hair on my bed while watching TV, and had placed the curling iron on a magazine (another genius move), it rolled and hit my leg, and because I was also watching TV I didn't notice it right away. My ideas are amazing, I tell you. At least I didn't burn my house down.

    I have some more recent moments of idiocy, however this is the only one I can think of at the moment.

  2. doug says:

    Is it just me or is there something really appealing about imagining Kevin Pezzoni in a cowboy outfit?

  3. mata says:

    In the kitchen making myself a snack whilst watching football on TV, Yoann Gourcuff was walking around without a shirt and I was so distracted I buttered my bread before putting it in the toaster. And that's not even the dumbest, it's just the dumbest I'm willing to share.

  4. alicia says:

    Awww, bless Banega's heart.

  5. Gladys says:

    As idiotic as the cause of his injury seems, I feel really bad for Banega. (As someone who once accidentally put her hand through a glass window within five minutes of arriving at a week-long summer share, it seems like something I might do. On the other hand, I don't make my living with my limbs). On a positive note, he's young and when bones heal, unlike ligaments, they heal for good. Hopefully, the surrounding tissue isn't too damaged, and he'll come back better than ever next season. In the meantime, I hope Valencia can carry on without him in the Euro Cup (La Liga third place seems pretty much sealed.)

    • Sarah, Madrd says:

      Banega's story is just hilarious at first, however when you look at the fact he is out for 6 months, it is just sad and Valencia's looks like they will miss him, however we thought they will silva, villa, mata..etc and afterall they don't.