September 2nd, 2011

Edurne: That’s Not Your Boyfriend

David de Gea’s girlfriend and singer Edurne during the presentation of the new season of “Grease” in Barcelona, Spain.

If you were David de Gea, you’d probably be wondering whothehell that fluffy dude in the purple t-shirt with his arms around your girlfriend is. Biologically speaking none of you readers actually are a multi-million pound professional keeper in the EPL, but don’t fret – neither are we.

What we can offer, however, is our proven knack for figuring these things out.

The Manchester United goalkeeping gopher might be setting the EPL alight (not to mention scaring the crap out of his manager) but his lady love, Spanish singer Edurne, has been simultaneously keeping herself busy, appearing as Sandy in the second season of ‘Grease: The Musical of  Your Life’.

Would it be a stretch, therefore, to assume that Mr Bouffant is going to be playing Danny Zuko? Well, on the plus side, he looks more like John Travolta circa 1978 than John Travolta does now so bravo producers of “Grease.”

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4 Responses to “Edurne: That’s Not Your Boyfriend”

  1. Eli_aka_NC says:

    I know that guy! I mean I watched him in Hair the Musical in Barcelona like three months ago, he's quite sexy…

  2. Gabriel Cole says:

    Outstandingly educational cheers, There’s no doubt that your current visitors would possibly want a great deal more content along these lines keep up the great hard work.

  3. Annie says:

    She's really preety…