November 30th, 2010

El Clasico: Ignoring The Obvious (Sort Of)

Images: Google, Daylife.

Aah, Tuesday. The sun is not shining, the birds that haven’t migrated for the winter are barely chirping, and we’re thankful to have survived another El Clasico. More importantly, we were fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it) to be out of Sergio’s harmful/less way.

Here’s us stating the obvious: there was not enough nekkidness.

Here’s us ignoring the obvious: watching the Spanish slapiesta that ensued was like reading Kanye West’s tweets.

It’s moments like these that make us crave melodious harmonies and jazzercise ballads from the 80′s. So, without further ado, here’s what was on our iHome replay following El Clasico, Part I.

We know this makes less sense than Guti’s collection of vests, but when we get that feeling, we want sexual healing. And this game offered none of that. Did we say that already? Yea, we’re bitter.

1. Let’s Get Physical – The Ramos™

Sergio Ramos angry El ClasicoSo, it may go without saying, but Sergio probably booked himself a front and centre seat in one of Madrid’s next anger management classes. Preferably as directed by yours truly.

Being all shovey, shovey should get no lovey, lovey, but in some of our staff’s books, angry Andalusians gets them hot and bothered.

Still, we don’t condone violence, and beckon the Raging Ramos™ to tame his sporting transgressions before he gets himself in an even more uncomfortable red card situ. [Image: Google,Getty Images]

2. Whip My Hair – Carles Puyol

He whipped it. He whipped it real good. Probably not on his own accord, but we couldn’t resist. [Images: Google, AFP]

Barcelona El Clasico win3. Celebration – Barcelona FC

Barcelona obviously had good times during their 5 – nil romp, and Puyol may have gotten pregnant in the process. David Villa described the win as a “triumph of style” and Pep Guardiola’s side was ultimately too much for the Madridistas to handle. Regardless of your squad allegiance, though, we all have to admit that Gerard Pique’s turtleneck under armour and knee high socks have got to go. [Images: Google, Getty Images]

Kudos to the Blaugranas among us on a well-deserved victory. If the euphoria hasn’t subsided since yesterday for either side of Kickette’s Spanish borders, consider this your clean comment warning. Those out of line, disrespectful or using foul language not previously mentioned in this post will be removed.

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154 Responses to “El Clasico: Ignoring The Obvious (Sort Of)”

  1. Mel-B-VIP says:

    Pardon my tardiness, but I have to wonder. What sex is like with The Ramos after a match like this. For that matter what sex with him is like at all. But I digress.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The sexual tension in this match was ridiculous but I totally would've had Pep put Bojan on earlier because 1. he's delicious and 2. Villa wouldn't've scored. Maybe I'm a bit biased but a nice collision of Ramos and Bojan would've fulfiled some of my wildest dreams (well, there was a picture of them together with Khedira, at least), if only I were at Camp Nou then. Too bad Higuain wasn't in form because I dearly would've loved to see him score.

  3. Jilly says:

    Ive watched the game on replay a couple of times to figure out why iker got that yellow card, and I still have no clue (stupid espn coverage). can anyone tell me what happened?

  4. REAL MADRID …There are some good looking guys on the team but SERIOUSLY, with those attitudes & horrible personality traits…Everyone has a right to their own taste & opinion… Anywaym BArca deserved the win! they played fearlessly, fiercely & gave it their all. Real Madrid talk the talk but they really dont walk the walk when it comes to Barca. Theyve repeateadly lost in most if not all "clasicos" so really they should be used to it & accept it by now. the sad part is that they really put their team to shame by acting like sore losers. They need to learn to lose period. Name calling, hitting, slapping ect… is not acceptable. Attacking teamates from the National team was just embarrassing & shameful. play the game within the rules. ALSO the best part for me was Mourihno's face after the first 3 goals thru the rest of the game… after his comment on how he was gonna "crush" barca at el clasico a while back. I also think he looked embarassed, shoot i'd be too if i were them. Madrid boys need to learn to take it as much as they dish it. AMAZING GAME!!!! visca BARCA! :)
    Valdes youre my HERO :)

  5. Lottie24 says:

    Dayum, I wish The Ramos would run towards me the way he ran towards the ref…

  6. sheck says:

    I Agree! Visca Barca all the way but Sergio Ramos has total and utter control of my loins =)
    I condemn his behaviour on the pitch, he was awful to his fellow colleagues and friends nevertheless though, he DID look breathtakingly handsome!

  7. Zahara says:

    ok ppl!i have no idea what you tlking bout coz i couldnt watch the match since i was on a trip without tv/internet access!ugh!could someone please please help me by giving me a good site to download the match from?i will forever be grateful!

  8. Marie says:

    It would've been more epic, if in rage Sergio would've ripped off his shirt, in the rain.. with the wind blowing in his hair and all that other ish. Oh and maybe them other RM players could've tooken off their shirts while giving him comfort hugs hahaha now that would've been something to tivo.

  9. Rossanera says:

    Well, what can I say that wasn't already said? I will share my favourite thing about the match: Ray Hudson's commentary. I mean, by the last ten minutes I couldn't even focus, I was laughing so hard. And after the second time he said "passing of orgiastic proportions", I absolutely lost it.

  10. YUMMMMMMM says:

    turtle neck or not, I'd still do Pique. And Sergio Ramos is fiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I need him en mi pantelones

  11. ramos says:

    this is the result of motivation of the players nothing more…if you are not introduced your brain into the will always loose your matchs..that is the secret of the barç barça
    is the biggest football team all over the world…

  12. Sarah, Madrid says:

    He apologized, well you are the man Ramos, hot and manly! YUMMMMY!

  13. EOCT says:

    Ah, Gerard………………………… favorite person on the planet. I don't know Kickette's I actually think he's pretty cute with whatever he's wearing :)

  14. Cat says:

    As a Madrid fan, very sad at the result. As a football fan, very sorry to see such a one-sided game.

    On the plus side, my boyfriend got me the Fox Soccer Channel on Monday so that I could see the game! (Even though he jokes that watching soccer is un-American.) I guess he was paying attention when I was telling him how much I was looking forward to this match. :)

  15. Sara P says:

    I agree….there should definitely be some "junk grabbing" next time!

  16. Jayde says:

    Don’t be hard on Cris, remember when Victor Valdes tried that crap with Mou in the Inter Milan vs Barça match…same thing (sorta). And beside that, Valdes was starting up drama the whole match, maybe it was because he was bored and had nothing else to do. You know? Like stop goals. I’m a Real Madrid supporter, but that game was just… As for what Sergio did, I felt like doing the same thing (I live in a house of Barcelona fans) It was quite depressing really. I feel like cutting myself . . . A slice of chocolate cake.

  17. SoFun471 says:

    Firtst of all, Barca were not at all smug about the result, rather extremely proud and happy about their well deserved win and were excited to share that with the fans who showed an amazing amount of support (esp. After all the talking RM did b4 the match), Madrid would have done/behaved the same way (most likely worse) if they had achieved such a result at the Bernabeu (sp?). Second, the nerve of some who have deemed Pique childish while they have not found anything wrong with Ramos and CRon (expect thinking that they are ''soo hot'') is unbelievable. What Pique did was stand up for not only his team mate but his best friend! P.S The video someone posted showing Pique's ''childish'' behaviour, is very funny 'cause the man he threw the seed and packet at, is part of the teams staff and knowing what a prankster Pique is, He didn't seem surprised and he seemed more than happy with Pique in his facebook pictures (where they were working out).

    • xoWinnie says:

      they deserved to win but i would disagree with your "not smug" comment. Valdes was the definition of smug all game. and i'm surprised no one's mentioning his obviously vicious tackle on Ronaldo in the box. it was definitely worthy of a penalty. and did you see the faces he made whenever Ronaldo missed? he looked like a five year-old. smug to the max.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Winnie, I think you and I should start the "I hate Victor Valdes Club". I didnt think anyone hated him as much as i do. Oh and wasnt there some incident between him and Mou? I didnt watch the game but from what I've seen on youtube he's also guilty of gettting physical with the rival coach.

        • Winnie Mata says:

          he is. so Barca should get over the whole Cristionao/Pep thing. even though i know they won't. i don't hate Valdes, i just hate his logic and the way he acts. he acts like he's the best, but he's not. he's good, or he would not be on Barca, but he's not THAT good so he needs to put a sock in it. i mean, how many times does he really get challenged with the Alves/Puyi/Pique combo in front of him?

        • Jilly says:

          I think the victor-mou thing was from last year's champions league game with inter and barca lost… i think victor was trying to get mou to stop gloating/celebrating (the game might have been in camp nou, i don't remember). not sure why victor was trying to stop mou from gloating, it was a legit win, id gloat like that too if i was mou and my team beat the prior year's champions league winners…. then again mou gloats about everything. hahaha

      • Xolo says:

        Winnie I agree Valdes was very childish

      • JBeeeeeee says:

        truth be told, i probably had the same smug mug everytime cron missed. or everytime he misses, period. he irks me like no other, but the man is talented, no doubt about it.

  18. SoFun471 says:

    With all due respect, some of you don't seem to have any ability to look at a situation logically (no offence). I would never condome violence or violent behaviour, I actually really used to love Sergio.R but Im very dissapointed/upset by his behaviour, if he had shoved some random dudes I could have looked past it but to do such to his fellow Spain team mates is disrecpectful and disgusting esp. Because Xavi and Puyol should be the ones he should be more respectful towards (considering their age and years with the Spain NT). I've never liked CRon, what he did deserved a straight red card. Bottom line is that I expected more professionalism from a team like Real Madrid.

    • Shenae says:

      I don't see how it's any different or more disrespectful for Sergio to have done those things to his teammates on the NT. Club football ≠ NT football.

  19. Ess-Jay says:

    Mmmmmmm Sergio Ramos… You can't ever do anything to lose my respect! You're just… Perfect! :)

  20. @m_longacre says:

    I can't believe I missed this game! It was bad enough when I found out the score but then I learned about the RAMOS RUMBLE! Even though he was on a shoving spree and that isn't good, Sergio is still my favorite.<3 Bojan is working his way up though! It was cute how he kept trying to hold Sergio back even though he's smaller than him.

  21. Pique_Xavi says:

    OMG, RM fans keep insisting that Barca played a better game but that their team has better looking guys… now that's not something to brag about if looks is all you can defend your team with. I mean I see RM matches the guys are good right? Their names alone scare other teams so I don't like the fact that many use that arguement. I don't know if they have the best looking guys either since we all don't like the same type of guy. The Ramos was outline in many ways but in the heat of the moment all he saw was blaugrana not Spain teammates and/or friends. Yes, football is a contact sport but many of RM "contact" was done with too much shall we say… "energy". I will not sit here and say Barca players were angels either but replays show that CR often wanted to get something where there wasn't anything to penalized.

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      The Xavi thing, I don't see anywhere that Xavi was coming towards Sergio in an aggressive way or anything close. I see him trying to talk to him to calm him down. He seemed like he wanted to reach his face like they usually to talk to him. But Sergio wasn't in the mood I guess. I don't know why many of you are hating on Xavi… did you all forget that match against Chile were something like this happened with Ramos and Xavi was the one to calm him down? Well, its in him to this to try to calm people down. Just one thing about Pique, that spittig incident let it go already, the manboy was drunk and if you are going to critize him on that forever its really lame because I've seen worse things from drunk people, of course its no excuse but he does so much good in this world too.

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        Even though I agree that my blancos are the better looking team, I would NEVER use that as a footballing argument. It's a ridiculous comeback and it's disrespectful to the work they put in on the pitch. They're an incredible team, and it's just a shame (from my perspective anyway) that they fell apart on Monday night. Honestly, it was like watching zombies replace my beloved boys. But anyway, people clearly need to defend RM with facts and stats, not with "but OMG Xabi Alonso is so sexy."

        Glad to see someone with a calm, rational reaction to the Sergio incident and the Pique thing. We all have plenty to complain about in regards to the other team's behavior, and if we didn't, we'd find things anyway. There were plenty of things pissing me off Monday night, but you move on. Puyol came right out and said he understood Sergio's reaction and that it's already forgotten. We should all take his example.

      • lorena_yGp says:

        What i can't understand that everyone are attacking Pique because of "manita" ?! Pique is cule all his life,his grandfather even was president ( vicepresident,something like that :-) ) of FCB!!! He grow up in Barcelona, they made him fall in love with football and Barca philosophy !!! Of course that he is going to celebrate it!!! Ok maybe he should wait for the end of a game BUT I am pretty sure that even then some will attack him!
        one more thing….some players from "La Cantera" actually cried after the match! THAT shows you how special EL CLASICO IS FOR THEM!!!

      • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

        I agree with you on all subjects, girl. The Xavi thing and the Pique spitting debacle. Enough already alright?

        • Pique_Xavi says:

          Thanks. It still bothers me that people (fans) find it okay to say Sergio did the right thing when it comes to Xavi and Puyol. The Messi thing is when he was still in the game he was thinking about not getting another goal most likely hurt emotionally/ego. I know I have felt when my team goes down I can only imagine what goes through the players minds when they feel responsible, but by Puyol he should have been more cool with his emotions and then by Xavi he could have controlled himself. I don't excuse anyone from that type of behavior and I like Sergio a lot.. But what gets me more isn't that anymore but the fact that just because you(they) don't like a player, because to you he seems "smug" is ridiculous. I don't like CR but I will never wish him harm EVER! You can't say you respect him as a football player but don't mind him getting hurt or hit by another player… its not possible because players need their bodies to keep on giving us great football. This time was their face what if it would been a leg or foot? Will that still be okay for those fans who dislike Xavi so much?

  22. piquetorresxabi says:

    No matter what, HALA MADRID~~
    Also, i want to mention that i loved the fact that Xabi was calm and classy thruout the whole so proud of him <3

  23. Ramosita says:

    OMG, can't believe how badly we lost:( but dang it Sergio Ramos is muy caliente!!!! OMG i nearly fainted seeing him in action, it's not anger it's passion:) the way he pushed Puyol was a serious turn on, sigh The Raging Bull that is The Ramos

  24. Gabs says:

    It's been over 24 hours since it happened and yet I can't see pass CR shoving Guardiola, doesn't he know Pep is sacred??? I mean seriously??? WTF is wrong with him? I've been a big supporter of his since he started at ManU. I always defended him but I can't dismissed this one out.

    • xoWinnie says:

      um, Pep is "sacred"? WTF!? this is the kind of ridiculousness i'm talking about when it comes to the hero-worship some people place upon certain players/coaches/whoever.

    • bri_saldana says:

      sorry Gabs i think Pep was the punk here…what coach instigates with players on the field? And i'm not a c9 die-hard either; on that note I've played sports all my life and I tend to see things from a players perspective give your boy a break

      • CR7 can suck it. hes a spolied tantrum throwing sore loser. get over it. you dont shove a player or coach period. play fair & call it a day. win some, lose some. & im not saying i agree with you on PEP instigating but just because someone "ALLEGEDLY" instigates, it doesnt mean you have to play along & its up to the player to be the bigger person which obviously CR7 isnt in any case, day or situation.

  25. Lilymontella says:

    i think everyone needs to calm down and move on. Game is over Madridists look forward to April at bernabeau and Barca congrats on win but it's not the end :) The whole season is still left and of course april :)

  26. Marie says:

    after ranting off in the previous post, now i m calm enough for…..well more rants!
    first what sergio did was wrong, especially the xavi part but its only gona take two more games of abs flashing on his part to turn me around (ya i m shallow like that)…..

    as for the pep incident, if you notice closely you'l see that pep wasnt bothered much by the shoving probably because he knew he instigated it. neither were messi and alves who were close by nor puyol who was a little way away, it was iniesta who was enraged (i hav to say i would have done the same for pep) and had a go at cris. i think valdes only joined to support/protect iniesta (they are supposed to be close friends)…..

    to finish off i have to confess, a classico without these silly fights would have been bland….lets enjoy it the right way.
    and kickettes let us carry on our own fight against baselayers, this is the bigger picture gals!!

    • Emme says:

      seriously…I think SenoraRamos once suggested a base layer bonfire & I think that needs to happen. Base layers are truly the biggest issue in football right now. I think the Kickette army needs to band together and blow up all of the under armour producing facilities, so we can be finally be rid of it once and for all (of course there would not be any people in the building when we drop the bombs. I think that goes without saying :) ]

  27. JayCee says:

    i hate to say this, but i dont really like victoria valdes. he's always starting shit or trying to get into shit, iker should've gave him a shove, im super glad sergio did. running all the way from the goal just to get into the mess, what a lameass. valdes swears he's up to par with iker, no way. iker has achieved so much and he's world class, valdes is convinced he deserves to start over iker, NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!!!! im glad valdes is the 3rd keeper. hes not even all that hot. and i know all the barca fans are gonna rage but messi dove when ramos tackled him, it almost seemed like ramos got more of lass than messi, why is it whenever messi gets tackled, the whole team goes ape shit, its a contact sport, if he cant take any hits, maybe he should get into figure skating or ballet instead, he's such a princess!

    • JayCee says:

      ronaldo was lame for pushing pep, it was rude and its not respectful. sergio pissed off was awesome, not exactly captain like behavior but he's got passion for the team and the sport and puyol gets it. guys fighting, its nothing new and most guys dont take it personal, puyol has the maturity to let it go. sergio should've bish slapped xavi instead of giving him a face shove!!! WAHAHAHAHA….. iniesta is way better than xavi! sergio owned! end of story. barca played amazing, real madrid has work to do =) barca has the talent, but real madrid have the looks

      • Xolo says:

        Pep was also lame for throwing the ball away from Cristiano they truth is if you want to be respected than you should show some respect which Pep did not show.

    • Sara P says:

      It was such a different side of all of them then what we are used to seeing. I couldn't believe the way that Pique reacted…..putting his hand up like that during the game. Yes, I am a Madrid fan, and yes, I think that Cristiano acted poorly, but everyone knows that the whole game was completely crap. So many over-reactions and falls that weren't necessary. I didn't think that Ramos even got close to Messi….I actually kind of think that he tripped (which is why it looked as though he went over there to apologize before Puyol and everyone else got in his face). The reason why Barca gets so upset when Messi "seems" to get hurt is because he is their meal ticket. Plain and simple. Poor Ramos…..oh man, but oh how sexy!!!

    • xoWinnie says:

      LOL! I KNOW RIGHT! no offense to Victor, but i simply cannot stand the man on the pitch. sexy or not, honey, if you did not have Puyol, Pique, and Alves in front of you, you'd be screwed. Iker has to do a lot of work by himself at Real. our defense has been disastrous over the last few seasons, but at least when we had Guti there, he still managed to maintain a somewhat positive influence. i get mad at Iker for missing easy shots sometimes, but at the same time there's only so much he can do. so Vitcor, take that into consideration next time you even dream of opening your mouth to boast of your wonderful-ness. he also needs to calm the hell down. why is it that he's always one of the first get into the middle of a fight? he's so aggressive! i know Ronaldo's a dick, but what Pep did wasn't wrong? oh i'm sorry Pep, didn't know you retired from football to become a player again. oh you didn't? then don't touch the the damn ball! plain and simple. he was obviously provoking him, and like the idiot he often is Cris fell right into the trap and got himself carded. as for Messi…people need to stop acting like he does no wrong because he dives practically just as much as Cristiano. he just barely ever gets caught.

      • Emme says:

        Agree 100% on Valdes. Homeboy needs to tone it for once. He is always running his mouth. When the whole Pep-gate situ was going down, Valdes came at 40 yd dash speed to get in on the action. I am shocked no one has said anything about Busqets yet – I was piping hot mad at him during the whole Messi/Sergio thing. As soon as the tackle happened, him and Pique came charging up the field to get in on it (at least I think it was Busquets). I think it's going to take another couple of days for me to cool down. I thought I was over it!!!!

      • completely agree on valdes… i think he has waaaay too much time alone at the end of the pitch by himself with his crazy man thoughts that he charges at the first sign of trouble… oh victor, i can think of a million ways you can unleash that pent up mad energy… and some of it it may or may not involve those leather pants you wore in that magazine shoot… and some may or may not involve pants at all.

        im not too sure if i agree about messi diving practically as much as hot ronaldo, but he does dive that's for sure… as does every other footy player out there when given the chance. i think it's his way of reminding all the cules out there that he is still a man who errs and not so much the "MessiAh" most believe that he is (i hate how some call him that by the way, and im probably one of the few die-hard messi fans in this forum!). Diving notwithstanding, I heart him nonetheless and even moreso after el clasico because he didn't get involved in that whole pep-shoving biznaz with the rest of the team… was i the only one laughing my a$$ off the whole time all that was going down cuz messi was just standing there on the sidelines looking absolutely clueless? i think he just earned himself a lego playset from santa this year, just for that. :)

        • Emme says:

          lol – Messi is a player I like and I hope Santa and Antonella do not forget to buy his some LEGOs this year. I hope Victor Valdes gets coal in his stocking. I am still mad at him :)

  28. Emme says:

    First, I would like to build a time-machine because I wish this match never happened and since the time-machine thing probably won't happen, I am just glad it is over. This one still stings even though I knew Barca would probably win. They earned AND deserved the victory! That being said, and I say this even though I know I will most likely get ripped to shreds – I am a little disappointed/annoyed with Pep. (****disclaimer: I am not excusing anyone's bad behavior) But I thought what he did was immature. Victor Valdes needs to just tone it for once, too. Okay – i will stop now :) Snaps to Winnie Mata , xoWinnie, and Noelle for saying all of the things I wish I had the moxie to say & Leya for keeping the peace and making sure we don't forget the important things in life: hot ballers and Joe Hart in nothing but his underpants. I forget how emotional this match is. I am glad it only happens twice a year

    • Winnie Mata says:

      ahaha, thanks for the snaps! just so you know, xoWinnie is my name when i'm not onf fb! :P
      although i got eaten alive for my comments, all the Barca bias was beginning to disgust me
      i'm as hardcore a Madridista as any other, but at least i TRY to see both sides, i'm just usually going to side with my team, that's all :P

      • Emme says:

        You defended well & made many excellent points! As hard as I am trying I still have not simmered down.

        • noelle says:

          awwww thanks…. my roomie is a barca fan and he had that smirk on his face and i was like "oh shut it" cuz he knows im like the biggest madrid/spanish nt fan girl out there =), it was just a game and things will settle down…. it does sting really bad but i love the boys no matter what and how bad they lose…. i hope they can get it together and win something this season….. barca played amazing and they deserved to win, as a madrid fan i dont hate barca at all and i respect them but u kno im gonna favor my team and defend them =)… its all good fun, some ppl do get a lil crazy tho

  29. WAG2BE says:

    You know what happens when brothers play together, THERE IS ALWAYS A FIGHT. So i was not the least bit surprised, when all the ish went down. I love both teams and kinda wish they could of tied or something loll. OHH weellllll HALA MADRID & VISCA BARCA etc. ;P

  30. Winnie Mata says:

    well i'm pretty sure i've let most of my frustrations out on last night's thread, so here are my much cooler and collected thoughts today:

    - congrats Barça on a well-deserved/earned win
    - Real…ya'll need to sort some sh*t out…
    - Sergio…thank you for putting Xavi in his place. but next time, please don't hit Puyol. (i don't care how many people disagree, but you see he's already pushed someone, is angry and you're talking sh1t Mr. Hernandez? GTFOH!)
    - Geri P…grow up.
    - Iker…please try not to cry in public anymore after a loss…it's heartbreaking AND somewhat embarrassing.
    - Cristiano: you've been hated long enough to have developed a thicker skin by now…stop getting so angry and GIVE them a reason to hate–by SCORING!
    - Gonzalo Higuain: PLEASE get better soooooooooooonnnnnnnnn! :(
    - BB Bojan…just keep living ♥

    hopefully Real learned something from this unfortunate game and can move past this with a more positive outlook for the match in April! this is NOT the end!


    • noelle says:

      winnie i just cant stop laughing at xavi getting faced shoved WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…… he definitely wasnt thinking straight trying to step up to sergio, it eases the pain of losing the game =)…. i adore geri but he does do some pretty wtf!?!?! things, like him spitting on that guy at the WC celebration, it just kinda puts me off, he's just so good looking tho, i forgive him…. iker crying breaks my heart cuz i just wanna hug him and comfort him (then i remember sara and im like ewwwww lol)….

      • JayCee says:

        and cristiano, im undecided about him but my sister loves that man and he is good looking and talented but i get annoyed to death when he's on the ground after a foul and he doesnt get the call and he continues to stay on the ground, he's got soooo much talent and i agree, he's hated on a lot but he does bring it on himself and he lets it get to him causing him to do stupid things when he's angry….. he needs to get up faster and score more goals!! =)….. and pipa, u dont even kno how many times i scream at the tv when he's on a break and he just misses the goal lol, i have to make sure i close the windows when i watch matches cuz my neighbor has told me he's heard me screaming and if everything is ok….i just wanna be like no! its not ok, he just missed a goal!!! lol

        • noelle says:

          the last comment was me noelle, not jaycee…. shes my cuzin and she was on my laptop…grrr i thought i changed my info back

    • aissa says:

      I completely disagree with you about Xavi needing to be put in his place, if it's not okay for Sergio to hit Puyol then it's not okay for him to hit Xavi. You have used emotion as an excuse for Sergio's behavior and have claimed that you try to see both sides of things but Xavi was emotional too, at the time he thought Sergio had injured Messi. Xavi is a great player and I don't understand your vitriol towards him, yeah he talks too much some times but the same can be said of most of the Madrid and Barcelona players.

      • Winnie Mata says:

        i'll be the first one to admit a lot of Real players have a big mouth, but from the comments i've read here a lot of people believe that Barcelona players are all "humble" and "do their talking on the pitch". that is not the case. at all. Barcelona and Real talk the most sh*t out of any Liga team, so i don't understand why people try to defend it when Barca does and it's an outrage when Madrid does any of that. you have a good point about "if it's not acceptable to hit one, then it should not be acceptable to hit the other" but truth be told from my perspective, i just don't really like Xavi very much. i have to respect his skills as a player, but every time i look at hime, i see this underlying aura of superiority in him that i despise. maybe in this case it was not the right thing to do, but i'm glad SOMEONE did SOMETHING to shut him up. if he was so worried about Messi being injured, than why didn't he go over to see how he was instead of standing there to berate Sergio? tensions were high and all that jazz, but as a more mature player he should have been able save his comments for later.

        • aissa says:

          Thanks for the response, I understand what you are saying, but what you see as superiority I see more as pride. Xavi has said multiple times that no one player is bigger than the team, so I don't see him as arrogant because he doesn't talk himself up personally, everything is the team, the team, the team. I have no doubt that he thinks Barca is the best team with the best style of play and the best youth system in football, but that just shows an unbelievable amount of faith and loyalty and pride in where he comes from, I think he has played for them since age 10 or 11, and I respect that about him. I personally find trash talk to be highly amusing whether it comes from Mou, Xavi, CR or whoever and I'm never bothered by it, it comes from competitiveness and without that the games would suck.
          Sergio's actions in no way changed my opinion of him, I still like him and still think he is a great player. He lost his head, it happens to everyone, occasional bad acts don't make the perpetrator a bad person, and that goes for Xavi and Sergio. I base my opinions of them off of what other people (other players, fans, etc.) have said about them and I think they are both humble, nice people for the most part, they just sometimes do and say some things that they probably should have just kept to themselves.

          • Winnie Mata says:

            oh no problem, you took the time to say your piece so there's no reason i shouldn't dignify you with a response. i agree with you to an extent. i know Sergio's actions were wrong, but at the time they just seemed incredibly funny to me. and since i don't like Xavi it just made it all the more funny. as fan of the Spanish NT i respect Xavi, but as a Madridista, i dislike him. i tend not to like trash-talk, even when it comes from Real. i like confidence, but but it bothers me when a team needs to put another down to boost themselves. for example "we will play to win" can be said instead of "we are GOING to win" or "we're a great team" instead of "we are the best team" or "we are better than them". that bothers me. in Real's case, it bothers me especially because they tend to lose after they've done the most talking. i dunno, just a matter of opinion i guess!

        • Kathryn says:

          i completely agree just because barca won doenst mean they dont do any talking Xavi instigated Ramos and same with pep instigating Ronaldo like wtf your winning dont throw the ball away from ronaldo.

  31. jamtart heart says:

    It was such a great win for Barca on the club's 111th birthday–I'm probably biased, haha, but I just don't think they were smug. They were celebrating the incredible level of awesome that was that game.

    Visca Barca!

  32. ashmenon says:

    Kickette, the file name for the Ramos pic is epic win. I've got that song stuck in my head now while I imagine the Ramos boogeying.

  33. Deb Stimson says:

    "graciously tossing the ball he had retrieved at Ronaldo's feet"

    It was Madrid's ball, Cris wanted a quick throw in and Pep, grabs the ball, doesn't give it too him and then throws it at the ground? Yeah, Pep was less than gracious in this case.

    • Taylor says:

      In no way do I condone Cristiano's actions, but Pep was provoking him.
      It was Madrid's ball and Pep deliberately held the ball away from him and then threw the ball away from him.
      So as much as I respect Pep, he was not the innocent victim people are making him out to be.

      • Winnie Mata says:

        i agree with you both. and what about Victor's reaction? ROFL he was totally to throw down. he needs to relax and understand that Cristiano doesn't like to lose and what Pep did was beyond RUDE. and when Iniesta gets in his face, Ronaldo just laughs like "what the hell are YOU gonna do?" lmfao! priceless.

  34. Leya_S says:

    I have a lot of opinions that would be very long to put here, but I already gave them in the "Pre Match" thread (bc many of us had to vent somewhere after the game was done yesterday and were too impatient to wait for this thread).
    All I have left to say is that this:
    Gerard Pique, you're a nerd in your base layers….and I love it. HOWEVER, PLEASE remove them, you're obstructing my view.
    And Sergio, your street cred has returned (albeit at the price of fighting with teammates from the SNT) and I like my boys bad, so I am here to "comfort" you (that word is used loosely *wink*) if you need…

    That is all.

  35. C16 says:

    I have nothing else to say but congrats to the Barça guys and fans and see you in the Bernabeu.

  36. tracy765 says:

    I like to imagine that after being sent off, The Ramos(TM) went home and called Nando for some comforting and possibly phone sex.

  37. noelle says:

    im actually the instructor of whatever anger management class sergio finds himself in =) i'll take a sexy sweaty angry andalusian any day!

  38. T'estimoBarça says:

    Madrid may have a collectively better looking side, but Barça is more talented. I don't think they're smug. I think they have a lot of pride in their club, and while they will spend big bucks to get their players, you cannot ignore the fact that a large portion of their players play for Barça practically from infancy. That's not the case with Madrid. I'm not saying either approach is better, but last night, Barça played like they were brothers. And Pep is their daddy, and C-Ron, for all his magnificent hip dips, is not going to push daddy. As for Sergio, whom I positively adore as a Spanish international, I think his transgression was less embarrassing/damaging than Crissy's.
    Visca Barça!

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      I agree with every single word!!

    • Taskeen says:

      Well you've basically covered everything that my sister and i have been discussing as well:) Barca just have this whole brotherhood/ family vibe that you can't help but love. I don't think any of them are smug either, they seem a group of talented but humble individuals. Yeah i also think that the spat with Sergio and the rest will soon be forgotten but Ronaldo shoving Pep will be remembered for a long long time. It would have been just as bad if it was any other coach but at the same time this just seemed bigger somehow. I mean 100 000 witnesses at Camp Nou and then us at home- it was a bad move.

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        You know I agree. I'm not a cule myself I loved my team from the moment I saw them play but Barca is a team I love to watch play and enjoy themselves and show each other the respect they themselves want. In order to have such a great team they sacrifice being the super star for all be a star and have individual admiration by their fans. As a whole this team is just amazing the way they know each on the field, its beautiful. I'm a cule in training. I've known Barca as a great team since I was 12 and my team has connections through Gio and Jona. I envy the way Barca works. When I say I repect all football players the same no matter what team they are, its true. I don't like CR as a person, at least not the person he portrays to be. We don't know he's like that in real life but I will never say or wish someone to hit him or disrespect him. Someone here said they don't like Xavi because he acts humble but with a sense of superioty and that's why she loves that Sergio put him in his place but that she respects him as a football player. Please, that is not respect. I know Sergio in no way wanted to put anyone in their "place".

        • Taskeen says:

          I like how you've said that we don't know them as people but only what they portray themselves to be, its very true. Honestly I'm not a blind Barca supporter, when there is a fault I'm able to acknowledge it but you can never fault them for their team ethos and absolute unity without any individual glory seeking.

          oh and if you're on twitter you should follow Barcastuff, i know you'll definitely appreciate the up to the minute news and info regarding the team, their games and transfers etc. :)

    • Visca Barca says:

      Praise the Messiah! I agree with everything you said! I found Sergio and Whiney's performance really horrid. I absolutely hate Ronaldo, but I respect Sergio as a spanish international, i lost most of my respect for him.

  39. d0li says:

    I love Pique, but his childish behavior is starting to piss me off! First attacking Iker, thendoing this?

    • aps says:

      I read that The bald guy is his friend

    • KatB says:

      gurl, that's juanjo brau. they know each other, in fact puyi posted a photo on twitter of them both. together. not fighting.

    • Winnie Mata says:

      LOL calm down he's done it to Cesc before too!
      but i agree one one thing, the way that guy gives lip, he's lucky he looks the way he does! :P

    • Jules says:

      He wasn't attacking Iker. Iker shoved Pique to get him away from the situation and then Iker and Valdes were calming him down. Pique didn't touch Iker until Iker shoved him and then Pique only slapped Iker's wagging finger away. No one was in the wrong there.

  40. diana says:

    Barca gave Real Madrid masterclass in football!
    Xavi was so great <3 so is Puyol, Villa, Messi and Iniesta!
    Ramos shoving people around him – not cool : at least he looks cute while doing so, unlike Ronaldo(what the hell was he pushing Pep?idiot)

  41. Jackie says:

    I found Ramos even hotter after the shoving fit he had! Maybe it was the naughty thoughts one might have about him doing that in other ways….however it was obviously a dumb thing to do, bad sportsmanship darling.

  42. Lily Montella says:

    Barca Played great! Madrid boys need to cool off and learn from this game and take revenge at the Bernabeau in April :)

    Barca definitely deserved to win in that game, I certainly wished Madrid would have put up more of a fight then I'd accept the loss.

    BTW can someone fill me in on the politics of the two sides?

  43. Linda says:

    Man, what a CRAZY game!!! The drama with Cristiano and Sergio – never a dull moment but as always I was pretty embarassed by their behavior. Torn, definitely. Meanwhile all of RM looked SO hectic and flappy. Astonishing. And poor Casillas. He did not deserve that at all. Phew! Thank God it El Clasico doesn't happen more often – I couldn't take it!

  44. Niina says:

    Ah, The Raging Ramos. Getting carded, bitchslapping people, but most importantly… Still the prettiest.

  45. eeraaa says:

    *clothes, not close. I can't function today.

  46. Taskeen says:

    Before i proceed i just have to say that me Barca boys did me proud!!
    The good:
    -Those 5 beauties! wow what more could a Barcelista want from an el Clasico, totally lived up to expectation!
    -The hotties (okay there may not have been enough skin- it was cold yo, but still, the visuals were goood no?)
    At my house we just can't get over the pure genius that went on last night! The assists, the continuous possession, the passing!

    The amusing/ shocking: That bad ass Victor Valdes running all the way across the pitch to get involved in the scuffle. He was all "what now bish??! watchu know 'bout this".

    The bad:
    -Cristiano shoving Pep. How offensive. I really have no words.
    -It wasn't just mousse v gel kickettes, it was one crazy smack-down! The Ramos, oh how i adore you , your headband and every fashion choice you've ever made, but i couldn't find a way to defend you. That was one hectic show down. I think they were getting a bit frustrated and it all just went down hill but Puyol seems like a mature person who's able to move on and all seems to be forgiven.

    All in all a brilliant game that lived up to expectations. I definitely won't be forgetting any of that drama in a while.

    • d0li says:

      People are saying CR attacked Pepe but I didn' see it.. i started watching late so unless this was during the first half hour of the game then idk.

      Like your comment though; I think everyone needs to applogize.. they obviously took this way to far.

      • T'estimoBarça says:

        CRon went for the ball for a throw in, but Pep grabbed it and threw it on the ground, then CRon shoved him. No matter what, Crissy touching the other team's manager in an aggressive way is completely inappropriate. He can be such a diva.

        • Taskeen says:

          It was just a really petulant thing to do, because Pep wasn't even being snarky about throwing the ball- well maybe that was just my impression? lol i just saw it again and got re-offended. Its just disrespectful and he couldn't even defend it because he just tried to escape whilst all the Barca players were giving him flak for it.

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      Absolutely agree about Cristiano. It's absolutely forbidden to touch the coaches! Pep was provocative? Maybe he was, so what? When people makes millions and millions of bucks and plays at this level I demand of them to carry themselves better. I understand his frustration, but he should stand above such things. Ramos too (he is still sex on legs, though).

      But the drama, the drama!!! I loved it!

      • Taskeen says:

        Yep you've got that right, it's plain down wrong to touch a coach, especially when he played with some of the current players-you're just begging for rebuke then. lol it's difficult to stay angry at The Ramos *sigh*

  47. Fernanda says:

    Sergio Ramos needs a spanking ;)

    I am still on cloud nine after that game. Barcelona was simply perfect and like Xavi said, they do their talking on the pitch unlike others who shall remain nameless! Speaking of Ronaldo, at one point in the game, I honestly forgot that he was on the pitch!!!! Barcelona completely shut him and the rest of RM down!! I must admit I was a little nervous about this game. Especially considering how awesome RM had been playing but once again, they proved to be no match for Barcelona. That play leading up to Pedro's goal was AMAZING!!!! 22 passes!!!! It was simply beautiful to watch!!! Only person I feel bad for is Iker! Especially after that fifth goal. How he just sat on the pitch looking so defeated :( But I am sooooo extremely happy for my Barça boys! Visca Barça!!!!! :D

  48. Mel says:

    Sergio Ramos is soooooooooo hot when he's angry! Mmmmm.
    I was getting a bit worried he was morfing into a preachers son, with almost no yellow cards and zero reds this season, then he goes all crazy in two matches and gets three yellow and 2 red cards combined.
    I'm all calm now, because he's back to his old self. I was beginning to miss the old Ramos, and now he's back. :D

  49. Nihaal28 says:

    Bojan was trying to calm down sergio but he actually pushed him too!!! I used to like sergio ramos but now I think he is an asshole and barca totally deserved to win they are the best!!! Love from belgium !!! And david I LOVE u!!!<3

  50. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    "Puyol may have gotten pregnant in the process". Hell, yesterday felt so good I think I got pregnant in the process too!!

    I'm still all giggly and happy and have a stupid grin on my face all the time! I don't know how my family can stand me right now. :)

  51. shay says:

    Barca were great, too bad they are such smug jerks.

    • Susana says:

      I don't think their smug jerks as much as they are tired of putting up with the RM media onslaught every day. RM are loud (especially the manager) and like to tell everyone how wonderful they are. On the other hand, Barcelona are quiet and do their talking on the pitch. So if they were a bit "smug" for you, I would say it was more out of frustration/relief.

      Cristiano's behavior was deplorable. Add Sergio in that vein as well. Congrats to Barca fans on a well-fought victory.

      • Winnie Mata says:

        i'm sorry, who in Barca is quiet?

        • Jules says:

          What did Iniesta, Alves, Villa, Abidal, Mascherano, Bojan, Keita, Maxwell, Adriano, Milito or Puyi say?

          • xoWinnie says:

            i'm not talking about in regards to this game, but her comment was general and so is mine. everyone talks sh*t and for some reason Real always gets the bad rap. bias bias bias!

            • Jules says:

              Per l'amor de Déu, everyone is biased in favor of their team. And everyone indulges in smack talk and most of this thread has been people insisting that only Barça do it. Generalising only makes everyone angrier. There are plenty of blancos who've never said anything negative about Barça (i.e. Xabi, Iker) and plenty of culés who haven't said anything negative about Madrid (see list above).

              • xoWinnie says:

                you can subtract Iniesta from that list. i actually quite like him, but isn't he the one who said Real don't play "attractive football"? i agree with Sergio's response, if he doesn't want to watch it, he can turn the TV off. no offense to them, but half of the people you listed rarely start, so even if they did say stuff, i doubt anyone would pay much attention. and Masch has not been there for long enough to talk smack. she said "Barca are quiet and like to do their talking on the pitch". general. i replied with a general statement because i was given no specifics in her statement to de-generalize it. they obviously don't all talk sh*t on both sides, but people should really consider stopping themselves when they claim that "Barca" as a team aren't smug. both teams are, so people should stop being so blind.

          • Jilly says:

            you forgot messi :D i love him.

      • cescanto says:

        completely agree.

    • bri_saldana says:

      I thought i was the only one who thinks that…I worship the boys on Barca and i'm not a die-hard c9 fan but it often feel like the Barcelona FC over steps their club pride to elitism. And there's nothing wrong with feeling elite but i could swear it has something to do catalan vs castilian diversity between the fans. During the WC a good number of their fans don't even regard players like Sergio, Iker, Fernando, Xabi…etc, they only supported Spain b/c the Barca boys are on the team. Other than that they would rather those boys be on an entirely separate national team they actually recently called for the teams to split. So when the Barca club team pounds RM it's more than just a club statement…I love the barca boys sooo much but i couldn't quite put my finger on why i was picking up on this unflattering smug attitude. so i did a little research…I felt horrible for RM this classico.

      • Winnie Mata says:

        it's true. my cousin lived in Madrid when she was in University before she transferred to Valencia. she's a Culé, but even she admitted that a huge part of the rivalry has nothing to do with the game at all. a lot has to do with Catalans wanting to "prove" that they are better than Castilians and vice versa, and it has been for some time. due to some history which i'm completely not familiar with, it becomes much clearer why the rivalry is so deeply steeped with hatred. Catalonia even has their own team and apparently, they were the region in Spain which was the least supportive of the Spanish NT.

  52. zztop says:

    Now I don't feel so bad about Sevilla also going down 5 – nil to Barca.

  53. goldengirlsk says:

    really torn. Such a depressing game for me. I Iove loveee Ramos but his actions were horrible. And I never really cared for Cristiano and after this match (especially the way he treated Pep) I can't stand him. Seeing Pique upset over it…ughhhh so torn. And now with the charges they got from UEFA . ughhhh its going to take a lot of ice cream to get over this lol jk

  54. lorena_yGp says:

    Can someone explain me what happend to Khedira's jersey!? And more important thing- “O le le, O la la, ser del Barça és el millor que hi ha”!!! :-) ))

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      Oh yeah, i was wondering that too. Where did all that colour come from?

    • hereforthenando says:

      He fell on the sidelines and his jersey brushed up against the Barcelona logo on the grass. Kind of ironic, if you ask me!

      • lorena_yGp says:

        hahahaha definitely!!! :-) Honestly I was thinking-why is Catalan flag on his jersey???

      • d0li says:

        I was wondering the same thing, thanks!

      • Visca Barca says:

        Very ironic! I was laughing when i saw the tackle and the aftermath on his shirt. A reminder to him of who kicked madrid's butts. (I actually do slightly respect madrid as a team though, even if i am a hardcore barcelista)

  55. hereforthenando says:

    Based on that picture of Puyi, I'm not the only one who got pregnant yesterday just from witnessing the sheer footballing genius as well as the unmitigated manliness that was on display. I'm not sure whether I should be weeping from the beauty of the game or booking my ticket to Barcelona to get on Puyol RIGHT NOW.

  56. Alex Samuel says:

    Kickette-great minds clearly think alike. For I began singing 'Whip my hair' just as Puyol rwas pushed backwards yesterday! I felt for Sergio though. After the match I just wanted to wait for him with open arms like 'C'mon, c'mon, just let it all out.' I'll assume Barca's prematch song was 'I Gotta Feeling?'
    Tonights the night
    Let's score some goals
    Ramos pushed Puyol
    Backwards he rolls

  57. Alia says:

    Viva el Barca and the sexy men!

  58. blake2108 says:

    When's Puyol's due date? (pic 4)

  59. Culé says:

    What was up with Sergio ? Was he doing those things on purpose ? They’re his team mates on the SNT !!