June 29th, 2010

Elen Rives & Anna-Maria Lagerblom: Separated At Birth?

Don’t say it’s just us who noticed the eerie similarities between Frank Lampard’s former and Mesut Özil’s current?

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53 Responses to “Elen Rives & Anna-Maria Lagerblom: Separated At Birth?”

  1. unknown says:

    how come she got with him in the first place that what i want to know .how did she do it .then she dumps him later no real reason .how come i can not get boyfriend mesut ozil as boyfreind and she can .i have few questions what does he look for in woman ? i know he has better taste then that this i know well every one does he was kissing blonde in nightclub in vagas he not as shy as he may let on which shock me i brought in baby face and angel routinei am such idiot .yet he kiss the like of her is beyond me she very trashy looking with painted nail and cut hair and huge lips and square jaw she no class taste or style like many wags who classed with taste .she just looks trashy from what i see of stands she act too .shouting in the stands how she got him and how did she get him serious enough as girlfreind !there is photo of him kissing with urge she is wearing top with huge boobs coming out and sun glasses huge lips every time i see photo i turn white .he has better taste then that
    this is her being kissed by him http://www.google.ie/imgres?q=mesut+ozil+kissing&…

    this is blonde in vegas not so shy as he may let on to public no way

    not what he seems to let on to be

  2. aaaaaaaahh says:

    i would say Anna-Maria Lagerblom and MICHAEL JACKSON…seperated at birth?????!!!!

    i am so glad that they are not together anymore
    i dont like this woman
    she is just mad because her sister is more famous than she is….she tries to have famous boyfriends to get attention
    her newest catch is a succesful german-tunasian rapper (bushido…he is also a very good friend of semi khedira)

  3. oh~zeel99 says:

    My guess is that they have the same plastic surgeon, and he failed with both of them.

    • Patricia says:

      Yeah my dear is the same women, on those pics no so bad but the one with short hair is recent, and with even more botox. I mean if it is love is ok by me, but she somehow is looking like a goldigger I mean she is married, with a child, older than him, and Mesut is now the it boy, so you wonder. Also to became Muslim I think is just an act on her behave. I think they won't last.

  4. Lauren says:

    LOL did someone say Cruella Devil : }

    jajajaj Im sorry but is just too much he can do so much better.

  5. Marianna says:

    Iuuuu… but Elen at least had some good taste with guys… and anne marie… well she is with a guy with eyes like a frog.. what else can I say?

    • NinyaC says:


      (Just messing!) Anyway, even if his eyes look like a "frog" he is still way talented and cute to me :) So different strokes for different folks!

  6. Arely says:

    Gold digger much Ana-Maria, that is definitely one of the most weird women I ever seen in my life for two reasons, first she seems plastic but cheap one, second she seems to be with him only for money and fame. I mean Mesut is not your typical hottie but he has something sexy and so sweet and cute about him self. Plus he is so young,his career is just beginning and that women is old, ugly and slutty great combination for disaster.

    • Jenny says:

      It's not likely. Anna-Maria is from a very wealthy family. If she wanted to marry for money, she'd have found a better paid player.

  7. luna says:

    well i guess these pictures are a bit scaryy but honestly??I saw many so much better pictures of Elen but not of Anna-Maria..and this fact is scaary lmao. I’m not fan of Ozil and he really isn’t my type but he can do a lot better!

  8. schoonied says:

    so stupid ozil ! yes she’s sexy but there’s a lot of sexier muslim women in the world but why this ugly plastic old woman ? i dont think she’s convert to islam with her heart. bullshit. she just want to be in the media, famous, celebrity life and a famous football player.. eeewww..something tells me this not gonna be long !!

  9. EternalDreamer says:

    They could definitely be twins, but same plastic surgeon seems frighteningly likely.

  10. Karin C. says:

    money can't buy you class…..

  11. Nicola says:

    Is Anna-Maria a tranny?

  12. Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

    Mesut, if you really want an older woman, I’m available!

    (But I’m sorry, I’m not converting for you, and we’re raising our children Jewish. We could go kosher if need be, that’s close to Halal, and I don’t particularly like alcohol.)

  13. aps says:

    Ozil can do so much better. He’s too young to be with that hold hag. UGH.

  14. O.M.G says:

    Soccer players and their WAGs…..their choices would make more sense if soccer were a sport in which head contusions were common….maybe they're allergic to pretty women?

  15. Ella says:

    Yikes! Ozil’s girl actually makes Elen look good in these photos. Scary.

  16. Monroe says:

    I guess they both visit the same plastic surgeon.

  17. It’s those triangular eyebrows!

  18. Six says:

    Sheesh, did they both smell something foul?

  19. MissEstonia says:

    I legitimately thought this was a picture of MIchael Jackson on the right! I'm joking…I was like is Kickette doing a belated tribute to MJ or something? jeeze, lady! The eyebrows! Why? Inspiration from Star Trek or something?

    • MissEstonia says:

      Sorry, I mean to say I’m NOT joking…it’s been a long day at the office and out of the office as well. x_x

  20. dcubetcha says:


    i mean he’s no becks or anything but he can definitely do better.

    she scares me.

  21. Deedz says:

    What's with the L.A face?

  22. carly says:

    I did think Anna-Maria was Christine o.0
    Scary bunch…

  23. Amanda says:

    who are these fugly trannies?

  24. Freya says:

    Bloody hell, if that won't give you nightmares…

  25. shimarella says:

    They also both look like Michael Jackson…

  26. C.L says:

    *shudder* she kind of reminds me of Cruella de Vil, i'm thinking that ozil can do much much better…

  27. Carina says:

    Not "separated at birth" but more like "same plastic surgeon"

    • Bria says:

      Lmao…..that's what I was thinking!!! Both their faces look like cheap plastic.

  28. tResa says:

    omg!! they do look very similar…scary eyebrows and all…they're both not exceptionally pretty either.

    Anna-Maria is actually 28 or 29, I don't remember, while Mesut is 21 (or 22?), she's still married to another footballer and has a child with one of her sisters Sarah Connor former dancers…way to go, girl!

    and I totally agree, she looks older than she actually is…might help if she pub on a nice smile every once in a while???

  29. Sarra says:

    and have you realized that Christine bleakly also looks like Eleen ?!

  30. FTC says:

    The scary eyebrows !!!!!!!

  31. Merke says:

    Melek, what is Anna-Marias new name after she converted to the islam, is 28/29 years old and yeah, she looks wayyys older. And even older HER age…

    • senora ramos says:

      thanks. wow, maybe she just looked rough that day?

      • Merke says:

        No. She always looks like that. Her sister, famous german singer and ex of us-boybandguy Marc Terenzi, looks the same, very male and rough.

  32. senora ramos says:

    those are horrible photos. and both are quite scary. how old is ozil's woman? in that pic she looks waaaaaay older than him.

    • elnino says:

      That what I thought!! Not to mention she looks like Michael Jackson.

    • senora ramos says:

      tbh, though, ozil ,while a wonderful player, isn't much of a looker either

      • Goosie says:

        That's definitely true.

        • Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

          I’m obviously a Werder Bremen fan, so I’ve had to, err, look at that on a fairly regular basis. But I saw him during Germany’s opening game of the World Cup, thought he looked hot already at minute 12, and by the end of the game loved him.

    • Ev says:

      I’ve read somewhere that she is 28 (looks a lot older through, so 7 years older than him

  33. Sarra says:

    Oh no , I realized ! They are both really similar and really ugly!!!

    Well I guess he is just into these kind of girls …