April 23rd, 2009

Elen and Abbey at the Fifi Awards


Elen Rives and Abbey Clancy hit up the Fragrance Awards at the Dorchester hotel last night. The big news? Well, there is none.

Except for Elen’s bizarre mini-breakdown where she decided to open up to the paparazzi/media and discuss how hard it is for her to watch “heartless” Frank Lampard out on the dating scene. She says she wishes they could be together.

Rather than go into analysis over why Elen would choose to discuss something so private so publicly, we’d rather address the meaning behind the outburst. When the story of Frank and Elen’s split first broke, the tabloids all took the stance that Elen was the one who called off the seven-year relationship.

We had heard news to the contrary. This outburst sure seems to back up the insider gossip that it was Frank who ended things. 

Ugh. Relationships.

One thing is certain though: Elen is looking fantastic lately.  Do you think Frank will notice?  And do you think this public statement of her feelings will turn his head?

Also: please, Kickettes. If you learn one thing from this entire situation, it’s to never, ever, drink alcohol and then have an impromptu press conference. No matter how cute you’re looking on the night.

imageFYI: for those emailing us about Elen’s killer shoes from the Bungalow 8 event, you can pick ‘em up here.

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32 Responses to “Elen and Abbey at the Fifi Awards”

  1. ferzie says:

    Why on earth bother telling the entire world on your disastrous relationship?!Where’s the class?

  2. boo says:

    omg! thank you a thousand times thank you! though on closer inspection the shoes aren't that great anymore, but i still would (for a drunken night). i don't know maybe this shows that Elen doesn't have that many friends after all (what WAG does?) compared to 20+ buddies a footballer has

  3. PersephoneDisco says:

    Just listening to the news update on LBC and he actually rang up! Lampard said its very difficult having your life splashed in the papers and having them say you were sat with two girls you’ve never met in your life in a club. Interestingly he said to the presenter something along to the line I hope your wife or girlfriend doesnt tell you one day she doesn’t want to be with you…does that mean it’s more likely Elen broke up with him? Also he said the hardest thing about the breakup was not waking up with his kids everyday. Apparently the full interview is on the podcast section of the LBC website, but you have to pay to sign up :s Poor Frank, he sounded so angry and upset!

  4. Erin says:

    Oh, and aristeia, I believe Abbey is 5'10". She's pretty tall.

  5. Erin says:

    Holy moly, Elen looking good twice in one week?? What has the world come to?! I do feel bad for her…I cannot imagine how horribly painful it must be to have a break up played out in public. Most of us get to lose our minds in private in that situation.

    Abbey looking amazing, as usual. God, I love that woman…dumb, gorgeous, sweet and scouse! :)

  6. Avenath says:

    Wow!…she is looking good…good on her though…you show him, Elen!!!…must be the all that separation thingy from Lamps (just wish she didn’t talk about it)…

  7. Raina says:

    I read that link w/ her comments and she came off looking very desperate.  I feel her pain, it has to be SO hard going through all this but she had to be drunk as hell to tell a group of paparazzi her personal business.  She looks good lately but that ruined it.  Men can’t stand women who cling…

  8. Liz says:

    she looks stunning here.

  9. Susie says:

    Top marks for both, although Elen’s dress is a little too long for her frame and Abbey’s shoes clash with her dress. smile

  10. Loma says:

    Abby looks gorgeous!

  11. Eternal Dreamer says:

    Oh, and surprisingly I really like Abi's shoes. Never thought I'd say that about foot covering peep-toes.

  12. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Clearly if this is the sort of clothes Elen is going to wear post-break up… they should have broken up AGES ago. I've been loving what she's been wearing. I'm going to ignore the tabloid ridiculousnes… its generally wrong anyway. Abbey looks a bit washed out /: Not a huge fan.

  13. Dreamgirl says:

    She looks gorgeous again. WOW, I didn't think that was possible.

  14. Genevieve Gourcuff says:

    Wow Elen looks amazing! Obviously Frank dumping her was exactly what she needed to make her look good! Abbey looks gorgeous as per usual

  15. aristeia says:

    Whoa, is Elen that short? B/c Abi's pretty bitty. For your sake, for Frank's sake, for your children's sake… and hell, for our sake… please stop talking. Thank you.

  16. Vlada says:

    Two good looks from Elen back to back, I'm impressed. The tabloid story sounds like their usual trash.

  17. Boston Red says:

    I think Elen should shut her gob. Abbey looks incredible!!

  18. Pau de Silva (aka Sa says:

    I still dont like her, I am still amazed by the fact she looks so good now, but I dont forget that easy.

  19. TammyV says:

    Go get um Elen…. She looks amazing

  20. LoveLamps says:

    She's 34 and says she's "old." I really don't know what else to say to all of these stories. Really. Can't she just go away quietly? Please.

  21. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Elen looks AMAZING here. Oh my goodness. I really, really hate to say that but… its undeniably true.

  22. Eternal Dreamer says:

    Awwww…no comments for Elen? I stick by what I said yesterday.

  23. Meer. says:

    I like how Elen looks from head to shoulders, looks great. The dress, not so much. She should have chosen a shorter and tighter black mini-dress. That would have made her killing. And Frank would have dropped and rolled over for her to fest on. Uhm, yes. She would have been a knock-out LOL

  24. PersephoneDisco says:

    I think it is true because during the news LBC radio said that Frank rang up exlusively to defend the ‘heartless’ claims saying that everything he did was for his children. I don’t like her, privacy is privacy or did she forget that memo?

  25. Der Lutscher says:

    This doesnt sound true (i cant imagine anyone has monologue this long with the paps and media), but even if it is, I only feel sorry for her. Anyone can have a breakdown, public or not.

  26. suzie says:

    This is only according to the tabloids so there’s a 90% chance of it not being true. I read it in the mirror and my first thought was why do they have to make this rubbish up. Elen looked fab that night, this pic doesn’t do the dress justice, it was very classy.It’s never easy on the mum(or which ever parent gets custody) when parents break up, your priorities are still the kids while the other can just go back to playing the field without a second thought. I know frank will be missing the kids but he won’t be the one that has to deal with the hard stuff, elen will. So I do feel bad for her but it’s no different for any other couple with kids that splits.

  27. FirstTeamCoach says:

    WOW Elen, great look again (am I really typing that!!) I am now begining to wonder if it was being with Frank that brought her down. Any break up is hard, but it is much harder when you have no money. She can still afford to pay for someone to clean the house and do the laundry and babysit or whatever. I know a lot of dumped mums who are on their own with no money. Now that is hardship. These mums never go on a glamorous night out with £300 quid shoes.

  28. Becca says:

    Never knew what you had til it was gone ay elen ?
    no point in trying now, you;ve lost him my love.
    Although, something had to make you make an effort, and if a premiership footballer didnt, then maybe the split did. She does look better here, as much as it pains me to say it.

  29. AJ says:

    I kinda figured all along that it was Frank that did the dumping. As her fashion sense never bugged me on a personal level, although it felt like it at times ; P, I can’t help but feel bad for her. Most of us have been there when an ex has moved on first. It sucks the big one. She has to see it splashed all over the papers. That’s gotta cut deep. And keep in mind, it’s not as easy to move on when you’re the one taking care of two bubbas. As for her “talking”, the Mirror story, which was the exclusive, sounded to me like she was at the club, had a teary moment in the ladies – been there – and then that “friend” sold it to the papers. Humiliating. I think she was trying her best to show a brave face up until then. Can I just ask how she got away with being five years younger in the papers for so long? No one sussed it out? Fantastic. I’m now 29, gals. And plan on being so for years to come. : D

  30. mrs jt ;) says:

    looking better since frank got rid of her no? its what everyone does when thye get dumped, go get a new black dress and go out looking better than ever beforee.

  31. Pau de Silva (aka Sambu) says:

    I still dont like her, I am still amazed by the fact she looks so good now, but I dont forget that easy.

  32. TammyV says:

    Go get um Elen…. She looks amazing