May 29th, 2009

Elen Rives: Cheque, Please!


Frank Lampard and Elen Rives. Let’s check in with how the monetary loose ends are being settled, shall we?

Although they spent seven poorly-dressed years together, t’would seem Elen has taken Frank to the Royal Dry Cleaners. Citing two reported infidelities, recent reports have Frank set to pay Elen 14 million euros as part of their non-divorce-they-were- never-gonna-make-it-down-the-altar- anyway settlement. What happens in Vegas never, ever seems to stays there.

Still: 14 million seems a little high and ridic, no?

Elen was said to be publicly humiliated by the tabs’ reports of Frank’s wandering eye but we think a) this photo b) this entire situation and c) and again, another photo might be the real root of the cause of Frank’s desire to end things.  He has sorted out a £2.8 million flat for her and the kids though.

“Sources” say the couple grew increasingly distant and things were never right between them after Frank’s mum, Pat, died. Frank’s rep, however, denied foul play and reiterated no third party was involved in the split.

So, who’s the real winner in all of this?


Side note: We feel compelled to mention that this story has yet to be picked up by the British tabloids. Even more curious, is that it comes from a fairly reliable source that tends to err on the side of pro/friendly-celebrity stories… so interesting that this one made it through the net.

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19 Responses to “Elen Rives: Cheque, Please!”

  1. Dreamgirl says:

    That's what she is entitled to. Your basic rights don't change just because you are a bad dresser.

  2. Becca says:

    I think shes being a bit greeedddyyyy noww!!

  3. Jelly says:

    This goes to show how thoughtful and respectful lampshade is. The children are the most important and I’m glad he is sorting them out. It makes sense to make the mum happy because then the children will be happy.

  4. TammyV says:

    Well boys…this is what is meant by "you play, you pay." Good for her and good for him for not fighting it really and thanks for keeping it realitively out of the papers. Even that one drunken interview with Elen, Lamps defended her. she looks spectular in that pic Now seriously you two, time to get back together!

  5. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Unmarried mothers/fathers have the same rights as married ones now. Makes no difference if you do or do not make it down the aisle.

  6. TammyV says:

    Well boys…this is what is meant by "you play, you pay." Good for her and good for him for not fighting it really and thanks for keeping it realitively out of the papers. Even that one drunken interview with Elen, Lamps defended her. she looks spectular in that pic Now seriously you two, time to get back together!

  7. Erin says:

    Wow, she looks really good there. As for the money….my first reaction is “good for her”. They were essentially married and he cheated. She’s been home raising THEIR kids. He shouldn’t get to just walk away from her without support.

  8. FootballerChick43 - says:

    *Jaw drops to the floor* 14 million euros??? Jesus H. Christ.I suppose it is nearly half of what he makes a year, now that I stop and think about it. This whole drama keeps getting harder and harder to read about… theres so much dirty laundry there that has been set out and probably a lot more that will eventually be. And I say that as a fan of Lampard.

  9. Susie says:

    Good for her and the kids.

    And she looks really lovely in that pick.

  10. kate says:

    yeah i agree she should be entitled to be looked after REASONALY well but i dont believe a woman is entitled to half or even a quarter of a mans money just because they have kids or because they where together a long time married or not thats just not fair as you have to remember he looks after his kids for about 3 days of the week so they are both putting an almost equal amount of time and effort into raising the kids.

  11. deschanell says:

    So he's single now?

  12. EliseCT says:

    Elen looks like the Norwegian nude model Triana Iglesias in that picture. She's in all of the Madcon videos if you wonder who she is.

  13. Mrs Lampard (The Onl says:

    I think that he should support the children…not this woman..she has been sucking his money too long.

  14. Meer. says:

    He probably respects her enough as a mother that he wants her to be well off. It's a respectable thing to do.

  15. The Fourth Official says:

    She's<span class="wbr"></span> entitled<span class="wbr"></span> to<span class="wbr"></span> half<span class="wbr"></span> of<span class="wbr"></span> what<span class="wbr"></span> he<span class="wbr"></span> earned<span class="wbr"></span> while<span class="wbr"></span> they<span class="wbr"></span> were<span class="wbr"></span> together,<span class="wbr"></span> and<span class="wbr"></span> the<span class="wbr"></span> girls<span class="wbr"></span> are<span class="wbr"></span> entitled<span class="wbr"></span> to<span class="wbr"></span> his<span class="wbr"></span> support<span class="wbr"></span> until<span class="wbr"></span> they<span class="wbr"></span> are<span class="wbr"></span> of<span class="wbr"></span> legal<span class="wbr"></span> age.<span class="wbr"></span> Simple.<span class="wbr"></span>

  16. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Considering<span class="wbr"></span> what<span class="wbr"></span> he<span class="wbr"></span> makes<span class="wbr"></span> in<span class="wbr"></span> a<span class="wbr"></span> year…<span class="wbr"></span> that's<span class="wbr"></span> not<span class="wbr"></span><span class="wbr"></span> that<span class="wbr"></span> much<span class="wbr"></span> at<span class="wbr"></span> all.<span class="wbr"></span> She<span class="wbr"></span> was<span class="wbr"></span> with<span class="wbr"></span> him<span class="wbr"></span> for<span class="wbr"></span> a<span class="wbr"></span> long<span class="wbr"></span> time<span class="wbr"></span> and<span class="wbr"></span> they<span class="wbr"></span> have<span class="wbr"></span> kids,<span class="wbr"></span> she's<span class="wbr"></span> entitled.

  17. aristeia says:

    I think that's pretty fair. And Frank, seeming like a decent guy, is probably quite willing to part w/ that if it keeps her happy and therefore capable of being a good mother. (The happiness making her capable of being a good mother, not the money btw)

  18. autumnmaple101 says:

    Fair enough I guess. As much as I love him, he did stray so now he’s got to pay the price. Props to Frank though for not kicking up a fat fuss and just trying to sort it out for the sake of the kids.

  19. Mrs. Podolski says:

    She is not really entitled to anything, she was not his wife but was his fiancee I do not know why some of you are saying that she is entitled. There is no common-law-marriage, but it is his money he can do as he pleases maybe next time. He will learn to put a ring on a woman’s finger before letting her move into his home with him. At least what he did was honorable.