August 28th, 2006

Elen Rives Busted Over Secret Husband

Ah, memories… there’s nothing like those wild, forgotten days of the past…

You know, the jet-setting around the world, working as a model/air hostess, getting married secretly to a broke-ass Jordanian chappie – stuff like that.

Elen Rives, fianc

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12 Responses to “Elen Rives Busted Over Secret Husband”

  1. The past has passed so burry the mistake of the past stop worrying about it and start focusing on the present and think about the future. You can have a good future if you are ready to step in the present.

  2. James says:

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  4. maverick says:

    Elen rives was caught red handed with her secret husband last week. She didn’t have much to say except that she was sorry. Her widely known husband has applied for divorce and the talks have been going on now. Hope everything goes well.more here

  5. josephine says:

    So, it's no longer a secret because it has already been here being exposed in your website. That's how it is then for me. best diet to be healthy

  6. Eliza says:

    Love is a crazy world just enjoy it while it last :)

  7. adelaida says:

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  8. angline says:

    So, it's not secret anymore and this will be one of the best that i could. I am glad that everything now seems to be doing alright. Thanks much.
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  9. kim says:

    I am so happy in reading your blog. It is great information to me and to all. Maybe they need to have some privacy and we should respect them.

  10. Elen Rives, fianc

  11. Anonymous says:

    idont thinkit really matterz cuz alot of have bad pasts, so if elen and frank r both happy and luv eachuver it dont matter