April 24th, 2012

Engaged: Luis Nani & Daniela Martins

Manchester United Portuguese winger getting married

Corks are a poppin’ in the Nani household today after the Manchester United player announced he and his longtime Portuguese girlfriend, Daniela Martins, are getting married.

This may not come as a shock to those who saw the pap pics of Daniela browsing wedding dress racks in Manchester yesterday. While she left empty-handed – leaving the ceremoy’s level of blingtastic opulence a mystery – Miss Martins is guaranteed to be WAGtastically done up on her big day.

Once WAGalicious personified (and just about every other adjective we’ve made up by attaching the WAG prefix), Nani’s fiancee was hardly ashamed of dressing like a bomb went off in her closet. Since coupling up with the Portugal international in 2009, though, she’s come a long way. Like, a really looong way (the severity of Nani’s trousers didn’t go unremarked either and goes to show footballers can’t have everything).

Nevertheless, they really do seem like a devoted couple. At the very least, Daniela hung in there, and there were never any rumours of skankocity on either’s part. We enjoy faithful footie partners, Kickettes. No surprise there.

So to recap, four ‘ballers and four faux tanning babettes and etcs are reportedly scheduled to exchange vows and get drunk whilst wearing couture and/or Zara knockoffs this summer:

- July: Frank & Christine, Iker & Sara (supposedly, despite their vow of silence)

- Date TBD: Theo Walcott & Melanie Slade, Luis Nani & Daniela Martins

Which one to stalk you ask, Kickettes?

Always trying to get us with the tricky questions you good people are!

We’ll get back to you on our wedding party crash hit list later. For now, congratulate Luis and Daniela with us, won’t you?

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7 Responses to “Engaged: Luis Nani & Daniela Martins”

  1. Nani congratulations

  2. oybek says:

    Congratulations to Nani and Daniela! :)

  3. mercy says:

    Congratulations to our club winger Nani and Faithul Daniela
    4frm UTD Girl

  4. felix says:

    Nani congratulations

  5. It’s great to hear from you and see what you’ve sent up. Wood Pellet mill,This is a great blog. You deserve an award of some kind. Thanks!

  6. Utd Girl says:

    Yay! Congratulations to Nani and Daniela! :)

  7. Melaniee. says:

    Cant forget about Ana Ortiz & Andres Iniesta!
    Thats the wedding I would stalk.
    Reason 1: FCB will be there and i want to stare at them.
    Reason 2: Its at a vineyard. I like wine.
    I think its gonna work out very well.