November 9th, 2011

Engagement Ring Riddle: Irina Shayk’s Mystery Sparkler

Irina Shayk, Dolores Aveiro and Katia Dos Santos (not pictured) at the Intercontinental hotel in Madrid, Spain.

Irina Shayk’s made-for-our-left-hands golf ball-sized ring is playing tricks on us. We first laid eyes on it last week during Cristiano’s Golden Boot presentation, but by Sunday evening, it was noticeably absent during Irina’s walk down the European Music Awards red carpet.

The wooly mammoth of bling deserves a name. We think.

Fine then, we shall call her ‘Nereida,’ but let’s keep that info between us Kickettes, okay?

Anyway, the diamond Shayk was wearing earlier last weekend was made by Di Grisogno, the same brand that once paid ex-WAG Cheryl Cole a hefty sum to slap her name on a special capsule collection of their baubles. Knowing this, we can’t help but feel that Nereida’s recent showing was a fleeting occurrence – definitely not a permanent mainstay on Irina’s usually bare left hand.

That’s not to say, of course, we can outright deny the whispers we’ve heard re: these two becoming seriously involved, which started to surface after Cristiano began building his own hotel and golf course. Naturally, the property will bear his name once its completed later this summer. Ironically, July 2012 just so happens to be the date that’s being pegged for Irina and C-Ron’s supposedly impending nuptials.

Problem with this theory is that month is smack dab in the middle of the Euros 2012 in Poland. So unless Ronaldo and team Portugal fail to attend – which we can’t see happening – we’d again argue that Nereida is a publicity ploy surrounded by some nonsense. Wouldn’t be the first time, that’s for sure!

But really, your guesses on the validity of these rumours are as good as ours, dear readers. Anyone down for playing the wait-and-see game with us?

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45 Responses to “Engagement Ring Riddle: Irina Shayk’s Mystery Sparkler”

  1. Kimberly says:

    I have to agree with Lucy on this one… I think the ring is far too big and just looks tacky. I wouldn't like that as an engagement ring!

  2. Soccergirl154 says:

    It’s a shame that women tend to be so catty and hateful. To us, Irina may not be the prettiest or more natural girl in the
    world, but to him, she is and for that, we should be respectful. I do agree their fashion sense is non existent but at least
    that’s one thing they both have in common.

  3. Marina_Isabella says:

    Is the woman sitting right next to her Cristiano's mom?… I always see Irina with C-Ron's mom… What's up with that? Has that woman been given the task of being Irina's chaperon while her man isn't around her or something like that?… What the hell…

  4. Agnes Wonka says:

    Idk if it is an engagement ring, but the jelousy towards her is sth I'm getting used to see.
    It's not her fault being so beautiful.

  5. Lisa says:

    Wouldn't an engagement ring be on her right hand?

  6. Cammie says:

    Jealous…of a.. balding Model with a Joker Smile, that needs a Footballer to get PR…LOL!

    Victoria's Secret had their show last night …and Irina wasn't invited..yet again…

    Another Bar Refaeli, Brooklyn Decker can only get work through famous Companions Name…

  7. Kiki says:

    She wore that ring in the "Russian Heritage Festival" last June in NY. On the website the ring looks cute, but on her hand… dear Lord. It looks awful. Or maybe is jut my idea that this lady has an special power to make almost everything look vulgar. But i think that's just me.

    Anyway… I think she is a very pretty girl. Bad average model, but beautiful girl. To be very, very honest I still think this whole relationship is more a PR stunt…actually for both sides, but I her "winning" more than him. I can not see on Irina that "in love look", u know what I mean?! Even Nereida had that look. Most people think she was just a gold digger, but I think she really liked him. Vulgar, but liked him. And they seemed like a genuine happy couple. i don't see this now. And all this comes from a person who loves CR for over 7 years! How many relationships of him i've seen during this time?! LOL!!! He and Irina may get married, but believe me…I don't see love. I miss the sparkle… We don't see on this relationship the same conection he had with merche and nereida. He looks so sad when they are 2gether. Same for her. They dont smile, they barely hold hands… What are they afraid of? We all know they are dating!!!

    The fact is…I will never like her. Even more after some very hipocrite things she done and said on interviews (amica one made me sick). And even more after I got to know the supposed real way she and cristiano were introduced.

    Sorry for the long post… but for me as a Cris fan for almost a decade to see this happening it kills me. I miss him smiling all the time! Anyway… I'll stop here cuz this makes me so sad…

    • leila says:

      You couldn't have said it better!_
      How exactly were they introduced?

    • Dee says:

      I like Irina as a model. I liked her alot better before she was famous for dating Cristiano. But I must disagree with you in saying he doesn't look happy with her. In the Paparazzi pictures, sure, they're not smiling because they're being hounded by photographers. But look at their photos from the Maldives. Look at their photos from dinners, tennis matches and basketball games. He's smiling constantly and so is she. He's whispering in her ear. He's kissing her on the cheek. He's wiping things off of her face. They even took pictures with the "help" in Maldives and they both looked so happy.

      Remember the photos of them in the water at the beach in Portugal? They couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Also the fact he lets her spend time with his mom and sister (something he never did with past girlfriends). And she is seen alot with his son.

      The biggest indication is from Cris's performance in football this past year. Sorry to burst his fans' bubble, but I think he is very in love with her. And it's serious because he's let her into his family and he's not hiding her from the public. They both seem really happy.

  8. vendela says:

    I think Irina is gorgeous. So many jealous bitter woman out there!!!

  9. Ursinha do Monte says:

    Dear haters, Irina is representing the brand so she is most likely getting paid to wear this. But dont worry, I'm sure Cristiano gives her lots of cute gifts not to mention wild sex sessions! Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm YES!

  10. a guy point of view! says:

    She's gorgeous, Cr7 is a lucky, lucky guy! put a ring on it; i know i would!

  11. mata says:

    People should be allowed to say what they really think. I happen to think that she is one of the best looking WAGs out there, but with sadly the worst possible clothing taste imaginable. It is interesting, though, how many people post a comment when her picture appears on kickette, I think more than any other person, and they either love her or hate her, which is better than being bland and boring, no?

    • Kelly says:

      Just a quick note on this – all readers are entitled to their opinion here at Kickette, and we always encourage everyone to weigh in on the day’s news. We do kindly request, however, that all parties remain kind and respectful to not only one another, but to the people we regularly feature. While we, like the best of ‘em, tend to be sarcastic in our musings, you will never hear us make derogatory or hateful remarks. In turn, this will not be tolerated from commenters so please, for future Irina posts, keep this in mind.

      Thanks in advance for keeping the peace, y’all! x

  12. Irina Shayk? says:

    Jealousy is the uglist treat ladies!

    • DebS says:

      True. It's a shame that all the posts that are pro-Irina have more thumbs down than thumbs up.

  13. ZLI says:

    Oh, another article for jealous people. You must be needing readers and comments desperately, Kickette. Not to mention to call it nereida…pathetic in every possible way and certainly not from Irina's part.

    • Monina says:

      I know right its like katy perry would say “that was such an epic fail” especially the nerieda thing

  14. MH from NH says:

    looks like the Epcot thingy.

  15. christina says:

    Mama Dolores’s name is Dos Santos and Katia’s is Aveiro ( their fathers name id Aveiro, but in portugal is normal to put the mothers name first then the fathers

  16. Surely that's too trendy and cocktail style to be an engagement ring? Though this is CRon we're talking about, so nothing's impossible:)

  17. xoWinnie says:

    that ring does not look like an engagement ring at all.
    it was probably a gift from Cristiano,
    but i doubt even he would call that an "engagement ring".

  18. ArsenalFiesta says:

    Or….maybe she liked the ring and bought it for herself. Women are allowed to buy jewelry for themselves.

  19. savannah says:

    I think even Cristiano would do better than that for an engagement ring. It looks like a cocktail ring. And please if they were engaged she would be telling anyone that would listen. She needs the publicity for her career.

  20. coco says:

    It's not an engagement ring. She's worn that ring before. Her and CR wear matching rings on their right hand but that golf ball thing is not an engagement ring. It was probably another stunt from her pr team for attention. CR's sister Katia said there is no wedding this summer and that CR doesn't want to get married until he's in his 30s. I'd rather talk about the fact that she is going bald!

  21. Anju says:

    THat sure doesn't look like like any ring I've ever seen, it looks like one of those teat candies..hmm bad taste

  22. Lucy says:

    That ring is one fo the tackiest thinkgs I ve ever seen in a while (if in case that´s an engagement ring)

  23. LizzyHS90 says:

    Is it just me but are her hands HUGE!? Look at the second picture with the hand on her hip.

    Anyways, I don't think they are getting married next summer. They don't even live full-time with each other. She still lives in NYC the majority of the time doesn't she?

  24. Miss XOXO says:

    Beauty with the sexy lips…

  25. Eliz says:

    Pregnancy, engagement rings and marriage date rumors is one way super model Shayk always stays in the limelight.