May 2nd, 2012

England NT: Roy Hodgson Takes The Reins


You’ve got to hand it to the FA. After months of media speculation that practically rendered any application for the vacant England manager’s job moot (other than Harry Redknapp’s), they announce that Roy Hodgson signed a four-year-deal for the post – leaving pundits scandalised over their lack of pre-knowledge of the hiring.

Redknapp appeared to be the fan and media favourite following his clearance of those pesky tax evasion charges, so when Hodgson met with FA officials at Wembley this week, the peanut gallery was irritably apathetic at the change in course.

It’s a hard enough job at the best of times, but could a good performance in the EUROs be enough to sooth the media’s hurt feelings about being left out of the loop?

And what do you think about the appointment, ladies and gents?

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13 Responses to “England NT: Roy Hodgson Takes The Reins”

  1. DrStrangelove says:

    I'm pretty happy Roy got the job, but this is mainly out of a sense of schadenfreuede that the tabloids didn't manage to get their candidate in. The arrogant presumption and sense of entitlement in the notion that 'Arry (who just happens to write a collumn for 'us') had the job wrapped up grated horrifically. But yeah, I'm willing to give Roy two years and see what he conjures up in terms of WC qualification. No real expectations.

  2. Green 4 says:

    Best of luck to him.!!

  3. black widow says:

    WELL SAID. i love my (home) team and country, but they repeatedly embarrass us at tournaments and it can't all be blamed on the coaching. the egos, off-pitch antics, lack of sportsmanship and seeming indifference amongst many of those who don the kit is a disgrace. i am hoping for the best — any fresh start is always an opportunity to reinvent the wheel — but i'm not holding my breath.

  4. Kristina says:

    Good news! I like Roy very much, plus he's spent some coaching time in Sweden early in his career, so most people here have kind of adopted him. He even knows some Swedish :) . But I don't envy him. The English NT seems to be in a bit of a pickle right now.

    • mata says:

      He speaks 5 languages and he's already being mocked in the British press because he has a slight speech impediment (trouble pronouncing R's) honestly certain elements of the English press just make you lose your will to live.

  5. Red_Girl says:

    He was awful at Liverpool. Screaming at Agger to 'just ****ing launch it' when he was trying to play it out of defence. Almost sold one of the most cultured centre backs in the PL. Very thin-skinned and prickly dealing with the press and the supporters. He's been much better where expectations are not high, and expectations are always high with the national team, whether justified or not. But the fact remains the FA are showing no interest in dealing with the real problems, such as allowing clubs to coach youngsters for more than one hour a week, for example, rather than the one hour a day Spain does. Until the FA shows some vision, the poor old England manager will simply be the scapegoat in the firing line. At least Roy will be well-rewarded for the sacrificial role.

  6. FloraJane says:

    I'm trying to not feel sorry for Roy. I congratulate him on his appointment but I think he's got a tough job ahead of him. Not least of which will be dealing with the media's criticism of his appointment. I don't disagree with some of those points of view but I wish they'd just get behind the guy & behind the team. The constant negativity &apathy that people have about the national team is probably the #1 thing wrong with the team in the first place. I think Harry would have been able to counteract that. He's got a big personality that would have been good for the team &perhaps more importantly for dealing with the media. The FA never made any promises but I don't think it would have killed them to come out and say 'look we REALLY have not made up our minds yet'. They just kept silent, letting the support for Harry build, until now it just looks like a slap in the face to Harry & an 'out-of-the-blue' choice of Roy. Beginning anew with an already prominent (at least in the media) sense of disappointment doesn't bode well for the team nor for Roy. Hopefully he'll prove everyone wrong. He does have the experience, seems like a genuinely nice man, is obviously thrilled to get the job & will no doubt be very dedicated to it.

  7. mata says:

    Hodgson took a mediocre team of players (West Brom) and was able to really make something of them. Perfect credentials for managing England, I 'd have thought.

    The only edge that Redknapp has over Hodgson is that Harry has a more out-going personality and (for an English manage) "star" quality that the press love, but Roy's track record as manager is better, and there wouldn't have been the expensive buy-out associated with Redknapp.

    Now if only the public and press would get behind him and stop moaning about his appointment maybe he'll be able to do something with the England squad as well. I for one am happy with the appointment, he seems a decent manager and a decent man, and I wasn't thrilled about the shabby treatment he got at Liverpool.

  8. emma says:

    oh dear god… THE national team reaching an all time low…

    lets hope the 3 lions will not be extremely humiliated in polland……

    goooodbyyye bluee skyyyy

  9. Bella says:

    Finally! A sane piece on the Hodgson appointment. I've been reading the papers, mainstream and trash, with my jaw dropped at the outrage over the slighting of poor 'Arry and the misleading of fans. The FA never once mentioned Harry's name so, much as I loath that gang of twits, how can the FA be implicated in the media/public/Harry's expectation that he would be appointed England manager. In fact the FA seem the only ones that never made the implication. As usual, the English media build their own straw horse and then rip it to shreds. Was hoping that Euros and Olympics would keep the journos too busy to create the silly in "silly season" this transfer window, but they seem to have a never ending surplus of time/column space.
    I'm a Liverpool fan and felt that, during Hodgson's time with us, it would have been more encouraging (for viewers) to have a stronger looking presence on the sidelines but knew it was a foolish thought and that appearances have nothing to do with how the person manages or how a team performs. Aragones wasn't towering sight or a charmer in pressers and did alright with Spain didn't he.
    Its as a Liverpool fan that I'm glad Hodgson is getting a go at another challenge. My beloved King Kenny may have been the only one who could have woken our players up from their stupor at that time – as he did. But it didn't take them too much time to fall back into one as they proved yesterday. Sigh.
    As cupcake says, the players turn up or don't, country or club – although I expect much more from my particular club of course. (Wow did I digress, so sorry, yesterday was even more rough than what's become usual for the Red Half!).

  10. cupcakes says:

    The problem isn't the manager, it's the preening primadonna players who are vastly overpaid and for whom doning an England shirt is almost an inconvenience to their summer holiday plans. Hell, if the "England International" tag didn't earn them more from their sponsors I doubt half of them would even bother!

    The FA could have appointed my Mum and it wouldn't have made any difference – we're going to narrowly sneak out of our group in second place and then be eviscerated by Spain in the quarter finals. At least then Roy will be cheaper than 'Arry to get rid of once the tabloids start baying for his blood.

    Watch those 4 WC10 games again – in which we played like donkeys and scored THREE measly goals – and tell me I'm wrong!

    • Catty women says:

      I 100% agree with your statement here, it's not the manager, but the self obsessed,narcissist players. look at other national team players, Spain players for example, they play with passion for their country. You never see that when England play it's all ego, ego, ego, me,me,me!