August 30th, 2010

Entries & Exits: Raul Meireles & Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Images: Getty Images Europe, AP Photo via Daylife

Are we over the relative disappointment of Yoann Gourcuff’s signing for a Ligue 1 club instead of an EPL one? Not really, but we’re mildly comforted by the news that Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson has signed the delicious Raul Meireles from Porto for the princely sum of £10.7 million.

We had budgeted something closer to £20 million for player purchases, but unfortunately we had a big weekend planned and the Kickette transfer fund is somewhat depleted.

We have got a few pence left though, and since we missed out on getting Roque Santa Cruz, we’re thinking of bidding for Benny Feilhaber. A change of position may be required; we quite fancy him ‘standing naked in the corner of the Kickette office’.

You think?

Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite denim wrangler and all-round Are You Kidding Us With This Body striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has continued his campaign to play for every single top class club in the universe (well, Italy at least) by signing a loan deal with AC Milan. During his tenure he intends to score twenty five goals and win the Ballon D’or.

Perhaps you might want to concentrate on sorting your jeans out first, Zlats? Kiss, kiss.

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52 Responses to “Entries & Exits: Raul Meireles & Zlatan Ibrahimovic”

  1. jellybean says:

    your caption is priceless and oh so witty!

  2. cheryboomboom says:

    Why does Kickette not talk about Hatem Ben arfa which is now with NewCastle !!

    I've been waiting for the transfer totty article all week end and then there is this but no hatem ben arfa !!! Why kickette why ?!?! :'(

  3. Anthea says:

    Ibra is a footballer, goes where he gest payed and that’s it.
    Miland did a great business,speaking of money.
    Ibra can do very good for us, as he’s the kind that can solve a match by himself. Let’s see how it fits with the theam.
    Borriello may be leaving, but honestly, even if he scored a lot last year,he’s an average good player, and if he cannot accept that in Milan you’re not ALWAYS playing then bye!

  4. Zlatanista says:

    A bit off topic ladies but i just saw Zlatan training with the swedish NT! They´re training at a stadium close to where i live, and as i´m home recovering from knee surgery i hopped on my crutches and limped over. God, he´s gorgeous! It´s funny though that he doesn´t look that big surrounded by swedes :) . With Barca he sometimes looked abnormal.

    • Lisa says:

      This is amazing Zlatanista! Please tell me you got pictures.

      P.S. get well soon.

      • Zlatanista says:

        Thanks! No i didn´t take my camera with me, because i´m stupid! I tried to get some pictures with my phone, but it was no good. Anyway they´re playing against Hungary (I think) on friday, so he´s gonna be here all week. It was so cute with the kids cheering for him and he waved back with the widest smile… heaven!!

  5. caitanya says:

    NO! I can't believe Raul is leaving my team, FC Porto! NO! :-( :-(:-( And for an English team? :-( :-(:-( Sorry to the Premiere League supporters, but I am not a part of that contingent. :-( :-(:-(

    But damn, Ibra looks hot! What's up with the peep show of the hippage? Get me a cold shower! Maybe "someone up there" is giving me a reason to start watching Italian footy … :-P

  6. Madenaaa says:

    Oh god, please come back to EPL. I need more eye candy in the Premiership.

  7. PitchDish says:

    I’d like to contribute for the Benny Fine-haber bid.

  8. neenyah says:

    Best of luck to Raul and Ibra!

    But where is Mascherano in this post?? His transfer is also one of the biggest news this weekend!

  9. Sayaka says:

    Zlatan is gone for good, the deal is a “loan” for a year with the obligation to buy him for 24m at the end of this season. The deal was pretty screwed up for both Ibra and Barça (financially speaking), Rosell doesn’t seem to be handling things well apart from making Laporta’s signings flop, but I guess after Raiola’s (Ibra’s agent) attacks on Pep: “should be in a mental hospital,” “has a problem with himself,” and will “leave the Camp Nou before Zlatan does.” with Ibra letting him, the Barça board didn’t have much of a choice but to offload the swede. Milan had a deal of a life time. Zlatan kept biatching about it even after leaving(which is understandable since it came as a slap on the face) and Pep handled it with his usual class. It was bad business, but looking at the bright side: Ibra should fit better in Milan and he’ll get to kick some Los Blancos arse at UCL (hopefully).

    • Zlatanista says:

      I´m not defending Zlatan, he´s not very smoothe. And his agent is a ****ing clown. Pep is a classy man, but this time he seemed a little whipped, i think. Other coaches has been able to handle Zlatan and made him perform at his best, even when he has behaved much worse than now. And his stupid comments came when the deal was nearly closed and after, not during the season. He was loyal then and, according to his teammates, hardworking.

      I think Pep, however much i love the man, must accept some of the blame and that he failed as a coach this time.

      I´m still a Barcelista, still a Zlatanista and i´m gonna put this thing behind me now.

      • Sayaka says:

        Pep is to blame too. I actually was pretty upset when the deal took place because it did so much damage to the club, I would describe it as mismanagement of both Rosell and Pep's side. Without a new signing, I would've wanted Ibra to stay. But here's the thing: I believe in facts, which were: Pep trusted Ibra during the season (something that cost us the Inter match for example) and Ibra clearly wanted to stay. So instead of letting his agent insult the coach(therefore the club and the fans who've been nothing but supportive) he should've worked things out with Pep like a big boy. And Pep is a philosopher, he had a vision for the team and Villa has always been his number one choice, but instead of letting Eto'o spend the last season of his contract in Barça he messed things up by buying Ibra and not handling him well.

        The match against Santander was an opportunity for everyone to move on s. In fact Pep said(about Ibra) after the match:

        "He is an immense player. I wish him all the best in his new adventure. He was part of the five trophies that we won."

        Of course timing says it all: Barça won, Villa scored, the telepathy Villa-Messi was great. Ibra is history and the teams is moving on with grace.

        But zlatan won't be moving on any time soon, he recently said: "Guardiola shouldn’t be angry because I called him a philosopher…after Hleb, Cáceres, Chygro and me, he clearly is more a philosopher than an economist."

        I'm glad this whole thing is behind us and that Pep's response reflects the club's values(class, humility, professionalism):Més que un club!!

  10. Q says:

    not happy with the zlatan move to milan since hes kinda forcing borriello out (with robinho set to join milan too), now juvntus and roma want him although they arent good enough to have our sexy badass. seriously ladies borriello v ibra, it's a no brainerr. borriello <3

  11. Rossanera says:

    I am personally quite happy to have Zlatan at Milan. We needed some fresh blood.

    About the whole WTF aspect of this whole situ … you can tell from his comments that there was clearly animosity and bad blood between him and Pep. I guess it was bad enough to make him want to leave.

    And honestly, I’m tired of hearing people throw comments around to the effect that there is nothing better in this world than Barca – and I say this as a Barcelista. Comments like this only reinforce the stereotype that Barca fans are conceited and arrogant. Barca is a great club, but it is not the ONLY great club – Milan, in Italy, has the same cachet.

    Welcome to the Rossoneri, Zlatan – we are so happy to have you.

    • Lisa says:

      hear hear Rossanera. Milan deserve a good season after this drought they've been going through. Can't wait for the Milan derbies, I smell vengeance in the air. I wouldn't say Barca fans are the only ones who are arrogant and conceited but there are times where we can also be self-righteous and egoistic.

    • neenyah says:

      I, for one, am very glad this whole drama is over. Both sides are at fault so let’s just move on and hope that everybody’s learned their own share of lessons. (And that Rosell handles sticky situations like that better in the future.)

      So yay, La Liga has started! Barca is higher than Real in the standings (Mourinho must be rolling and PMS-ing!). My second team, Sevilla, is doing well also; I’ve always had a soft spot for them. AND OOOH WELCOME TO MASCH!!! :o )

      • Zlatanista says:

        Well well well Neenyah, Sevilla is my second team as well (in La Liga anyway)! Let´s hope they have a fabulous season! And that Jesus Navas flashes us a bit of tongue now and then :)

    • Zlatanista says:

      Yeah, and i think by the look on Zlatans face that Milan is in for a treat! I think he is desperate to prove himself. This i going to be so much fun!!

  12. whatapity says:

    what a pity kickette doesn’t report on the biggest leave (and cutest player):

    Trezeguet is leaving Juventus for Spain. What a loss for Italy.
    I know it is not a Trezeguet post but anyway, things need to be said :-)

  13. aps says:

    Oh and I'm loving the peek show from Zlatan.

  14. aps says:

    Thank God Raul cleaned up. He looked a mess in the world cup. Can't wait to see him play.

  15. Zlatanista says:

    *takes deep breath* Well, well everywhere Zlatan comes and everywhere he goes there is controversy. It´s been an emotional weekend, but now i can see that it was for the best that he left. Barca is my favourite club and it was a dream come true when he went there. But i must say i didn´t expect him to be so well behaved that he has been, up to now. He demands a lot of space, he does not hesitate to speak his mind, act cocky and pick fights. But he has been uncommonly calm.I guess he tried to adjust to the Barca system and failed at some point. Just as Pep failed to handle Zlatan.

    Barca-Zlatan was a unhappy combination. For Barca, loosing Zlatan is not a big deal (if you´re not talking economics), they will go on playing there game and do it beutifully, as always. Zlatan will have a good time in Milan and, i´m sure, help them to success. I´m looking forward to cheer for both Barca and Zlatan this season!!

    • Lisa says:

      I wish him well. I don’t even feel mad at him for wanting out because deep down I knew personality clashes would happen at some point. I was so happy when he signed but at the back of my mind so many questions were being asked about how he would fit in.

      You and I are connected to this man Zlatanista. Just like you support him because he is Swedish, I support him because he is Muslim (at least he was at some point). It’s good to see our boys play at the highest level and do well. Good luck Ibra and may you come back to haunt Barca (they all do eventually, don’t fight it).

      • Zlatanista says:

        I totally agree with Lisa. As a Swede you were so so proud when Zlatan signed for Barca, but a little surprised as well. I mean, he didn´t really fit in did he? It was a bit like letting an elephant march through a shop selling crystal vases. Something´s gotta crash. But it didn´t, not until now. And there are questions that i guess will never be answered. The right thing to do is to look forward and leave the shady business behind.

      • Pfft says:


        He’s not a very bl00dy good one then is he?

  16. LuvinBale says:

    Love the sneaky peek that Zlatan is giving us. Now if the pants could just drop a little lower it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanx! ;-)

  17. Didi says:

    Raul`s face is damn fine, thanks god we hae some extra eye candy in Liverpool!

  18. C16 says:

    I don't like Meireles hair.

    And wow Zlatan! ;)

  19. Zinny says:

    Really, Zlatan, really? Most players would give up their left "huevo" to play at Barca forever. Ahh well. It's only a loan, right?

    And YES. Raul Meireles is a best. One of the players on the Portugal team who had to lug Ronaldo's dead weight.

    Oh God, I would give up my soul for Benny Feilhaber.

    • Bri says:

      haha, dead weight. meireles and liedson had to cart his butt around like donkeys and you don't see them winning man of the match do you?

  20. D0li says:

    Was it Zlatan's decision to leave, or was he kicked out? I thought he blended well with Barca especially Pique.. I dont know why he would want to leave everything he worked so hard for to go to a new club!

    • ASM says:

      "Guardiola is the philosopher who has shattered my dream to play with Barcelona," Ibrahimovic said.

      "When I enter a room Guardiola leaves, I don't know if he's scared of me or what. Speak to him, he's the one who has the problem. I don't know what it is.

      "Right now I'm very happy because I'm going to Milan. In football everything can change in 24 hours. It's the end Guardiola wanted."

      -Zlatan's statement

      WTH is going on here??

      • Jamtart Heart says:

        He's being passive aggressive, and refusing to take any responsibility, haha.

        I'm going to miss him in blaugrana, and may not get much chance to watch him very much in Serie A, but I wish him the best with his new club. There was clearly not going to be any resolution or compromise at Barca, which is a shame, but it was best for everyone to cut their losses before it got any worse.

        Time to focus on the future, and the success all involved can expect now that it's resolved! :)

      • Sayaka says:

        here are some Raiola’s (Ibra’s agent) shameful statements about Pep:
        “should be in a mental hospital”
        “has a problem with himself,”
        and would “leave the Camp Nou before Zlatan does.”
        Then he went on by saying:
        “It’s simple maths: Zlatan has four years on his contract, Guardiola just one.”
        He also added: “No one tells me to shut up … except Zlatan.”

        The deal to offload him was screwed up(for Barça) on so many levels I lost count. It was a massive financial loss(1 year of loan then selling him(next season)for 24m after buying him with 46+Eto’o). Rosell did a poor job at that but I think the damage done to the Club(Pep) by Ibra and his agent for the past weeks left Barça with no other choice.

    • JV says:

      I don't think he wanted to leave, but there is only so much ball to go around… once they made the summer signings it was pretty clear he would be moved. I love Barca, but I don't get it…

    • Zlatanista says:

      I don´t think he wanted to leave. But i think he was unhappy for some reason and was releaved when the affair was closed. All the barca players that has been asked about Zlatan says that he contributed to the team and that he worked hard. Puyol was sad to see him go, for example. I´m not defending Zlatan though, he said some stupid things when he left. But i guess that he didn´t want to loose face or something.

  21. keziah says:

    If the world cup cast any doubt that the EPL is not the best league in the world this recent transfer action is at least making it one of the hottest!!!

    @cherryboomboom Heck YES to Hatem Ben Arfa being included in this list. Freaking french hotness merging with Smith and Enrique OMG Newcastle is BACK BABY!

  22. JamilaRamos says:

    AGH Man I thought Ze very Zexy Zlatan was coming to the EPL. Damn him…I was hoping to see him at some matches against Arsenal at the Emirates stadium. But NOO he goes to Italia!

    Mamma Mia!

  23. cherryboomboom says:

    what about new castle's new signing ?!

  24. Dahlia says:

    Wow..Portugal, Raul, Hair that look very good when wet…

    Is he the guy in the World Cup with so many tattoos that I liked so very much???.. :P

    • Bri says:

      I bet he is! He is such a smooth and consistent player, not to mention really easy on the eyes. My favorite man from my selecao! Forca Raul! I expect to see much more of his hotness on here in the future. He must not be overlooked ;)

  25. Ofeily9 says:

    Raul Meireles <3 Cannot wait to see him playing with us!

    • ASM says:

      absolutely..looking forward to see him provide more fire up front..and hell yes,additional hotness..<3<3<3