July 2nd, 2012

Euro 2012 Final: Just Another Day At The Office

Images: REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi.

Poor Italy. After their fantastic performance against the hotly tipped Germans, speculation abounded that Super Mario and his boys would have enough in the tank to ruin Spain’s plans for global domination.

The Spanish, possibly peeved by accusations that they were boring throughout the tournament however, took their über shiny A-game to Kiev and stroked their way into the history books by beating Italy 4-0. If you’re still under your duvets, that means they’re the first team ever in the history of the universe to win three consecutive tourneys.

Afterwards they brought their babies onto the pitch, which was precisely when we became the first people ever in the history of the universe to get pregnant by pictures.

Have a looky for yourselves, Kickettes. Even hardened hacks will be overwhelmed by the (updated with even more anti-birth control) cuteness.

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62 Responses to “Euro 2012 Final: Just Another Day At The Office”

  1. S.P.D says:

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  2. Leya_S says:

    I have always loved Spain. But they were already campeones, so I was rooting for the Netherlands, then Portugal. When they didn't make it, I couldn't still deny my love for La Furia Roja. Asi que, I was SO HAPPY when they won!!! They played BRILLIANTLY! Bad luck to Italy, though, with both Chiellini and Thiago Motta getting hurt.

    OMG, also LEONARDO BONUCCI was COMPLETELY DEVO and he was SO HOT!! I just wanted to hug him forever!

    There aren't words for just how painfully cute all the Spanish ballers and bubbas were.

  3. sarah says:

    actually, this year I wasn’t really sure if Spain could make it again but they did it! Congratulations! and they were amazing! but poor italy. it’s extremely hard for them to get beaten in a final by 4-0.

  4. gin_in_teacups says:

    Two days later and I'm still elated!

    After a year of working as a nanny, I thought I had a strict no more children policy. But damn if my resolve has not been swayed by these cutie pies.

  5. Kay20 says:

    Congrats to Spain! Very, very well deserved, and they upped their game throughout the tournament. The final was anything but boring.

    You know what's interesting though – everyone is saying "three consecutive tourney wins." That's not accurate. They didn't win the 2009 Confederations Cup – the US knocked them out. So "major" tournaments yes, consecutive tourneys, no. I love how the critics love to forget that little contest that some unknown team knocked them out of. ;)

  6. DebS says:

    Kickettes a million thanks for the pictures of the kids! ESPN showed only a minute or so of them at the end.

    The pictures of Fernando and the kids are just too adorable! El Nino fits him perfectly!

    And the picture of Olalla and Fernando is just awww! Doesn't Fernando look like a little kid getting congratulated by his mom for something well done? His face is priceless!

    • Crackers says:

      I appreciate the Fern-Olalla PDA even more because they're so private – we pretty much NEVER see those two crazy kids go at it in front of other people, and to see them kissing ON THE PITCH….awwww.

  7. DebS says:

    Wow! Talk about harsh!

    Most teams run out of gas defending against Spain with 11 men. Italy was down to 10 men. Their first sub was in the 21st minute and Motta, having just been subbed in went off injured with 30 minutes left in the game. So not only were they a man down, only one of their subs played for less than 45 minutes. I can't blame them in the least for running out of gas.

    Apparently you don't understand the passion with which these guys play the game, if you can't understand the tears. You give your heart and soul for your team and country and yet you still lose. It doesn't make you less of a man to cry. It shows you're human.

    And a boring game? Please, leave the comments to the adults.

  8. Rossanera says:

    Were you watching the same game we all were? Because I can assure you that – even playing a man down – Italia did a hell of a lot more than "watched as Spain whipped their arses". Italy maintained 42 percent possession, meaning Spain only had 58, so they couldn't have "given up every time Spain got the ball", especially seeing as they and managed 11 shots, 6 of those shots on target (Spain only had 3 more).

    The game only got interesting when Torres came on? Next time, don't bother watching. Save yourself the trouble and just look at his picture instead.

    Also: the "balk nigga" you mentioned has a name. It's Angelo Ogbonna, which you could have looked up on Wikipedia, assuming you're even capable of spelling a word that long properly.

  9. Sara in Paris says:

    So did Bonucci stop crying? His sobbing was painful to watch! What a cutie!

  10. Crackers says:

    Here's to La Roja, if they were not legends already they certainly are now. And to anyone who says they're 'boring'….I agree with Cesc, you don't understand them at all.

    (and my Nando, HE SCORED. I cannot ask for more from a final, even if I missed Dahveeed Villa and his goals – not to mention his bitchface – and Puyi, but the team won for them as they promised <3)

  11. Kristina says:

    I just want to add something that I know I have said before, but feel even stronger now after having watched the Spanish celebrations in Madrid: Iniesta is the best, and worthiest, man in football.

  12. Miss Lampard says:

    Firstly I have to say that I feel guilty because of yesterday I have no nationalism, and it's quite strange because I think that's it's normal to support your own nation. But I don't know why this doesn't suit me very well. And I know that it's my fault, but what I can do? Maybe it's Fernando Torres's fault, he's simply too MUCH and I have to thank him for these eight years of emotions, maybe the best years of my life..I don't regret nothing. But it's quite strange that yesterday I didn't support Italy, it's my home but things aren't as wonderful as people say, and it's really boring listening all the day the same things by the journalists, the same pressure, all things that make you really tired. Obviously there are things like these also in others countries but I can assure that no one is like us.
    However it's one of my problem, and I'm really happy that once again Spain won last night..It's beautiful see Fernand, still a kid smiling among those kids

  13. Cella.xx says:

    Congrats to Spain…i think that they really were the best team on the tournament
    But not that good like 2 or 4 years ago..this time luck helped them…but still the best!
    And celebration with all bubbas was just spectacular and sooo sweet..!!!

  14. xoWinnie says:

    congrats Spain, I'm glad they won, I just wish the match hadn't been as one sided as it was. I wish Fernando Llorente would have had a chance to play this tournament, his sexiness was just wasting away on the bench, and he is a more than capable striker. thankfully he's the kind of player who will put the team's success over his own personal interests, and i think that players like that are a huge reason this team is so successful. the best part of the game was when there were babies EVERYWHERE! i almost cried, so damn cute!

    in other news, I have concluded that Sergio Ramos is the perfect man. his aura exudes a sort of innocence and happiness that i find so endearing, not to mention the fact that he is ridiculously sexy…he's a sweet man, you can see it in his eyes. i know i sound crazy, but am i the only one who thinks this?

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      no Puerta tribute every time we win something, fact that he is good with his niece, fact that he was the first guy to go his teammates after every game he played against them.
      His motivation, his leadership, he was a rock, best defender in Euro, for me he was the best player for Spain along side Iker and Iniesta, he even edges them both!
      I love him sooooo much

    • Cella.xx says:

      Nooo you’re not the only one I also think that El Ramos is perfect..and his new haircut aww

    • DebS says:

      I'm with ya Winnie, for your entire post. :)

  15. mybabyri says:

    I dont get how Spain are boring.. I enjoy their way of playing.

  16. iram1982 says:

    Spain is on top of the world. They deserve all the happiness right now for the success they've earned.

    My favorite part of the final was when they won, the guys brought their kids on to the field. Those kids were so adorable. :) Congrats to all of them…and to the nation as well.

    • Crackers says:

      That was my fav part too, the baby pitch invasion. **cue ovaries exploding everywhere**

      • iram1982 says:

        can u tell me who was the kid that santi was holding? he had to be one of the cutest kids i've ever seen…was that his own child? (cuz I'm not even sure if he was married?!)

  17. Footy Girl says:

    Spain are "boring." I think after last night every team in the world wants to be "boring" like boring. Xavi vindicated himself. Andres Iniesta won Player Of The Tournament. Perfect tournament.

    Also, Xabi and Jon are too much for just one person to handle.

  18. s.m. says:

    sigh…I love Italia forever but those Spanish kids are so adorable. now we know how they end up so hot as adults.

  19. Kristina says:

    I just now saw the pics of the kids. And I don't think it was good for my health :) . Aaaaaawwww!

  20. Dee says:

    Iker Casillas shaking hands with all of the Italian players before celebrating – that man is pure class. Torres playing with little Leo by the goalie's net …. so sweet!

  21. Dee says:

    Congrats to Spain! They are fast becoming THE best team in the history of the sport. I love how they play together as brothers and not a single player is thinking about glory for himself. Respect to the Italians as well. Losing to the best team in the world means you came as far as to face them! They should be proud. Finally, it was a beautiful match! Nice to see Spain pull out some real footballing talent after so many people complained of how "boring" they are.

  22. sarah says:

    Iker Casillas : the only man who went and shook hands with the italian players before celebrating.

    pure respect to the legend captain <3 !

    • German_Girl says:

      So he isn't just gorgeous, but he's classy too. Sara is one lucky lady!

    • xoWinnie says:

      he is pure class. so perfect that i could cry

    • Crackers says:

      No wonder they call him San Iker, he is grace personified.

      I don't even know how it is possible for one person to be this perfect, but he just IS.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      He even asked referee to end game without extra time out of respect for the Italian! San, Perfect, Casillas, I am just glad he is on my side ALWAYS

    • Jean says:

      Not the only one. Before joining the celebrations, Torres went up to Buffon and hugged him too. So much props to both of them.

    • Kristina says:

      He's the captain. I wouldn't have expected less from him. He knows what to do in those situations. But yeah, he is classy.

  23. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I LOVE YOU EVERYONE!!! I can't even begin to describe how I feeeeel!! This season is PERFECTION

    Hard luck Italia, you really have every reason to be proud, hats off!

  24. Rossanera says:

    First of all, congratulations to Spain for a well-deserved victory. This team is something truly remarkable. I think years from now we will be able to tell our children that we had the privilege of seeing the best side the game has ever known play.

    … and now … it was devastating to go out like that, everything having gone wrong, in such a completely one-sided contest. HOWEVER, that, said: I am still so, so proud of our boys. After the VERGOGNA that was our performance in South Africa, Cesare and this team gave us an amazing tournament in which we were defeated only at the very end by the world's best team. They gave Italia a reason to believe again, a reason to dream again.

    I'm proud of the performance throughout the entire tournament. Cesare has completely transformed the way we play the game, and I think last night was the epitome of that. We could have reverted to classic catenaccio, but we came out and we fought. Cesare has taught an entirely new generation that the result isn't the only thing that matters; what matters is how we play the game, and the way we play should be something of which we are proud.

    Grazie mille, Cesare. Grazie, ragazzi. Voi siete l'orgoglio della Nazionale. Adesso e per sempre, Forza Azzurri!

    • Sara in Paris says:

      Totally agree!!! Italy played very well this tournament. It broke my heart to see Pirlo and especially Bonucci left in a pool of tears! Just when Pirlo was finally recognized, now he's going to be forgotten again!!! And seriously INIESTA player of the tournament!? The best of the tournament was Pirlo.

      And poor Thiago Motta!!!!! I know it's just the way things are, but if Spain were cool, they could have accepted to take on player off. Affer 2-0 and Motta off, there was no way the super drained Italians (with one less day to recuperate) could win the game. FORZA AZZURI still!!!!!!

    • Kristina says:

      Italy was impressive! I was one of those who didn't believe in them this time, but they fought hard. And beautiful. Prandelli seems to be a good man. And Pirlo is one of my absolute favorite football-players. I hated to see him cry.

    • Sarah7 says:

      Amen! :)

    • Dru says:

      You SHOULD be proud of your boys bb – they were wonderful, I was actually slightly nervous for my boys of La Roja before the game began.

      Like they say, defeat is no dishonour.

    • DebS says:

      I agree Rossanera. Italy came a long way from that fiasco in Italy. The coach and the players are to be commended. In spite of all the adversity they suffered last night, they still soldiered on. Well done to them.

      Although I wanted Spain to win, it broke my heart to see your players crying. I do have to say that I was very impressed by Mario. He kept his cool even though it was was a very frustrating game for him.

    • Rossanera says:

      Thank you for all the love, ladies. I think the consensus is that nobody wants to see Andrea Pirlo cry, am I right?

  25. Doles says:

    I'm so happy for La Roja, especially for two CFC Spaniards <3<3<3
    I couldn't have been better! Nando winning the golden boot and Mata scoring his Euro debut goal with Nando's assist =D

    • IrishBlue says:


    • DebS says:

      That was great wasn't it? Fernando scoring and then giving a beautiful assist to PF Juan Mata. I almost sense a new bromance between these two. ;)

      • jean says:

        New? They've loved each other for quite some time now, the things they say about each other are the sweetest, Fernando even said the best thing about winning the euros was getting to see Juan smiling and enjoying everything <3

  26. IrishBlue says:

    Go Spain!

    Totally deserved but seriously, how can one team be so good at football and look so frickin hot too? I'm especially thrilled for Nando, Golden Boot hellooo!!!! (The two goals against Ireland are forgiven lol.) Love the baby photos, especially the one with him, the glitter and little girls with their matching tutus!

    But then there was Pirlo crying. That got me teary.

  27. Kristina says:

    YAYYY! The beautiful game became even more beautiful last night! What a team, ey?

    There was so much to love last night. And some to be sad about. I'm thinking about Pirlo's tears. They got to me. So hard.

    But mostly I was happy about Xavi's "Up yours"-revenge on all those bandwagoners whistling in the stands (and occasionally in here…). And I was happy that Casillas stood there, steady as a rock and didn't let anything get past him. And that little Jordi Alba scored his goal. (It's gonna be a fantastic season with him back in Barca!) And I loved the deadly tiki-taka! Everybody was involved. Ramos smile after he tried that header was priceless!

    Who's playing boring? Not them. Never thought so. They looked a bit tired now and then, but that's it. But they woke up:). I'm just gonna keep being happy about all this amazing stuff that we have been lucky enough to be witnessing first hand, and not just read or heard about. Congrats to La Roja!

  28. zdena95grimaldo says:

    my country has made me sooooooo happy today.. españa and my barça men have show europe and the world how to own at the beautiful game of football.. in my 16 years on gods earth i have not been happier in footballing terms ever..
    Viva España …z

  29. earidurt says:

    Sooooo happy for Spain and my Madrid boys but I really felt for the Italians…seeing Pirlo and the others crying was really hard to watch – I understand Balotelli's disappointment but he needs to learn to keep his anger in check, be gracious in victory as well as in defeat my boy.They played a great tourney so they have lots to be proud of. Spain is just unmatched and unrivalled right now, they deserved it. They are blessed with an embarrassment of riches…great footballing talent and overwhelming good looks and sex appeal lol.

  30. German_Girl says:

    What can you say about this Spain team that hasn't been said already? They are just brilliant, fantastic, the best! Commiserations to Italy though – they didn't give up and I think any team would have had trouble beating this Spain side. Some heartbreaking scenes though – seeing footballers cry in defeat is just so awful. :-(

    On a sidenote: How cute is Santi Cazorla's kid?? I know they're all cute, but he is just awwwwwwww.

    • DebS says:

      I agree about the crying. Even though I wanted Spain to win, I HATE seeing such raw emotions on the losers' faces.

  31. Jane M says:

    Ovary explosion seeing all the bubbas yest…. And Iker in his skivvies, ooh. U shldn't tease us like that. More photos please. Vamos Espana

  32. sarrible says:

    I love that Uncle Nando seems to be all the little girls' favorite.

  33. Miss XOXO says:

    Spain win that mean Nando win….Im so happy….:-))

  34. Thea says:

    Well my boys left it to the last minuite but came good in the end!! Makes me wonder if Silva will stay in the UK now he has to deal with Mario….he looks PISSED!!!

  35. black widow says:

    i dunno about the bubba pictures making you pregnant via photos … for me, it was iker in his skivvies!

    congrats to la roja!! delighted for you!

    • Crackers says:

      yes, the last time he stripped down to skivvies was when he was drunk and celebrating the 2008 win.

      They really should win Euros more often.