June 11th, 2012

Euro 2012 In Pictures: Italy 1-1 Spain

We watched all 90 minutes of this game and all we got out of it was a nasty case of indigestion. That’ll teach us to never self-diagnose our ailments on WebMD again.

Note to selves: f-o-c-u-s.

In a highly anticipated tie between Molto Bello Hot and Muy Caliente Hot, the most startling aspect of Italy vs Spain was Andres Iniesta’s not so subtle and completely out of the blue man-doration for Daniele De Rossi. Seriously, whenever he was given repose from running, the Spanish star couldn’t keep his paws to himself.

So without further facetious ado’ing, let’s cut to the difficult stuff. Guys and gals, what’s your final verdict on Sergio Ramos’ shorter hair?

Image: @Emenderk. H/T @emcardenas.


[Ed Note: Our gallery remains "under construction" until our worker bees finish combing through the +1000 pics from our photo agencies. Sit tight if you can, gang - there's definitely more to come.]

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46 Responses to “Euro 2012 In Pictures: Italy 1-1 Spain”

  1. Rosie says:

    Love the hair! Looks so manly now. Not a fan of the spiky gel interpretation, but other than that it's a win in my book. I see improvement in the clothing department too. I can officially unleash the fantasizing now. I had reservations before due to his overall style and especially the shiny earring.

  2. kara . lara says:

    Sergio's hair? No he actually looks like a man. I'm sorry (but am I?) but the 2 CL match against Bayern? His hair looked like a 14 year old going to the mall. It was perfectly straightened and glossy. Come. On.

  3. MadMarlz says:

    I love Ramos and his new hair, he looks manlier! Am pretty happy that the Italians are proving a lot of people wrong coz I think everyone was expecting them to suck but hell no, they really did surprise the critics. Forza Italia baby! m/

  4. Niloo says:

    The pic that you posted the other day of Ramos was better, but his hair in the match did not look good.

    I hope Italy can keep it up! Fora Azzurri!!

    The gallery looks great so far :)

  5. Zahara says:

    I think it was a really good game with a well deserved score, and now i really want spain to step it up a biiit more.
    But omg the amount of hotness on that field was a bit unbelievable! And whooa claudio marchisio is one fine footballer, never noticed him before, but whoa.
    and jesus navas, THOSE EYES!!

  6. mary says:

    Daniele De Rossi is sex on legs!!!<3

  7. JaneSpotting says:

    Great stuff! Molto bello vs muy caliente. PS Love yr pix coverage too. So jokes. Iker was also attacked during match. An Italian couldnt help but toss himself onto my Captain. I would too!

  8. tashy says:

    I rally didn’t understand y da couch didn’t start wid a striker torres is actually gettin betta,I’m not sure that spain will be able 2 retain da title bt I think if iniesta keeps up da gud work we could actually win this thing he was on fire nd even fernando said he was da man of da match I don’t get y he put xavi in da starting line-up his jst an arrogant ASS HOLE he didn’t even make an impact in da game nd plus his comments bout mou nd madrid rally pissed me off coz da real playa’s havnt said a thing bout barca nd plus y now wid da euro starting seriously if there’s some1 who shouldn’t hav been included in da squad its him

  9. sarah says:

    Sergio is looking with his short hair better than ever! Please Sergio, do us a favour and keep this haircut for a long time!!! You’re looking muy sexy! :D

  10. Mirella says:

    I don't see myself in the position to criticize tactics, so I usually don't.
    But it really annoyed me afterwards when Cesc said they didn't even practice this formation once in training. Seriously, that wasn't a test. You don't go into the first and probably most important group game of the euro with a formation that is a complete surprise for the players themselves. And if the outcome wasn't what everyone expected, then there's del Bosque to blame.
    (although of course people prefer to blame the striker that was sent in 15 minutes before the end when del Bosque decided they should probably have used one like they usually do in training)

  11. Katie says:

    I really wish Silva would get more credit in the goal that was scored. All I have been hearing about is the run and finish by Cesc. Both Iniesta and Silva had a large part in the goal. I just wonder what the scoreline would have been with a striker in place of Cesc.

  12. camirpo says:

    I mean I dont blame Iniestia….De Rossi is a BAMF.

  13. elena4 says:

    Sergio could wear a burlap sack over his head and call it a haircut and I'd still have the naughty thoughts.

  14. xoWinnie says:

    this is the best haircut I've seen Sergio have in the last 6 or 7 years of me following his career. it shows off what handsome features he really has, although people have tried to deny him that in the past, can't say the same now–the man is HOT!

  15. Fernanda says:

    Don Andres was amazing as always, as was Iker with his saves. Torres created a lot of chances, now hopefully he can actually finish them off next time since that's what actually counts. I miss Puyol in that defense and Villa's attack as well. Also, I have always considered Sergio Ramos a butter face and I can finally say that I am starting to see what everyone else has been seeing all along. I'm still not crazy about him but that hair cut did that man good ;)

  16. Cella.xx says:

    I think sergios new haircut is good..he finally looks like a serious man :) )))

  17. jessica says:

    sergio looks fantastic. even my dad (who refused to see why i thought he was so hot) said he has turned into a "handsome young gentleman"

  18. DrStrangelove says:

    I was half-wondering why Del Bosque even included Torres in the squad, but to try to use him as an impact sub?

    Dear oh dear oh dear.

    Oh and The Ramos' hair looks terrible. I blame Spain going off the boil squarely on this haircut.

    • Jean says:

      So you didn't notice at all that Spain's overall game only improved when Torres was playing? Both Negredo and Llorente are great strikers, but none of them have the ability torres has in terms of movement, intelligent runs, unmarking and positioning. Torres missed his two chances (one doesn't even count as a miss imo, it was a good chip that if had gone in it would've been the goal of the tournament so far), but he alone created them in the 15 minutes he got of playing time. Negredo and Llorente are both great target men, specially Llorente, but judging by their characteristics, it's likely they wouldn't even have gotten in those positions to score in the first place.

      • DrStrangelove says:

        I'm not sure if there was noticeable improvement when Torres came on, and if there was I think it was mainly due to the team as a whole pressing for a win. But yeah, I think Torres did pretty terribly with that pass he was given (from Iniesta was it?) where the entire Italian back line was upfield and caught wildly out of position. (Again, not really the Spanish creating a chance as the Italians gifting them one) Not because it wasn't converted as such, but because he was dispossesed so feebly by Buffon. He even tried to steer the ball away from the box, I assume to wait in order for someone to get into the box. Why? Why not just try to smack it past Buffon?

        That's just Torres all over these days I'm afraid – lacking in desire, self-confidence, and strength. As such, he's not the sort of player you want to shove on at the end of a game under pressure for a win. It was alltogether a pretty odd performance from Del Bosque all round. The Spanish looked like they were missing Puyol at the back pretty badly as well, I might add. Hard to believe at the moment that they'll retain the title, but we'll see. Without Puyol and Villa, I'm struggling to see it.

        • eirwen says:

          He wasn't trying to steer the ball away from the box. He tried to get around the keeper. Personally I think that was great reaction and keeping by Buffon rather than a terrible miss. He guessed what Torres was trying to do and reacted so quickly, most keepers in the world probably would have been passed there.

          I thought they definitely looked better with a striker on. In the first half everyone looked clueless because all the six midfielders were just passing the ball around without actually attacking the goal. The false 9 formation does not work with no width, and no Messi. And Del Bosque should really give up the 2 DM thing. Xabi is redundant in this Spain lineup and his inclusion means Xavi and Iniesta had to play out of position.

      • Katie says:

        I don't think it so much had to do with Torres coming on as it did with there being an actual striker on the field. I think the overall game would have improved whether it was Torres, Llorente or Negredo that came on. And if it was one of the other two, there might have been a goal scored.

  19. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Most beautiful game of Euro so far.
    Italy was really amazing, Pirlo, Di Rossi I thought was like the guy doing doing all the dirty work, by that I mean his ability to read the Spain midfield perfectly. xabi looks so tired, xavi was good, Busquets in the first half didn't get what his role suppose to be. I follow Arbeloa closely, I really believe for those who doesn't follow him doesn't know his shortcoming, Arbeloa is a good defender, he is not really your player who offers width or offensive solution, that's Arbeloa type of player, so he is getting criticized for being the player that he is, defensively he wasn't bad and he did his part.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Iniesta was just like artist drawing his painting his movement, everything in him scream elegance! Iker as usual saved our asses couple of time! VDB I love Mister, but this strike-less formation doesn't work much for La Roja! Give me llorente for the crosses or Negerdo who is the closest to Villa as performance, Torres should been able to finish these chances! Navas should be playing more as he is winger the player who offers width, Pedrito is not bad as an option either.

      Anyway, still first game draw was a fair result, Vamos La Roja! I already miss Puyi and Daveed.

      • Thea says:

        Gutted I missed it! Sucks working for living sometimes!!!

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          You get thumbed for this comment! lovely readers we have! aww you should catch a replay! or watch iniesta highlights!

          • Thea says:

            Just getting home now after traveling through the night! May just have to watch the highlights before I hit the hay – I curse the state Quebec for not showing the games!! Least I'm in Spain for the quatres and they will show the games for sure!

      • Kristina says:

        As I said in my comment I love the intensity and speed Spain gets from Navas. If there only could be a striker in there to receive his passes! And Spain isn't the same without Villa or the Hellfire-spirit from Puyi. But Casillas is there, steady as a rock, Ramos did good and Xavi is getting there. Iniesta is from another world, but we all knew that. Vamos!

    • Jean says:

      I noticed every Italian player who tried beat Arbeloa and get past him, actually managed it, so I don't see where you're coming from exactly, but I really hope you're right and that he does improve for the next few games.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        hmm not really! he was able to mantain cassano on one on one situation a bit, when you play like La roja does and press way up, playing your defensive line high your defenders are ought to be caught in mistakes more than italian for example who defended with more players or England today ( although italy didn't really park the bus) defensively the back 4 looks disjoint because a) CBs doesn't look like they know each other yet, but I can see they are the future b) Ramos needed to contiune covering for Alba who keeps on moving forward , as I said Arbeloa didn't do anything bad or good he was average as his coach Mourinho says about him Alvaro is never a 9 or 4 he is always a 6 or a 7 and that's what he was yesterday! so I fail to see what everyone is talking about him underperforming because as I said the back line is still getting to know each other, I can't point a mistake where I say what did Arbeloa do, in the contrary of Ramos who did vs Mario but recovered it anyway!

  20. Mia J says:

    I've never seen Ramos as attractive, but with his new haircut, he looks like a god!
    Vamos Espana!

    • liz1 says:

      i agree completely! never saw what anyone saw in him until yesterday…

    • April says:

      It makes me look at him and think of Boriello, for some reason. I am not sure I can explain that association.

  21. elylovesfootball says:

    ha the third pic in the image! look at andres pleased face!!
    aw andres <3

  22. Kristina says:

    My verdict on Sergios hair? As my male friend said: Goddam the guy actually looks good!

    The game? Um, don't really know where this is going for the Spanish boys. But they seem like slow starters, so I have all the faith in the world. And I loved, LOVED, Navas contribution to the game. I know everybody is talking about Torres, but I actually think that Navas is going to be essential with his speed and his ability to stretch out the opponents defense.

    What more? The Italians is not gonna take this lying down. NEVER count them out! They always impress me with their persistence.

    Lastly: Andres is the Don. The elegant dancer. The loveliest player there is. And hey, Andres! If you're feeling cuddly I'm right here! ;)

    • jean says:

      Navas' and Torres' inclusion did spain very good, too bad they only played for 15 minutes or so, but Torres created more chances in that lapse than the rest of the team did during the whole game, and Navas also had a very good one there. Sadly they couldn't capitalize, but they were game changers.

      I don't know what Del Bosque was thinking with that original formation, that false 9 thing with no strikers only works for Barcelona and it's because it's Messi who usually plays that role. His tactics were a big mistake imo and I hope they learned from it. But apart from that, I thought Xabi, Xavi, Busquets and even Fabregas (except for the goal) were really off in some parts, they looked very tired. And Arbeloa was a bit dreadful too. But anyways, lets hope a striker is put on from the start next game.

      • Kristina says:

        I can only agree with what you're saying. Some players look tired, but at least Xavi seemed to pick up the pace in the second half.

        • Jean says:

          The presence of a striker really helped both Xavi and Iniesta picked up their games. I still can't wrap my head aroun Del Bosque's tacticts there lol.

          • April says:

            Or the players'! They were very cross and long-corner happy yesterday, when they had no real target man. It was the weirdest thing… I thought the tactics could work, but they were shy to shoot much of the first half, were sort of slow on the break, managed to cut off their own countering most of the time, and kept putting balls into the air without anyone known for height or headers. Was a most strange game to watch. The passing for the whole team wasn't so hot for large parts of the match and that is concerning. I noticed this in one or two of the friendlies, as well. Fingers crossed that they figure it out.

          • Ash Menon says:

            I wonder if perhaps Del Bosque was using this match as a testing ground, banking on surefire wins against Croatia and N. Ireland to get them through.

            Torres is not what he used to be. And I don't say this in terms of skill, I'm sure he'll pick up fine. But previously he was confident enough in his abilities that he would lead the charge, both physically and psychologically. Now I think Del Bosque wanted to wait until the rest of the team had a good fighting spirit going (which they did in the second half, very much so) before throwing him in. Otherwise Nando would have just been lolling around there, looking…blonde.

            In short, I think the Spanish team upping their game isn't the effect of Nando coming on, rather the cause of it.

            Props also to the Italian team. MUCH better game than the World Cup. I'm now looking forward to France.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Very true! Xabi I fear for xabi, everyone speaks of how barcelona players in La Roja are very tired ( very understandable of course I agree) but everyone forgets xabi who is pretty much irreplaceable for RM since he joined in 2009, then consistently played for his Espana also doesn't get dropped even in friendly games!

      • xoWinnie says:

        thank you! the formation was a horrible mistake, seemed so off to me right from the start! no strikers against Italy?! that gave me a VERY bad feeling.

  23. Natalie says:

    To be fair Serios hair could have been much worse.

    • jean says:

      When he first cut it, he looked like he'd been electrocuted and it was too awful, but he styled it differently for yesterday's match and he looked very nice, with a side parting and all iirc.