May 16th, 2012

Euro 2012 NT Announcements: Varying Degrees Of Importance

Gareth Barry and James Milner were on the golf course in Spain when they got the England squad selection news. Fitting. Image: Warren Little/Getty Images.

Three weeks before kick off, we were starting to get a little panicky about our coverage strategy for England at EURO 2012. John Terry’s recent transgressions, plus questions over his ability to play alongside Rio Ferdinand in central defence raised the possibility of the ex-captain not making the squad altogether. That would’ve seriously impeded our ability to snark over any divisions that *may* occur during the tournament, ya know what we mean?

Then this morning came and Roy Hodgson decided to include JT in his squad and omit Rio. Thus, our strategy is safe.

We seem to be the only people this works for, though. #Hodgsonout was trending on Twitter within twenty minutes of the announcement.

In other (slightly less facetious) squad news, Arsenal poppets Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott make the cut, Danny Welbeck, Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young & Phil Jones are representin’ Manchester United while Jolean Lescott, Joe Hart and James Milner have the Blue half of Manchester covered. Stevie G captains.

Full squad here.



Image: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images.

If the possibility of not being able to snark about England sent us into a flat spin, the rumours that Yoann Gourcuff might not make the French NT squad nearly tipped us over the edge. Luckily, Lashes was named in Laurent Blanc’s provisional side yesterday, with the manager hoping his experience would be useful.

Also in are Philippe Mexes, Olivier Giroud and Sami Nasri, so we’re good for piggies, pashes and pretty pants too.

Full squad here.



Cristiano Ronaldo will captain a Portugal squad that includes Nani, Raul Meireles and Fabio Coentrao, as well as Benfica’s Nelson Oliveira, who may give the Thighmaster a run for his money in the hotness stakes.

No announcement has been made regarding the status of Raul Meireles’ hair for the tournament, but we’re hopeful that someone will be able to catch it and put it out of it’s misery before it starts taking team meetings.

Full squad here.



If can get into his shirt without incident, Balotelli may do a job for Italy. Image: Claudio Villa/Getty Images.

Despite a ‘breach of team ethics‘ that saw him dropped for the last round of international fixtures, Mario Balotelli has been named in the 32-man provisional squad named by Cesare Prandelli on Sunday. Marco Borriello did not make the cut, presumably because Prandelli doesn’t want two guys with poor navigation skills on the team.

His selection of Daniele De Rossi alongside Balotelli suggests that he has no such problems with lunacy.

Full squad here.


You will note that there are teams missing from this post. Some of the line-ups have not yet been announced, which is a reasonable defence. The rest were announced when we were sale shopping at Selfridges, which is no defence at all.

We’re sure you’ll do the honours for us, won’t you, Kickettes?

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14 Responses to “Euro 2012 NT Announcements: Varying Degrees Of Importance”

  1. DrStrangelove says:

    First thought on seeing the lead photo: 'AVB has really beefed up, hasn't he?!'

    Yoann looking sheepish. ♥

  2. Jen says:

    Stevie G!!!!! So excited to see him lead out England……hopefully they can go far! Lashes-always a pleasure to see you on the pitch!! Balotelli over Borriello is a tragic mistake!

    • Nicola says:

      May I ask why you think it's a mistake? Balotelli has scored 19 goals for his club, while Borriello has only scored 2.

      • Jenni says:

        Prandelli has the opposite policy from England. Hodgson has included all the over-30s except Rio Ferdinand (an eyebrow-raising decision indeed, for even as a Man U hater, I can see that he's an excellent player). Prandelli has said he will only rely on Del Piero/Totti if someone gets injured, and wants to select all the youngsters. If Super Mario behaves himself, he could be top scorer at the tournament and it could do for him what Euro '96 did for Alan Shearer.

  3. footballandme says:

    There is no pressure on the England squad to succeed in the Euros especially due to the fact that Hodgson will be in the job for just over a month when the tournament begins.

    I'd use it as a learning experience for both the players and Hodgson and let the real work begin on the World Cup in 2 years in Brazil.

  4. Bri says:

    Forca Portugal!!! I am SO excited…our group is crazy! It's gonna be LEGEN wait for it DARY!!!!

  5. LizzyHS90 says:

    Lashes, Rami, AND Olivier Giroud on one pitch!!!!!!!!! *fans self then dies*

  6. mata says:

    Wow, would not have been my selection for the England squad but good luck to them all, I particularly don't understand Carroll being in and Holt out but the selection has been made so the debate should be over and now I just wish the press and everyone would get behind them and Hodgson.

    And what about Dalglish being sacked? Oh the fickle gods of football.

    • Jenni says:

      Grant Holt is the second highest English scorer in the Premier League. As he pointed out the other day, the England policy, for years, seems to have been calling up people that you've called up before – especially when it comes to strikers. Up-and-coming defenders seem to get a shoe-in far more easily.

  7. cupcakes says:

    Nnnarrgghhhhh! England have ZERO chance of winning Euro 2012, so why not do what Germany did for WC10 and start a bunch of youngsters who'll be good to go for WC14 or the Euros in 2016? Alex Ox-C is a good choice but he'll get as much playing time as Walcott did in 2006. Heck, I'm a Chelsea fan and I wouldn't even have picked Terry, while my grandmother had as many goals & assists in the EPL this season as Stewart frickin' Downing and she's been dead for six months.

    #Hodgsonout indeed…

    • April says:

      I would agree about testing the squad for the future, but we all know that England's media will rip Hodgson, the FA, and the team apart if they don't make a decent run in the Euros. They always seem to think about the now and not the later. Actually… England's media would probably rip on them even if they won the tournament by a landslide, so maybe they should just go for the youngsters.

    • Utd Girl says:

      I completely agree. So many have been left out that performed well this season, yet players from Liverpool who contributed pretty much nothing get chosen? I may be biased but Rio and Michael Carrick should have made the squad as well as Micah Richards. Just utterly ridiculous! England has NO chance. I wish good luck to Rooney, Young, Welbeck, and Jones!

  8. Jayy says:

    FINALLY SOME YOANN! Thanks Kickette, he loos like a hot mop :D
    And Im finally happy that Stevie G is captaining, about time!! LFC FOR LIFE!